Join us on the 15th November 2022 at 18:30 at ESPLORA, Interactive Science Centre, Kalkara facilitated by Dr Censu Caruana

What is the role of the Arts in enabling sustainability and regeneration? What do cultural rights have to do with the implementation of the SDGs and with social economy? 

Catch up on emergent knowledge and good practise in this monthly meet-up. 

The session will focus on: 


Your personal and professional development 

Sustainable balance 

Case studies and ideas


Through research and by facilitating intersectoral collaboration, we seek to bring you concrete answers you can apply to your own practise. 

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Our goal is to help foster sensitivity, awareness, and engagement relating to diverse narratives and expression and to enable and support individuals and communities, and the Cultural Sector to flourish. 


Vincent Caruana

Vincent Caruana is a full-time lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Environmental Education at the University of Malta. He has Honours degree in Education from the University of Malta, specialising in Physics and Mathematics and a Diploma in Political Studies from the same University. Subsequently between 1995 and 1998 he studied Environmental and Development Education, obtaining a M.Sc. through London South Bank University. In 2014, he obtained his PhD, focusing on education for sustainability and the social economy. Vincent has for the past 35 years been very active in the Civil Society Organisation field, both locally and at a European level, and has co-founded various associations, including a social enterprise and a Development Network. He is an established mentor and trainer of various Civil Society Organisations and is also highly experienced in project management and monitoring and evaluation. He speaks fluent Maltese, English and Italian, as well as basic Arabic.