This programme will help Regions and those involved in their councils to support and maintain Malta’s creative and cultural ecology, whilst practicing cultural diplomacy by enabling cultural activities and collaborations with creative practitioners and cultural operators to:

1. Introduce programmes that will actively involve participants of various demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, nationality) within the various cultural regional areas.
2. Nurture cross-sectoral synergies at local and national levels to recognise arts and culture as essential for the well-being of all.
3. Maintain, build, and foster new and existing strategic partnerships, collaborations, and networks nationally to enable further opportunities for artists and practitioners.
4. Advocate for the involvement of diverse communities in decision-making processes, whilst providing opportunities for community involvement and responsibility to widen the scope of engagement within the arts and culture.

The Regional council will need to provide a proposed programme of related activities with a set of common objectives, which may include events, productions, performances, exhibitions, festivals, community cultural initiatives, research, training, and development initiatives in order to make the case for their proposals in line with the respective Regional Cultural Strategies. The programme aims to facilitate more collaborations between a Region and cultural operators for each cultural project, which are respective of each Region, as well as beyond, to encourage cross-sectoral engagement.

The Regional Cultural Cooperation Programme aims to invest in:

• Increased cultural participation of all generations and demographics across Malta and Gozo.
• Enhanced communication and tangible practice between Regions and cultural operators
• Diversity in cultural and regional programming
• A culture that is much more representative of Maltese society at large, by extending our practice beyond the traditional.

Who can apply? 

The grant is open to Regions in collaboration with one or more of the following:

• Creative practitioners/Cultural operators
• Groups, collectives, and consortia
• Voluntary organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.


The deadline to apply is Tuesday 11th June 2024 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


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Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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