If we’re told we can’t square a circle, is introducing and practising the principles of a circular economy based on solidarity and the value of cultural diversity in conservative societies a chimera?

This session may be aiming to achieve the impossible, but is ready to embrace the possibility of failure as a learning curve. Where this may lead is not fully known in advance. Dialogists Jorge Cerveira Pinto in Abu Dhabi and Oleg Koefoed in Copenhagen will engage with audiovisual walkabouts by Mina Tolu in Rome – with viewers at home around the world providing some roadmaps, signposts and a great deal of pointers in questioning directions.

During this second session of the ACM Webinar Series, participants will be able to follow and contribute towards a discussion on why cultural policy perspectives are relevant to the wider discussion on the sustainability of local community practices in particular territories within regional and international dimensions. The close links between economics and social dynamics, their circularity and the wellbeing of communities will provide various entry points into this exchange of ideas, and hopefully some exits too.

The session will take place on Thursday 27 May at 6pm CET. Register on https://bit.ly/33A36lF.


Jorge Cerveira Pinto

Presently Jorge is Director of Culture Planning and Development at Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism and external policy expert for the European Commission in particular in the areas of Education and Training, Culture, Small enterprises and Research, for more than 15 years.

From 2017 until 2020 was EU Consultant and Policy Affairs for the Design and Craft Council of Ireland and from 2015 until 2017 programme development consultant for the Design Council in the UK.

He is invited teaching assistant in several universities in Portugal and Spain, Unesco expert and member of the panel of experts for the selection of the European Capitals of Culture.


Oleg Koefoed

Co-founder, Action-Philosopher in the human-nature agency Growing Pathways. Co-founder and concept developer in the Action University. Co-founder of Pollination Academy. Co-creating spaces and education for sustainability in cities and organisations. 

Engaged in the cross-section of culture and sustainability (crises) since 2006, in particular in a European context. Co-founder in 2007 of Cultura21 International. Strategic advisor to the Nordic Council of Ministers, the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy, and other networking institutions on issues of sustainability and transformation. Joint director of SDG networks for public managers in Denmark 2018-20. Latest publication  "Fungal Fire. A brief account of certain mycohumanoid events", Lo Sqauderno, 2021.


Mina Tolu

Mina Tolu (they/them) is an trans activist from Malta with 10 years of experience in developing campaigns and communications on LGBTQI rights and other social justice issues. They currently serve as the co-spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens and as a member on the executive committee of ADPD political party in Malta. Mina has just graduated from the University of Malta with a Masters in Conflict Resolution and Mediterranean Security, and works as a script consultant on trans and non-binary inclusive storylines for European productions.

Watch the session on https://fb.watch/bonceiKldI/.