The aim of the KulturaTV Fund is to incentivise the development of difficult audio-visual productions having a cultural and creative content on private broadcasting stations, which are free-to-air, in order to enhance the quality of audio-visual productions in Malta on arts and culture.

The scheme will be limited to the following productions that meet the eligible cultural criteria: drama, creative TV documentaries, and culture programmes.

Through this funding scheme, Arts Council Malta aims to support the creation of innovative and culturally significant storytelling relevant to contemporary media audiences, with a specific focus on the creative sector in the Maltese islands.

The scheme targets eligible productions on private television stations that require investment to develop works that often lack access to private funding. The scheme provides an incentive to independent audio-visual companies and private stations to produce quality-driven cultural audiovisual productions and will include mentoring by a designated foreign mentor appointed by Arts Council Malta.

The scheme aims to support ambitious audio-visual creations and to encourage the production of original drama, innovative creative documentaries, and culture programmes that include in-depth coverage of the culture and arts scene and behind-the-scenes interviews. Due consideration will be given to proposals focusing on relevant developments in the national cultural landscape, such as public cultural organisations, national festivals, and Arts Council Malta partners.

Who can apply?

Private stations which are free-to-air and licenced by the Malta Broadcasting Authority;

Audio-visual companies that are registered with the Malta Business Registry, in accordance with the Companies Act (CAP 386 of the Laws of Malta) requirements in the case of a company or a partnership, and in accordance with the Civil Code (CAP 16 of the Laws of Malta) in the case of a foundation and an organisation/association.


The deadline to apply is Wednesday 27 July 2022 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 27th July 2022

Ranking Order

Applicant: Sajjetta

Reference number: KTV20-22-1827

Project Title: Taurodont (working title)

Amount awarded: €40,000

Two fossilised teeth discovered over a century ago in Malta are the oldest evidence of human activity on the island. Yet, for years the origins of these remains have been hotly contested and ultimately forgotten. Now, scientists and curators use the latest technology to determine who they belonged to, the world they came from, and exactly how they were found.

Applicant: SUGU Ltd.

Reference number: KTV11-22-1780

Project Title: From Strait Street to Abbey Road

Amount awarded: €23,246

The project consists of a feature-length creative documentary entitled 'Strait Street to Abbey Road, a true story about Maltese drummer, Tony Carr. The documentary follows Carr’s journey, from playing jazz as a teenager with Afro-American musicians blockaded in Malta during the second world war, his journey to the UK in the 50s, to his struggling breakthrough as a professional musician in the bustling contemporary music scene in 60s and 70s London. The documentary is a collage of archival material (photos and videos), animation, stop-motion and live footage, connected stylistically and with a narrator, to tell the unknown yet remarkable story of Tony Carr. 

 Reel8 Productions Ltd.

Reference number: KTV19-22-1826

Project Title: Carnevale

Amount awarded: €40,000

Carnevale will be telling the story of the Maltese Carnival, through storytelling by people themselves. It is an observational documentary, filmed over the course of 16 months, capturing moments from the most intimate to the most exciting and euphoric, of the Carnival fanatics, volunteers, workers and enthusiasts’, their families and the attendees. The cameras will follow them throughout the production of their costume from start to finish, from a piece of cloth to hauling their convoy of massive floats to Valletta. The parallel universe where the old meets the new, where satire is most subjective and not always appreciated, where young people are emerging and injecting more drive while creating a dynamic shift. This is a community drama underpinned by a quest to uphold their ancestors' traditions whilst ensuring that Carnival never dies.

 Toontuloon Ltd.

Reference number: KTV05-22-1703

Project Title: Ħbieb tal-Klieb

Amount awarded: €40,000

With sanctuaries filled to the brim, Malta’s perceived stray dogs’ problem is ever-increasing. Using a combination of filming and traditional 2d animation, this documentary aims to create awareness and find possible solutions to this issue.

 Limestone Pictures Ltd.

Reference number: KTV13-22-1803

Project Title: It-Traġedja

Amount awarded: €40,000

The project is a docu-drama series about poignant, shocking tragedies which took the lives of our beloved Maltese compatriots. Broadcasting space, local and international distribution is guaranteed. On the 30th of October 1948, a tragedy in the limits of ‘Tal-Imġarraf´ next to ‘Il-Golf taċ-Ċawl’ in Qala took the life of 23 passengers, most of them from Gozo, when a luzzu capsized on its way to Gozo from Marfa. The incident that shook the nation to its core took place in the post-World War II era, at a time when the nation was still in poverty and Gozo was totally dependent on Malta even for some basic needs. Only 4 passengers survived.

WE Media Ltd.

Reference number: KTV10-22-1776

Project Title: Snajja

Amount Awarded: €28,377

This 13-episode creative documentary series will explore 13 different trades, ‘Snajja’’, each being seen through the eyes of a local craftsman. Presenter and historian Mario Coleiro will follow along a typical day in the lives of these craftsmen, allowing audiences to get a brief taste of the oftentimes difficult processes that these craftsmen go through in a bid to preserve this creative side of Maltese culture. Audiences will discover the ways in which the traditional meets the modern, through the historical information that is given about each individual craft, and through the advanced technologies which have changed the way that these crafts have evolved through generations. Each 45-minute documentary will aim to document these dying Maltese trades, whilst also being a platform to promote these trades and encourage younger audiences to follow in these artisans’ footsteps. 


Applicant: Motion blur Ltd.

Reference number: KTV22-22-1831

Project Title: Musicals Malta

Amount Awarded: €28,377

Do you hear the people sing? It’s the sound of musicals in the Maltese Islands. Musical Theatre is a phenomenon that the public cannot get enough of. The Maltese musical theatre scene has grown from strength to strength and evolved over the last couple of years - from Iljieli Maltin at Argotti Gardens, to regular musicals at Teatru Manoel in the 90s, to large-scale musical productions at The Mediterranean Conference Centre, to the emergence of musicals at Teatru Astra in Gozo, to the introduction of new musicals in Maltese at venues such as Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Fort St Elmo, Koradino Old Military Prison and Spazju Kreattiv. This cultural programme seeks to chronicle the Maltese musical theatre scene through interviews with the directors, producers and creators of iconic works staged on the Maltese Islands and well-known names that emerged from these musicals.