Explorations into the case of Malta

This session will be aimed at exploring the dynamics of being an artistic practitioner in a small state, specifically in Malta while taking into account the Euro-Mediterranean context. The multidisciplinary panel of speakers will delve into social and cultural factors that might explain modes of artistic practice and how this influences the artists’ perceptions on their activity in relation to the state, the market and communities. Drawing from both theory and practice, it will address themes such as autonomy, insularity, social networks and community encounters by artistic practitioners.


Jimmy Grima 

Jimmy Grima is an artist-curator and holds an MA in Theatre from Das Theatre in Amsterdam. His trans-disciplinary practise is concerned with the politics of memory and archiving. Deeply interested in the disappearance of local and undocumented knowledge, he has a great affinity for the relationship between humans and nature.


Rachel Scicluna

My area of expertise is in urban anthropology with research interests in the interrelationship between home, housing and urban policy in relation to changing family patterns, modern home space, gender, sexuality and economy across England and Malta. In my current position as a Housing, Strategy and Policy Consultant within the Ministry for Social Accommodation I am developing a National Housing System through rapid ethnographic research with stakeholders across public and private sectors.  

I am also an active member of the Committee Bureau on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management within the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Moreover, I am a Visiting Lecturer within the Faculty for the Built Environment and have published widely in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies.




Valerie Visanich 

Valerie Visanich, PhD, is a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology, at the University of Malta. Her areas of specialisation are within the sociology of the arts and cultural policy. She was one of the authors of Malta’s national Cultural Policy 2021. Valerie occupied the position of a chairperson within the European Sociological Association, Research Network Sociology of Art (RN02) between 2017-2019. Her recent peer-reviewed published works include the articles ‘Symbolic structures, sensory experiences and nostalgia in cultural engagement’ (Emotions and Society) and ‘Towards the social prescription of the arts’ (co-authored with Toni Attard, Journal of Applied Arts and Health). She is a co-editor (with Victoria Alexander and Christopher Mathieu), of the book series The Sociology and Management of the Arts (Routledge) and co-editor (with Christopher Mathieu) of the volume Accomplishing Cultural Policy in Europe: Financing, Governance and Responsiveness (forthcoming).

Join us on Thursday 9 September 2021 at 18:30 at Esplora, Chaplain's Hall, Kalkara. 

Kindly note that due to Covid-19 restrictions this event is limited to 30 people.

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