The Micro Grant is one of our tools to address and implement Arts Council Malta’s ongoing strategy, with a focus on nurturing creative potential and supporting its development into professional activity.

The grant aims at giving a support structure that encourages new applicants to access public investment; it is therefore addressed towards applicants who have not received funding through ACM’s funding portfolio in the past three years (2021 – 2023). The Micro Grant enables individual artists and creative practitioners to develop artistic work that will help the applicant to advance their practice.

The Micro Grant is a one-time grant designed to provide support for capacity-building items like supporting services, equipment, materials, and space that are directly linked to a project, activity or event that will take place during the eligible timeframe of this call.

Activities falling within the cultural and creative sector:

1. Arts (literature, visual arts, music, performing arts, interdisciplinary)
2. Creative Business Services (design, architecture, cultural tourism, and cultural services) 3. Heritage (crafts, traditional festivals and celebrations, cultural sites, antiques)
4. Media (publishing and printed material, audiovisuals, including film and video production, film servicing, television, video games, radio, online media).

Who can apply?

The Micro Grant is open to creative practitioners and/or individual artists who have not benefitted from ACM funding Schemes in the past three years (2021 – 2023).


The deadline to apply is Thursday 5 October at noon or when funds are fully disbursed. Late applications cannot be accepted.


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Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Micro Grant 2023

Funded Projects

Applicant: Paul Giordimaina – “Recording for Gatt Groove, Album”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Gatt Groove is a project created by Paul Giordimaina and SFERA Jazz Trio. It is a well-deserved tribute to the father of Maltese Jazz, the late Charles 'City' Gatt. New original compositions, by Paul Giordimaina himself will feature the numerous styles of Charles Gatt in the different tracks. Each track is being linked to a Charles Gatt abstract painting, the kind of artist he was known for, apart from that of a musician. Some of these original compositions have already been performed successfully during the last Malta Jazz Festival 2023, during which Paul introduced the project to the general public. Apart from Paul's original compositions, a special bonus track will be added to the album. This track will feature Charles Gatt himself playing at the bebop room. This was his last recording before his demise. This album is already well anticipated by the general public.

Applicant: Patryk Cutajar – “Setting the Bar”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Setting the Bar is Patryk Cutajar’s first album as a front man. After more than 10 years being prominent in the Maltese scene, playing in all the festivals and most venues, in 2023 Patryk made the choice to leave Malta as an independent artist and move to Berlin. The goal was to meet musicians of the highest calibre and to grow as an artist in one of the European Capitols for Contemporary Music. Having successfully integrated in the Berlin Music scene, Setting the Bar aims to create a collaboration between Malta’s and Berlin’s finest, through all original music written by Patryk Cutajar. Pre-production, recording, production and mixing will all be conducted in Malta. The aim is also to set the bar for Maltese musicians seeking to pursue and further their career and artistry, and to break the stereotype and perception that Maltese musicians cannot match the level of their international counterparts.

Applicant: Klinsmann Coleiro – “Klinsmann Music Album Project”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project centres around the creation of a captivating music video for an original song composed and written by the artist. This music video will serve as a powerful medium to showcase the artist's unique talent and connect with new audiences within Malta and Europe. It aims to establish a meaningful connection with a wider audience, furthering the artist's career within Malta and Europe while showcasing the artist and his original music through the music video produced. This video serves as a powerful tool to expand the artist's reach and connect with new audiences in Malta and Europe, showcasing their unique talent and creative expression.


Applicant: Francesca Grech – “Developing a New Picture Book for Children”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Over the span of 12 months, Francesca will be researching and developing studies for the creation of a brand-new Picture Book for Children; a process involving extensive research into the source material, developing a story, and creating and illustrating characters & environments. Francesca received her MA in Illustration at the University of Edinburgh and tells whimsical stories full of magic and emotion, driven by dynamic characters that help people connect with the work in a meaningful and engaging way. The themes of inclusivity, mental health and well-being are an important part of her practice. During this process, Francesca will be supported by the organisation ‘Good Ship Illustration’, made up of award-winning Children’s Book Illustrators Helen Stephens, Tania Willis and Katie Chappell. Between them, they share 60 years of experience and have created a platform and support-system, to share their expertise and know-how while supporting emerging illustrators. 

Applicant: Andrew John Sciberras – “Generation Young”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Generation Young is a sketch show featuring some of the most exciting young Maltese comedians and performers. This will include comedic sketches, songs, stand-up comedy and pop culture parodies from the unique perspective of the young generations. All of these will be penned by the performers themselves: Ed Vassallo, Audrey Scerri, Andrew John Sciberras and Nikolai Azzopardi. The latter two will also co-direct the show.

Applicant: Anna Marie Curmi – “An Evening with Arie Antiche”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project is a solo debutants concert consisting of Arie Antiche, accompanied by a small instrumental ensemble and a harpsichord as a continuo. This is being envisaged to take place in a quiet and rustic environment, namely the Xewkija Windmill in Gozo. The concert will feature a baritone singer as a guest musician to enhance the programme and also sing a duet with him.

