This resource pack is an Arts Council Malta initiative aimed at increasing awareness regarding inclusivity and supporting the implementation of cultural rights in our day-to-day practice. This forms part of the Council’s long-term commitment as outlined in the fourth goal of the Create 2020 Strategy — Provide more opportunities for people to engage in creativity. In light of maintaining an open dialogue
and listening to the communities’ recommendations, this initiative has been carried out in consultation with key players engaged in advocacy and good governance, and participants from diverse community groups.

The resource pack includes two main components:

  • A manual which serves the purpose of a convenient and complete guide with a number of examples of good practice in our communities, as well as external good practice that can be adapted in a local context.
  • A toolkit complementing the manual. This includes useful tools, models, lists and references necessary in everyday practice.

The package was developed as an aid for Public Cultural Organisations, fund beneficiaries, civil society and operators. 

Right to Culture is available online free of charge, both in Maltese and English.

Download toolkit in Maltese and English

Right to Culture audiobook is available in Maltese and English here