Background to the new Film & TV Funding Scheme

Arts Council Malta is carrying out research into its upcoming Film and TV funding mechanism. Arts Council Malta is seeking to consult stakeholders in the sector as widely as possible in order to inform the overall framework of the funding programme/s, aligned to its priority areas and Strategy 2025.

This research and consultation process will address how Arts Council Malta can develop a film and TV funding programme that addresses the opportunities and challenges within the film and TV sectors. The process will aim to identify how the funding programme can support and facilitate the advancement of the sectors concerning the existing economic, legal and social contexts that impact and are impacted by these sectors. This will inform and determine the guidelines and structure of the funding programme to be managed by Arts Council Malta.

Consultation process

Culture Venture has been commissioned by Arts Council Malta as the research team that will evaluate the impact of the various editions of the programme by reviewing fund management and selection processes and eliciting in depth knowledge and expertise of beneficiaries, stakeholders and policy makers in the design of a new funding programme that builds on the challenges and opportunities that have emerged from previous mechanisms.

The scope of this research component is to:

  • Review funded projects by making sense of the experiences of applicants participants and beneficiaries.
  • Analyse the impact and effectiveness of these projects from a micro and macro approach:

- Evaluate the effectiveness to beneficiaries

- Evaluate its wider impact on the industry

  • Assess the legacy of these projects
  • Recommend systems, procedures and policy actions for future of film and TV funding

mechanisms in Malta

  • Provide the basis for the development of the guidelines for the new funding programme based on the recommendations.


The research will entail the engagement of individuals and sector representatives in a survey, qualitative interviews and focus groups with Arts Council Malta staff and a representative sample of sectoral stakeholders. This will provide nuanced insights into the specific needs and aspirations of the film and TV sectors.

Online survey

The first phase of the research will be a survey to stakeholders in screen production. The objective of the survey is to grasp a well-rounded understanding of the perspectives within the industry.

We’d appreciate your participation in the survey by following this link

Kindly submit your survey response by the 22nd of March. 

Focus groups

Three focus groups will be organised to shed light on the experiences, challenges, opportunities with film and TV funding programmes, their impact on the local industry and ways in which future funding may positively or negatively impact professionals in the field. The Chatham House Rules protocol will be used. 

To register kindly send an email on

Tue 2 April 1800 - 1930 online

Wed 3 April 1800-1930 in person

Thu 4 April 1000-1130 in person 


In person Focus Groups will take place at The Grist 

The Brewhouse, Mdina Road, Zone 2,

Central Business District

CBD 2010 Malta