Have your say in what ACM will be doing next year as part of its Strategy 2025, as 2023 comes to a close while 2024 is looming on the horizon, with new challenges and opportunities that will come along.

How can ACM ensure that the strategic actions it will take, will continue to be informed by the lived experiences, evidence and prevalent matters that impact the people and infrastructure making up the artistic, creative and cultural ecosystems in Malta? 

Join us in the next ACMlab as we will take an interactive and participatory approach in reflecting on ACM’s work in 2023 and its plans for 2024, whereby the discussions and exchanges will be formed by the participants attending, with the facilitation of ACM representatives. Thus if you are involved with or within the artistic, cultural and creative sectors in some way or another and have some ideas on the future of the sectors in Malta, join in the conversation. 

The session will be held on Tuesday 21 November at 17:30 at The Grid at the Brewhouse,  L-Imrieħel. Register here