If culture’s a right, then what stops you | from creating, belonging, enjoying, being?

is culture not part and parcel of what it means to be human?   do barriers exist |

solely in the mind?   why do we still question ¿whose culture is it?   why

strive for space, guard our gates?   have we all a burning need to be

at the centre?   what if we are all at the centre?   do we need

validation of sorts?   do we get it by abiding?   do we get it

by being loyal – to our truths, being ready to diverge?

   what : what the fringe?


The first ACM webinar this year will focus on Access to Culture. It will explore diverse perspectives relating to the right to culture. It will look into power, knowledge, thought, and language. The webinar will bring together speakers immersed in this journey of exploration since forever. They will share with us their insights / provocations, their solutions, the layers of experience they collected on their journey. And the conversation will not be complete without you and without the views and narratives you might like to share, the questions you might like to make.


Israel Aloni 

An independent choreographer, educator, performer, writer and provocateur.

Aloni’s choreographic practice is vigorous and contextualised within contemporary theories and critical social-political movement. Their artistic voice transcends boarders and conventions and has  been presented around the world. At the moment Aloni’s work, Schism (which challenges the very notion of borders) is touring in Sweden. Their next independent choreographic work titled Boys Just Want To Have Fun will be premiering in Fall 2024. 

Aloni is the Artistic Director of ilDance, an independent contemporary dance body operating from Gothenburg, Sweden; Architect and international project manager of International Contemporary Dance Collective (iCoDaCo) which was co-founded by Creative Europe; Artistic Director of COMPASS - a national infrastructure for the support and presentation of contemporary dance by emerging artists across Sweden; Aloni is a researcher in a project titled Cultural Transformation Movement which is led by Trans Europe Halles and co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission; in 2018 Aloni initiated and directed Tr.IPP which was a unique pathway for emerging artists in Melbourne, Australia.

Aloni is member of the Advisory Committee of IETM - International Contemporary Performing Arts Network, a mentor at the Nordic Culture Point Nordic-Baltic mentorship program 2022-2023, as well as advisor for BIRCA - Residency Centre for Artists on Bornholm.


Désirée Attard 

Désirée (she/her) is a lawyer and human rights activist based in Malta. She has led the legal team responsible for Malta’s leap in LGBTIQ+ rights, and also contributed to the Arts Council's Right to Culture Resource Pack. She is also greatly interested in the arts and their accessibility to all, irrespective of class or social origin.


Vera Chisvo

Kudakwashe Maria Chisvo is a young, woman funky jazz vocalist, voice actor, model and guitarist who goes by the pseudonym Vera.  She is a creative catalyst winner of the Women Rising Award from the Hub Unconference 2020, US Embassy International Visitors Leadership Program Alumni of 2021 and Pop Up Small Grants for the creative digital projects awardee. She uses her music as a tapestry of the lives young people. She also uses satire, dance, and drama to accentuate her lyrics.

Vera has 7 years of experience actively working as a programme’s coordinator for some of Zimbabwe’s well-known arts development organizations such as Young Voices Network, Pamberi Trust, Jibilika Dance Trust, and Magamba Network. She is currently the Arts and Events Coordinator at Magamba Network. She has been a driving force for the creative economy and has strong beliefs about creating programming that is inclusive and accessible for all while speaking to the needs of young people and their communities.

Her legacy at all institutions she has worked in has been to create and curate programming that creates opportunities for young women and marginalized communities such as the Women in Arts Celebration at Young Voices Network, Female Literary Arts Music Enterprise at Pamberi Trust, The Training Kombi with Jibilika Dance Trust, Disability Arts and Culture Program with Incubator ZW and lastly The Women’s Cypher at Moto Republik, to name a few. She curated and managed UNESCO’s pilot Resiliart Accelerator, a program that mentored and followed 5 women creatives from across Zimbabwe over a period of 6 months.

She runs her own creative hub called the Incubator ZW which has been supported by the American Embassy, Britsh Council, Alliance Francaise, and the Zimbabwe German Society, and is currently on the board of Project iThemba a youth-driven creative enterprise that hosts creativity for change workshops for the LGBTQ community. Incubator ZW has a podcast called HerHour that has trained 6 aspiring women journalists and videographers and was one of the first platforms to have an openly trans woman as a co-host.

Ramona Depares 

Dr Ramona Depares (she/her) is an award-winning journalist and a best-selling author whose works have been published on both local and international fora. She is the editor of Timesx2, specialising in cultural reports, human interest stories, and activism. 

Her first two books, Beltin: Stejjer Minn Nies Minsija and The Patient in Hospital Zero were published by Merlin Publishers in 2019 and 2021 respectively. Her third book is an authorised biography of trans icon Katya Saunders, called Katya: Easy on the Tonic and published by MGRM.

Ramona is the founder of a cultural blog - www.ramonadepares.com - dedicated to theatre, fashion, books and events in Malta - and the editor of culture magazine Encore.

Join us on Thursday 20th April at 18:00 CET on Zoom. You are invited to contribute to this 60-minute live chat section session and to send your comments and questions, using this link web.zoom.us/webinar/register.

Watch the session on https://fb.watch/k22pQNAbq1/