The COVID-19 Transition Arts Taskforce has led to the evolution of RESTART consisting of 12 arts investment and support schemes. 

The guiding pillars of RESTART are based on three fundamental actions addressing the recovery and resilience of the cultural and creative sectors’. Rethink. Recover. Reinvent.

The amount allocated is 3.62 million euro. This will enable the provision of a broader accessibility towards financial support and investment for the creative and cultural sectors’.

The Principles 

The RESTART schemes consist of 3 overarching principles crucial to the sectors’ recovery and altogether, a stimulus to reboot the arts and cultural cycle leading to longer-term sustainability.

Principle 1: Mitigation Measures  

The schemes necessitate the adaption, promotion and practice of COVID-19 mitigation measures consistent with advice from and immediate, appropriate, effective and efficient response to specific recommendations from public health authorities including social distancing, the adequacy of facilities for hygiene, implementation of the bubble method and contact tracing methods.

Principle 2: Survival and Resilience

The schemes are inclusive with simplified processes available to a wider range of stakeholders including the private individual, non-profit organisations and registered companies in line with other provisions of assistance offered by the Central Government, the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, Arts Council Malta and Public Cultural Organisations.

Principle 3: Development And Sustainability

The schemes are an investment in the sector to develop and create new work, responding to present times, in order to deliver extraordinary hybrid arts experiences for audiences in the future. The creative risk-taking and innovation aptitude will be supported and invested in holistically with a focus on the long-term sustainability of the cultural and creative industries.

The Schemes

Guidelines will be published on at least 6 weeks before the closing date. Online applications will be accessible concurrently with guidelines. Click below for guidelines:

Professional Development

Digital Research and Development

Young Talent

Programme Support

Project Support

Arts Education


International Cultural Exchanges

Creative Communities

Investment in Cultural Organisations - Gozo

Event Support Scheme

The Criteria

All schemes will consist of 4 standard criteria for application, review, evaluation and awarded purposes but different objectives.

Criterion 1: Concept (40 marks)

This criterion considers the concept idea(s) of the proposal, the collaborators involved, the relevance of the concept as well as the contribution towards the beneficiary, collaborators and participants.

Criterion 2: Project management (20 marks)

This criterion considers the level of commitment and preparation prior to the proposal as well as the proposed plan to deliver and achieve the aims targeted.

Criterion 3: Audience engagement (20 marks)

This criterion considers the engagement and the development of established and new audiences. Engagement refers to the role, the nature of involvement and the experience offered to the audience.

Criterion 4: Budget (20 marks)

This criterion considers how well-planned and realistic the presented budget is.

The Calendar

To apply for one of the RESTART Schemes you need to register through this link

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