Creative Communities is a fund for community-led creative and artistic activities, primarily addressing local communities. It provides the opportunity for training, research and the development of artistic projects led by the community for the community, while celebrating cultural diversity

All applicants need to register before submitting their application. Online registration is required in order to be given access to the updated Application Form and Budget Template. Click here to apply.  The deadline to apply is Friday 23rd October 2020 at noon.

Aims of the fund

Creative Communities aims to :

  • Boost art and culture in the community through projects managed by voluntary organisations active in the local community
  • Enable voluntary organisations to carry out projects related to culture and the arts in local communities
  • Encourage active participation of local communities in the culture and arts sector
  • Celebrate the cultural diversity found in the various towns and cities around Malta and Gozo 
  • Support projects that encourage cultural integration
  • Strengthen and increase knowledge of local tangible and intangible heritage


What is this fund looking for? 

The fund is looking to invest in projects which focus, on at least one of the following:

  • Informal Training and Development Programmes which boost the artistic development of the applicant organisation or which encourage the creative development of the community. This may include exchange programmes on a local and international level
  • Research related to aspects of the collective memory of the community and/or cultural identity of the community
  • Events, productions and/or exhibitions which encourage active cultural participation, boost the community’s creative expression or appreciation of its history and identity

Who can apply?

  • Local cultural organisations in Malta and Gozo registered as voluntary organisations, for example: band clubs, associations, choirs and local theatre groups, amongst others


  • Registered voluntary organisations promoting and protecting (tangible and intangible) cultural heritage in a locality or region in Malta and Gozo


  • Registered voluntary organisations made up of members from local and foreign ethnic minorities or voluntary organisations promoting intercultural dialogue.


The applicant should be the legal representative of the Voluntary Organisations. You are requested to indicate the person/group of people leading the project and submit the Voluntary Organisation number of your organisation or the temporary VO number, as applicable. If you provide the latter at application stage, and are then informed that you are allocated the funds, and then you should provide us with your permanent VO number prior to being allocated the funds.

The Voluntary Organisation must be based in Malta. 

The following cannot apply for the fund :

  • Individuals
  • Local councils
  • Organisations which are not registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.
  • Organisations receiving funds from other public/private funds for the same expenses indicated in the budget as the expenses to be covered through this fund.
  • Organisations which have not honoured reporting deadlines or other past commitments related to other funds managed by Arts Council Malta and/or the Culture Directorate.


NB: This does not exclude co-productions with other public or private entities or co-funding for European funding programmes. 

Selection Criteria

The awarding of projects is based on the following criteria:

  • The project’s impact on the local community
  • Development of the organisation
  • The quality and outcome of the project
  • Project management

After you apply 

Each project may be allocated a maximum of EUR 8,000. The amount requested cannot exceed 80% of the total expenditure of the project.

This fund is competitive and will be evaluated according to established criteria.

Proposals will first be screened in terms of eligibility. Proposals which are not eligible in terms of the procedure stipulated by these guidelines will not be processed further and will not undergo evaluation.

After you submit your application form at Arts Council Malta, an independent evaluation board will evaluate your project. On the day indicated, you will receive your result notification from Arts Council Malta.