Our funding programmes are now online! Arts Council Malta will be gradually introducing the new online registration and application process which will make the applications even simpler, more efficient and accessible.You simply need to create your profile on our website to be able to apply for funds and to be part of our database of creatives. The online applications for Travel Grants and Presentation & Touring are now available on the website. Need more info? Call us on 23347230 or send us your query on fundinfo@artscouncilmalta.org.


Here are some easy steps one can follow for guidance, you can also click on the video below
Step 1 : Registration
  • Login to our website (www.artscouncilmalta.org) and click on register.
  • There are six categories in all: individuals or group, school or college, company,  voluntary organisation, public entity.
  • Select the category which is relevant to you and fill in the details. Upload your CV as well as your identification document to complete your registration.
  • Once registered, your profile would be part of our database, you would be up to      date with our newsletter and you would also be able to apply for our funds. 
Step 2: Application
  •  Go on the Funds & Opportunities section and click on the fund you want to apply for.
  • Make sure that you read well the Guidelines & Regulations of the fund.
  • Click on the ‘Apply for this fund’ button to start the application process
  • Login if you are not already logged in.
  • Give your project a title and start the application
  • Fill in the application form step by step. Make sure that you fill in all the obligatory fields – the system will not allow you to proceed if this is not done! The asterisk sign shows that a field would be mandatory
  • Input the timeframe – make sure that the selected dates fall within the eligible timeframe indicated in the text box.  Then input the main milestones of your project together with the nature of that milestone and predicted date of completion. Fill in the remaining textboxes which focus primarily on addressing the criteria of the fund. 
Step 3: Budget
  • Fill in the pre-filled budget fields if relevant and add any field as applicable by clicking on the ‘Add another item’ field.
  •  Upload any supporting documentation relevant to the budget by clicking on ‘Upload a quotation’. It is important to provide quotes and any other supporting documentation which explain the costs inputted above.
  • It is important that the difference between the total income and the total expenditure is EUR0. If this is not so the system will not let you proceed to the next step.
  • Refer to the budget guidelines in case more details are needed. 
Step 4: Summary and submission
  • Verify that all the details are correct in the final page before submitting your application.
  • Once you click on submit the application form is sent for evaluation.
  • You will receive a notification of receipt.
Need more information? Call us on 23347230 or send us your queries on fundinfo@artscouncilmalta.org