To make the strategy work we require an open dialogue with our stakeholders in the sector and beyond.

Our communication plan includes a dialogue with:

• Our stakeholders and other actors in the cultural and creative sector through our new website, social media, one-to-one brokerage sessions and regular networking;
• The general public through the media, online communication tools and through our printed publications;
• Non-cultural public institutions, ministries and departments through advocacy and participation in the development of policies outside the cultural realm, which may impact directly or indirectly the cultural/artistic and creative sector;
• The business community through collaboration on the promotion of the arts as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - policies that encourage direct investment in creative projects as well as through direct participation in business fora to continue flagging up the importance of the creative economy as part of economic and overall development;
• The media, through stronger links with national and European media organisations to ensure stronger inclusion of cultural content. We also want to encourage the debate on cultural development through regular TV programmes and collaborate with the public broadcaster on the inclusion of the sectors on regular national and international programmes;
• With the international community through platforms provided as a result of our affiliation with international organisations.


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