Our vision

We want the arts to be at the heart of Malta’s future


Our mission for the next five years

Driven by our commitment to cultural rights, we invest in the arts to strengthen Malta’s creative and cultural ecology.


Guiding principles

Our plans and actions to deliver our vision and implement our mission are guided by 10
principles which aim to:

1. Champion the advancement of the status of the artists, and cultural and creative practitioners.
2. Value and position the diversity of artistic and cultural expression, access and participation as integral to Malta’s wider cultural and creative ecology.
3. Nurture cross-sectoral synergies at local, national and international levels to recognise arts and culture as essential for the well-being of all.
4. Integrate active and participatory citizenship to ensure sectoral and public representation in our decision- making processes.
5. Support education, capacity building, professional development and knowledge exchange to empower people to flourish in their cultural and creative practice..
6. Build and strengthen strategic partnerships, collaborations and networks nationally and internationally to enable further opportunities for artists and practitioners.
7. Support sectors through proactive public engagement that is accessible, efficient and informed, using minimal bureaucracy.
8. Foster an evidence-based approach to have research, evaluation and debate inform our decisions and actions.
9. Embrace culture as a pillar of sustainable development in terms of its sustainability and interlinkages with the social, economic and environmental dimensions of well-being.
10. Recognise cultural infrastructure and international cultural relations as integral to the long-term advancement of Malta’s cultural and creative sectors.