Arts reboot, a webinar series covering 6 topics addressing the current challenges for arts organisations, providing practical tools that enable participants to shape the current scenario into opportunities for the future. Each webinar is led by an expert in the field using a variety of tools for delivery including, interactive exercises, breakout sessions, discussions and taught material. 


Session 6 - Leading change in times of disruption

Exploring the multi-layered, multi- faceted concept of leadership in a manner that exposes the crucial role of cultural leaders in bringing about change, in times of unprecedented disruption and ways in which they can initiate, implement and anchor change.

Trainer: Toni Attard is founder and director of Culture Venture, a firm specialized in advisory, training and production for the cultural and creative sectors.

Guest Speakers: Helen Sildna, Founder and CEO of Tallinn Music Week, Estonia, Marina Barham - General Manager, Al-Harah Theatre, Palestine, Frances Rudgard, Managing Director, Cambodian Living Arts, Cambodia.

Session 5 - Events For the Future

The events industry will change in practice and in substance both during and after the recovery period creating an entrepreneurial disruption into servicing for events.

Trainer: Annalisa Schembri is soft skills trainer and a lecturer on creative production and theatre works with a 12 years’ experience, producing and working on productions, conferences and large-scale events.

Session 4 - Engaging audiences during physical distancing

The physical closure of cultural institutions has forced many to rethink ways in which to connect with their audiences. During this webinar participants will be able to have an overview of the range tools and activities that can help them engage with their current and potentially new audiences.

Trainer: Leah Silverlock is a digital communications strategist whose portfolio includes high profile campaign on the global stage.

Session 3 - Sustainability in the ‘new normal’

Sustainability is not just an issue of survival but a way in which we think of organisations as fluid structures through which resources are shared and developed in a manner that allows organisations and people within them to grow and flourish in the new world of work.

Trainer: Ragnar Siil is a founder and managing partner of Creativity Lab, international cultural policy and creative industries think tank and consultancy.

Session 2 - Your property, your rights

Understanding intellectual property rights and obligations in this fast-changing scenario with information on IP matters impacting festivals and events in terms of production, co-production and programming agreements of artistic work, including issues emerging from online streaming.

Trainer: Dr Jeanine Rizzo is a respected intellectual property lawyer in Malta, having focused in this area ever since her studies and throughout her professional career.

Session 1 – Financial First Aid Kit

Mitigating and adapting to the new financial situation arts organisations are finding themselves in order to recover and thrive in what may be a new reality once the immediate crisis is over.

Trainer: Paul Bogen was President of the European network of cultural centres, Trans Europe Halles, (2000-2007) a visiting lecturer in Cultural Management at St. Mary's University, London and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.