The International Participation Scheme forms part of Arts Council Malta’s Internationalisation Strategy for the cultural and creative sectors.

It addresses the outgoing mobility of Maltese and Malta based artists over 18 years of age as well as their art works and cultural productions. The objective of the International Participation Scheme is to support the mobility of artists and cultural operators to create, to showcase and to expose their works to international audiences and to receive international feedback, to explore, to develop skills, to build networks, and to engage in international collaborations.

This scheme supports:

• Participation in international festivals, exhibitions, showcases, international networking events, films, conferences, artist residencies and fairs.
• Meetings with international agents, producers, curators, publishers, artistic directors or festival managers;
• Partner search for exchanges and collaboration;

Who can apply? 

Creative professionals/individual artists; Groups, collectives and consortia; Registered cooperatives; Voluntary organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.


The deadline to apply is Tuesday 20th February 2024 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


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Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 20th February 2024

Ranking Order

 Angela Bettoni

Reference number: IPS25-24-3686

Project Title: Inclusive dance for Venere in Teatro dance festival

Amount awarded: €2,000

Angela is a performer, writer and advocate with Down Syndrome, who has been living in Malta since 2013. She is invited to perform at the Venere in Teatro dance festival in Italy, and to give a talk on inclusion in the performing arts. This is the 4th edition of the dance festival, held in the setting of Forte Marghera. The piece will be choreographed by Rachel Calleja, who will work with Angela and another dancer to create a mixed-ability performance, to be first performed during Dance Festival Malta. It will incorporate parts of monologues Angela has written. The festival will provide Angela with a platform to showcase her work and share her message of inclusion, while opening the door to new collaborations. 


Beneficiary: Carlo Muscat

Reference number: IPS10-24-3584

Project Title: Workshops and Concerts in Canada

Amount awarded: €2,000

Saxophonist Carlo Muscat will lead a jazz workshop at Brandon University, covering improvisation, performance, and composition for students in the jazz department. Live performances featuring Canadian-Maltese artists aim to enhance cultural exchange and showcase the shared musical heritage between Canada and Malta.


Beneficiary: Charlene Galea

Reference number: IPS26-24-3686

Project Title: When good enough is enough: Impulstanz Festival

Amount awarded: €1,970

Charlene Galea will attend a month-long festival with Impulstanz Festival, Vienna, 2024 that holds a diverse programme of performances, workshops, research projects and musical acts for all levels and dance styles. The Impulstanz festival offers a variety of workshops to tailor the needs of various individuals to focus on performance practice disciplines and transdisciplinary work that goes beyond technical training. It also offers the opportunity to integrate with movers coming from all over the world to network or let go. During her time at the festival, Charlene will engage in experimental, somatic and more technical workshops. She will expand her awareness in movement, challenge her choreographic styles and memory in learning dance, and start questioning movement consciously and playfully through composition, towards creating ideas for a performance piece she is in the process of developing for the end of 2024: "When Good Enough is Enough: the Premiere."


Beneficiary: James Azzopardi Meli

Reference number: IPS24-24-3685

Project Title: Inner Development Goals Summit

Amount awarded: €2,000

This project recognises the significance of inner development alongside external progress for achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Guided by the IDG initiative, Studio 18 aims to integrate these principles into its theatrical endeavours and educational programmes, benefiting the Maltese arts sector. By participating in mentorship, training, and networking opportunities at the summit, Studio 18 seeks to empower itself to inspire change and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive society within its revised remit. This summit serves as a crucial aspect of Studio 18's ongoing research and development phase, enabling the organisation to reassess its purpose, refine its vision, and adapt its learning approach to meet the evolving needs of the local arts sector. Through its engagement with the IDGs Summit 2024, Studio 18 endeavors to play a proactive role in shaping a more sustainable and vibrant cultural landscape in Malta and beyond.

 Rebecca Hall

Reference number: IPS20-24-3662

Project Title: “Maltese Flute; International Stage” Showcasing Maltese Contemporary and Baroque Music in America

Amount awarded: €2,000

America's National Flute Association has, for the first time, offered slots for the performance and presentation of Maltese music. A solo recital will feature the music of Charles Camilleri (Desert Songs), which will stand alongside leading flutists from across the globe. This will not only give exposure of the repertoire to a large international audience, but it will also present an opportunity for the diverse influences on Maltese contemporary composition to be explored. The project will also consist of a lecture recital on the music of the late Maltese Baroque. This substantial opportunity allows discussion on the compositions of M.A. Vella and Prota, among others, and highlights Malta's rich baroque heritage. The lecture recital is planned to be supported by pre-recorded videos in historical venues across Malta, featuring younger and established musicians, thereby showcasing the development of the Malta Youth Orchestra, the University of Malta and the School of Performing Arts.


Beneficiary: Simone Ellul

Reference number: IPS45-24-3726

Project Title: Participation in Two International Improvisation Festivals Held in the USA

Amount awarded: €2,000

The project consists of the participation in two improvisation festivals - the Vintage Improv Festival in Portland, Maine, and the Queen City Comedy Experience in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both festivals offer excellent networking, training and performing opportunities.


Beneficiary: Aidan Somers

Reference number: IPS43-24-3721

Project Title: AISO at ADE – International Networking

Amount awarded: €2,000

AISO Academy, a dynamic start-up dedicated to diverse music education in Malta, will be participating in the prestigious ADE Amsterdam. Together with a team of accomplished musicians, it aims to showcase its unique approach to music education, blending modern, classical, and electronic styles. The project focuses on outgoing mobility for artists over 18 years, fostering collaborations, and expanding the organization's international reach. The funding will facilitate attendance at ADE Amsterdam, a vital platform for electronic music professionals, offering opportunities for networking, collaboration, and the recruitment of potential students interested in studying music in Malta. With accreditation goals by the year’s end, AISO Academy aspires to make a lasting impact on Malta's cultural and educational landscape.


Beneficiary: Yasmin Kuymizakis

Reference number: IPS46-24-3727

Project Title: JOON Live in New York City

Amount awarded: €1,157

This project entails a performance at Knockdown Centre in New York City on the 31st May 2024, organized in collaboration with the record label "Italians Do It Better", alongside artists Johnny Jewel, Desire and more. The beneficiary will be staying in the US for three weeks to explore potential collaborations with other artists, to meet industry professionals and to potentially secure additional shows in nearby cities such as Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. While these collaborations and shows are pending confirmation, they represent exciting opportunities for artistic growth and expansion of Yasmin’s music career.


Beneficiary: Fabrizio Ellul

Reference number: IPS38-24-3712

Project Title: EUNIC – In Short, Europe Film Festival 2024

Amount awarded: €998

The beneficiary’s animated short ‘SOMEWHERE’ was nominated by the Maltese Embassy in the UK to be part of the EUNIC ‘Best European Short films' which will be held in London between the 27th - 28th April 2024 at the Institut Français in London. EUNIC will be partnering up with Glasgow International Film Festival, the EU Delegation to the UK, the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni and Scotland House London, and it is planning to present the festival in two locations, namely in Glasgow (20th - 21st April 2024, venue tbc) and at the Institut  Français in London (27th – 28th April 2024). The programme will be curated in 3-4 blocks of screenings across 2 days, and will be accompanied by panel discussions with the filmmakers, industry events and workshops.


Beneficiary: Double Standard

Reference number: IPS42-24-3720

Project Title: Double Standard – Italy Tour

Amount awarded: €1,750

Malta-based multicultural punk band Double Standard will tour the Italian region of Tuscany, supporting their full-length release "Mt. Focus".