Published on Thursday 27 June 2024

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici launched a new campaign titled ‘ArtWorks’ which is aimed at increasing knowledge about arts education and career opportunities in the arts and creativity sectors in Malta.

The campaign will give priority to the advancement of the role of arts in the educational system. This campaign comprises a mix of strategies of digital and traditional marketing, as well as educational activities, and in this way, it will cultivate a deeper appreciation for the arts as well as fostering a more vibrant and inclusive arts community in Malta.


“The government has always insisted on the importance of cultural and creative industries as regards the creation of new and sustainable jobs. Through the investment in this campaign, we will be speaking in favour of the full potential of the arts as creatively wedded to entrepreneurship and innovation”, Minister Bonnici said.

The ArtWorks campaign brings together a diversity of strategic fields which are part of Arts Council Malta’s strategy, including education and development, public investment, diversity and communities, as well as creative entrepreneurship.

Arts Council Malta Director of Funds and Strategy Mary Ann Cauchi stated, “The Council’s strategy is designed to open up new opportunities through stronger collaborations between educational institutions and organisations and cultural practitioners. The Council has already made significant advances in the implementation of the strategy, with the creativity and arts industry in Malta experiencing significant growth in the past years, which in turn leads to an increase in employment opportunities.”


She continued to explain that the ArtsWorks campaign will address existing educational shortcomings in the arts sector, this while the campaign will continue to encourage more individuals to explore and pursue careers in the arts.


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