EU projects funding applications need to address the gender balance, inclusion, diversity and representativeness as a cross-cutting priority.

During this ACMlab session, Dr Simone Inguanez who is the Diversity & Communities Executive of Arts Council Malta, and Dr Damian Spiteri an expert in the field and lecturer of Social Work and Social Policy at the Faculty of Social Wellbeing of the University of Malta, will discuss how gender balance, inclusion, diversity and representativeness can be applied in the Culture and Creative Sector and in Creative Europe project applications.


Dr Simone Inguanez

Simone Inguanez is Diversity & Communities Executive at Arts Council Malta. Her interests lie at the crossroads between diverse narratives, expression, and human rights.

She graduated in Law From the University of Malta, and continued to pursue studies in human sciences, language and literature. She has served on the Maltese language council since its creation in 2005. Simone Inguanez is a published author and award-winning translator.


Dr Damian Spiteri

Dr. Damian Spiteri Ph.D. is a lecturer in social work at the University of Malta. Prior to this, he had lectured at MCAST and at universities in England and Scotland. He had worked in the social work field at Caritas Malta, and prior to that, at the Education Department.  Dr. Spiteri has been invited to speak at various prestigious events, both locally and internationally, on the topic of diversity and inclusion among young people; and he has published several articles on these subjects in peer reviewed journals.  He has also published a book on multicultural education with Palgrave Macmillan.

Dr. Spiteri is particularly interested in creativity and he has  developed numerous hands-on projects with children and young people to enhance their creativity particularly through the medium of music, the arts, and culture. Dr. Spiteri is interested in further developing interventions aimed at promoting the intersectionality of music and the arts in other areas of children's and young people's lives, thereby making the cultural sector more inclusive. Dr. Spiteri comes from a musical background. After several years studying the piano and violin, he then branched out into studying voice. His music video Shine at Christmas attracted over 50,000 views. 

Join us on Friday 8 July at 9:30am at Spazju Kreattiv Cinema, Valletta. 

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