Arts Council Malta (ACM), in line with its vision to support new home-grown work, has partnered with the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC). This partnership will provide stable support for an organisation to plan ahead, grow, develop and deliver ACM’s strategic goals, and primarily addresses creative professionals and the development of new Musical Theatre work in the Maltese language.

The aims of the partnership are in line with Arts Council Malta’s objectives to:

  1. Nurture creative potential and support its development into professional activity
  2. Invest in artistic excellence
  3. Provide more opportunities for people to engage in creativity
  4. Develop new, relevant work in the Maltese language
  5. Develop private-public partnerships in the creative sector

This call for proposals is for an organisation to partner with ACM and MCC for the production of a regular musical theatre production in Maltese to be performed live between July and August every year for a period of five years (2022 – 2026).

ACM and MCC will be receiving applications from existing organisations that have the potential to make this significant contribution to the priorities and ambitions highlighted above, by proposing their vision of this regular event. The highest ranking application will be selected based on the criteria defined below.

ACM will be issuing a yearly maximum amount of €25,000 excl. VAT (payable to MCC) for the use of the Republic Hall and ancillary services as defined in Section 3. MCC will allocate an annual amount of €50,000 excl. VAT worth of production expenses as defined in Section 3. MCC and ACM will sign a five-year contract with the beneficiary following negotiations on the proposed budgetary plans, timeframes and modus operandi.

ACM and MCC reserve the right to award or nullify the grant prior to the signing of the contract.

Who can apply? 

The Grant is open to applicants who qualify as one of the following:

  • Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations)
  • Groups, Collectives and Consortia
  • Registered Cooperatives
  • Voluntary Organisations

For more information you may access the guidelines and regulations by clicking here. Click here to download application form template

All applications are being received only online until 4 July 2021. For support and assistance contact Arts Council Malta on 23347230 or by email on

To apply register a profile, kindly follow this link.

Click here to apply.