We have identified five goals and established 70 actions to address with three groups in the next five years. This strategy is inspired by Malta’s national cultural policy, government’s electoral programme, our legal remit, as well as our vision and mission. With 2018 set as the fulcrum of our plan, we are building towards the Valletta European Capital of Culture and simultaneously working towards its legacy for post-2020 cultural development.

Immediately after the Arts Council Malta law came into force, we conducted a six-month research period and held consultation sessions through workshops, focus groups and interviews. We also invited artists to share their own vision for 2020 through social media and facilitated a debate by creative practitioners in Parliament. 330 people contributed towards shaping the 2020 strategy. We aim to:

  1. Nurture creative potential and support its development into a professional activity
  2. Invest in artistic excellence
  3. Connect Malta to the international artistic community
  4. Provide more opportunities for people to engage in creativity
  5. Build the capacity of Public Cultural Organisations.


 Download Strategy2020 here.