The Government is committed to continue supporting artists, organisers and producers in the view of the unprecedented challenges which the world is facing due to the ongoing consequences stemming from the pandemic.

In light of the unique circumstances presented by COVID-19, the Seat Utilisation Scheme has been developed to enable cultural and artistic events to take place during the dates stated on page 2 of this document. The Seat Utilisation Scheme can be availed of for those events falling within the scope outlined in the “Standards for safer organised controlled events taking place in an enclosed area” as published by the Health Authorities. The relevant event/events would also need to satisfy the eligibility criteria as found further below in this document.

The Seat Utilisation Scheme 1 is intended to increase the economic viability of cultural and artistic events. This scheme will enable compensation forseated ticketed events which would have to operate below full seating capacity due to public health restrictions. The compensation will be equal to the difference between the projected ticket sales in circumstances without public health restrictions and the projected ticket sales with the current public health restrictions (which may vary over time). This will be calculated with a capping of €15 per ticket for each seated ticketed event.

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations);  Groups, Collectives and Consortia; Registered Cooperatives; Voluntary Organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. 


The deadline to apply for the fourth Call is 1 April 2022 at noon or when session budget is disbursed. Late application cannot be accepted.

Further to the announcements by the Public Health Authorities effective from the 2nd May 2022, the restrictive measures due to COVID-19 pandemic have been released. In this regards the next calls for the Seat utilisation Scheme shall not be processed. Please find here the Seat Utilisation Scheme Addendum. 


Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Call 1 - Beneficiaries

Call 2 - Beneficiaries.

Call 3 - Beneficiaries.