Join us on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 at 6:30pm at Muza Camerone Hall for our next ACMlab.

Caldon Mercieca from Valletta Design Cluster, Gayle Murphy from Global Green Events and Elyse Tonna from ACT - Malta will explore various green practices and measures that are being adopted to go more green and sustainable.


Caldon Mercieca

Caldon Mercieca is the manager at the Valletta Design Cluster, a project of the Valletta Cultural Agency. Working on this project has entailed collaborations with various players in urban planning, heritage conservation, and the cultural and creative sector, as well as direct engagement with residents, NGOs and civil society. His main efforts during the lifetime of the project to date have been threefold: firstly, ensuring that design justice principles are practiced in all the project’s initiatives, by prioritising inclusivity and participation by all relevant stakeholders; secondly, acknowledging and valorising grass-roots initiatives and contributions by independent practitioners, be they cultural, social, or environmental; and finally, ensuring that the project satisfies budgeting, administrative and policy objectives as determined by government, linking wherever possible the developments on the local scene with initiatives and projects taking place in Europe and internationally, with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals providing the overarching vision.


Gayle Murphy

Gayle Murphy is CEO of Global Green Events Ltd, founder of Strategic Roots sustainability consultancy and Sustainable Eats & Treats. With 15 years of Sustainability Consultancy in the local and international market, Gayle’s focus is to implement holistic strategy and policies to assist businesses, events restaurants and associations to create tailor-made long-term foundations, with engaging and empowering initiatives for all involved. Full of charisma and a passion that gets even the biggest cynic on board, Gayle provides upbeat interactive trainings, talks, workshops and strategic action through facilitation sessions and online course ‘Successful Sustainability’ detailing the 5 Step and 12 Step to Sustainability Frameworks.


Elyse Tonna

Elyse Tonna is an architect and a curator with a background in Cultural Heritage Management. Her curatorial practice is primarily related to contemporary art practice and socially-engaged projects. She is an Executive Board Member and Arts Coordinator of ACT. In 2020, she was appointed the Curator and Co-Creative Director of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, a member of the Board of Governors of Ambjent Malta and a member of the Visual Arts Sub-Committee within the Malta Entertainment and Arts Association (MEIA). Tonna is a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators (2017) and a UNESCO European Young Heritage Professional (2019). She also represented Malta in the UNESCO International Youth Forum related to creativity and cultural heritage in 2019. She is also greatly interested in cultural policy and strategy. Between 2014-2019 she was a Committee Member of the Malta Society of Arts and its Arts Advisory Board. 

Kindly note that due to Covid-19 restrictions this event is limited to 30 people.

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