Following the announcement of the 2022 budget in October, Arts Council Malta unveiled its funding schemes for 2022 based on 5 main pillars: Resilience, Artistic and Community, Development, Education, Cultural Heritage and Structural. The schemes are aimed at building on the momentum generated from last year’s RESTART schemes which were a catalyst in the regeneration of the creative and cultural sectors following the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding schemes by Arts Council Malta are part of a €110 million investment by the government in the creative and cultural sectors for 2022, representing a significant increase of 13.5% on the 2021 investment.

The Schemes

Guidelines will be published on at least 6 weeks before the closing date. Online applications will be accessible concurrently with guidelines. Guidelines will be available soon.

Training and Development
Events Assurance
Seat Utilisation
Programme Support
Project Research and Development
Health and Safety Standards in Firework Factories
Project Support
Arts Education Main Stream Education
Arts Education for Further and Higher Education
International Cultural Exchanges
Il-Premju tal-President għall Kreattività
L-Iskema għall-assistenza loġistika tal-festa
Finanzjament Artistiku għall-għaqdiet tal-armar tal-festi, għaqdiet kulturali u għaqdiet soċjali
Culture Pass
Investment in Cultural Organisations Malta
Restoration Funding Scheme

Those interested in the 2022 funding schemes are encouraged to contact Arts Council Malta on 23347230 or via email on