Malta Enterprise Incentives for the Creative Sector

Malta Enterprise (ME) is the national development agency responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in the Maltese Islands by offering investors excellent business opportunities and tailored services.

The Corporation also coordinates initiatives to promote the islands’ economic growth attractiveness.

Moreover Malta Enterprise is also responsible for the growth and development of Maltese enterprises both locally and beyond our shores, working hand in hand with local businesses to help them set up, expand, innovate and access global markets; thus sustaining economic growth and retaining and increasing employment.

The Corporation has recently partnered up with Arts Council Malta in order to widen the remit of some of its incentive to cater for the Creative and Cultural Sector.  Registered businesses and self employed can now benefit from the following incentives administered by Malta Enterprise:


The objective of this incentive is to encourage undertakings employing less than 30 people, to invest in their business, innovate, expand, and implement compliance directives or to develop their operations. Such undertakings, which may include self-employed persons, will be supported through a tax credit representing a percentage of the eligible expenditure and wages of newly recruited employees. The incentive guidelines and the application can be downloaded here.

Business Advisory Services

The business advisory scheme is designed to provide business undertakings operating in Malta with advisory services that suit their specific circumstances.

Business priorities change in relation to various factors that include the socio-economic environment and the age of the enterprise. While a start-up undertaking may prioritise funding and market entry, a more established undertaking will prioritise new market penetration, change management, innovation and corporate governance.  Business advisory services are provided with the aim to support undertakings identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas. The incentive guidelines and the application can be downloaded here.


B.Start is a seed fund for start-ups. The measure is intended to support Small Start-up Undertakings that have a viable business concept and are in the early stage of its development. Initiatives that are deemed to be economically viable shall be supported through a grant of up to €25,000. The incentive guidelines and the application can be downloaded here.

Investment Tax Credits

Investment Aid Tax Credits are intended to sustain the regional industrial and economic development of Malta.  This measure facilitates initial investments by encouraging the setting up of new establishments and the expansion and development of existing businesses. The incentive guidelines and the application can be downloaded here.

Further information on all Malta Enterprise incentives can be obtained from here or by calling Business First on 144.



The Malta Arts Scholarships Scheme 2016 is open

More info regarding applications and guidelines here. Kindly note that information about the 2017 call will be communicated soon.

Premju Francis Ebejer

The Premju encourages new and established writers to share their works with a wide audience and offers a solid platform for the most promising scripts in Maltese. The award for best plays is not merely financial but also offers support for the winning scripts to be put up on stage and published.

Francis Ebejer (1925-1993) is remembered for his lively and avantgarde style of writing. This left a strong impact on his audiences and helped Maltese theatre to make a leap ahead. In the sixties and seventies, the writer experienced the tensions which Maltese society was going through. The sharp contrast between social norms and the waves of change which were also spreading through other countries seemed almost tangible. Ebejer’s writing did not shirk from reflecting this. It grappled with philosophical, psychological and social issues and explored the absurdities of life and human behaviour. He interwove his influences into plays which reflect the concerns and realities of his time.

Premju Francis Ebejer Awards 1993-2016

Photo credit: Ma Rridx Immur, Kris Micallef