The ACMlab Creativity and Arts in Education is being organised in collaboration with the Edward de Bono Institute for Creative Thinking and Innovation at the University of Malta. Originally focused on teaching Professor Edward de Bono’s thinking tools the institute has now expanded and diversified offering a wide range of courses and events to UM students and to the general public in four interrelated subject areas, Creativity, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Futures Studies.

This workshop will discuss creativity, what we understand by such term and what is its role in our education system. Can student creativity be facilitated through art intervention? The workshop will also delve into some of the findings of a study conducted by University of Malta researchers Dr. Marie Briguglio, Dr. Leonie Baldacchino and Dr. Margaret Mangion in collaboration with Arts Council Malta between 2016 and 2017. The study revealed that participation in Kreattiv; an arts intervention programme within schools had a significant impact on student creativity. What does this tell us on the future of education and the use of arts in teaching?


Dr. Margaret Mangion

Dr. Margaret Mangion is a resident academic at the Edward de Bono Institute for Creative Thinking and Innovation, University of Malta, where she has been lecturing in Creativity and Innovation since 2011. She holds a Doctorate in Social Sciences (University of Leicester), a MBA from Maastricht School of Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Malta. Margaret has extensive experience in the private industry and in educational settings. While actively working on various outreach programmes that engage different sectors in the business and social community, her main research interests are focussed mainly on various facets of creativity and its manifestation in different contexts.

Join us on Tuesday 12 October at 18:30 at University of Malta Valletta Campus for the session to delve deeper into this subject and discuss the application of creativity in education. Register here

Kindly note that due to Covid-19 restrictions this event is limited to 15 people.