Applicant: Ethan Attard – “Ethan Attard: Debut”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,998

This project will be the beneficiary’s debut solo concert at the Malta Society of Arts, Valletta where he will be accompanied by piano, strings and a guest soprano.

Applicant: Rambert Paul Attard – “How To Deal With a Breakup R&D”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,190

How to Deal with a Breakup is a theatrical piece that encapsulates the experience of a man’s struggles in dealing with the after-effects of a failed relationship. Though hinting at a stereotypical way of how men seem to deal with breakups, this play highlights the fact that the truth is far from what is perceived. How do men deal with a break-up? Is it all about getting under somebody to get over somebody? Booze? Denial? Do men cry about relationships when they are rejected/dumped? The project looks at the effect on mental health in today’s world particularly with regard to men’s mental health. Tackling these issues through the medium of art or a theatrical piece is an essential part of an ever-changing and growing society. In this R&D process, the creative team will be using the play’s text to explore the underlying themes further and to develop its theatrical language.

Applicant: Julian Dingli – “Julian Dingli”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project entails the creation of a captivating music EP/Album through live studio recordings of original songs. The beneficiary aims to infuse soulful melodies with exceptional instrumental performances, delivering a unique auditory experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level. This project centres around the meticulous recording of live instruments for an upcoming music EP/Album. Julian is committed to crafting a musical journey filled with authenticity and emotion. Talented musicians will converge in a state-of-the-art studio to breathe life into the original compositions. Each note, chord, and rhythm will be expertly captured, ensuring that the essence of the songs is faithfully preserved. From the strumming of guitars to the beat of drums, every element will harmonize to create a sonic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and immerses the audience in a world of melodies and lyrics that speak to the heart.

Applicant: Kristina Critien – “Songwriting Camp”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of a 5-day, in-person songwriting and production camp in London. This immersive experience will take place in a professional studio environment, featuring different renowned London-based songwriters, including Georgia Meek, known for her work with artists like Sigala&Punctual; both artists with a massive Spotify following (9million monthly plays); and James Oliver, who has collaborated with deadmau5. Leading the production is London-based Maltese producer Matteo Depares. This project aims to foster international collaboration within the British music scene, elevating Malta's music scene by creating high-quality music. It also strives to strengthen the presence of Maltese artists in the global music industry, paving the way for future collaborations. Importantly, this will be Kris's first in-person session outside Malta, marking a significant career milestone after her previous online and remote production work. The ultimate outcome of this writing camp will be the creation of new, top-tier pop songs.

Applicant: Ivan Grech – “Ivan Grech First Solo Album”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of the recording and production of Ivan Grech's first solo album.

Applicant: Owen Leuellen – “Album Recording”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of recording sessions for Owen Leuellen’s third studio album. This will consist of a mix of hiphop and rnb tracks aimed to reach the international level of music being released in the USA, particularly Los Angeles.

Applicant: Antoine Mercieca – “CD Recording”

Amount Awarded: Euro 1,015

The project consists of the CD recording of funeral marches composed by the beneficiary himself. This is the beneficiary’s third CD focusing on funeral marches. His first recording was in 2014, followed by his second recording in 2018. A band composed of 36 Maltese musicians will participate in this project which will feature 10 new funeral marches composed by Antoine Mercieca in the past years. The beneficiary intends to launch this project in February 2024.

Applicant: Luca Selvaggi – “Sounds of Ether – Multi Sensory Music & Sound Journeys of Introspection & deep rest”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Leave the busy world behind and come back revitalized as you let yourself go, into a creative holistic art space of introspection through ethnic percussion, melodic sound design & stroboscopic light, with multi-instrumentalist, ethno-percussionist & sound therapist, Luca Selvaggi from the Sounds of Ether project. The beneficiary specializes in organic and digital musical trance with a focus on sounds, light, colours, aromas and dance. Offering an unparalleled artistic visionary journey with a message and intention to unwind the participants from the current chaotic world of over-doing, into a soft space of being. This journey is guided by highly specialized percussion instruments and gongs from all over the world, offering an immersive musical performance with sonic textures and oscillating deep frequencies, ranging from binaural, polyrhythmic and ecstatic percussion, for a deep journey into vibrational sound, music and light meditation.

Applicant: Clayton Gauci – “Operation Activate”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Operation 'Activate is a debut project that marks CLEIGH's entry into the music scene as a rapper and artist. This three-track Hip Hop EP will showcase CLEIGH's lyrical prowess and creative expression, serving as his inaugural official release. Each track will be accompanied by a music video, adding a visual dimension to CLEIGH's compelling storytelling. This multimedia approach will offer audiences a dynamic and immersive experience, setting the stage for a promising career in the music industry. Operation 'Activate is not just a debut; it is a statement of artistic intent. With CLEIGH as the centrepiece, this project promises to captivate Hip Hop enthusiasts and music lovers alike, leaving an indelible mark on the genre. It is a momentous step in CLEIGH's journey as an artist, and an exciting addition to the ever-evolving local Hip Hop scene.

Applicant: John Paul Azzopardi – “Liquid Key”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,968

Liquid key represents an artistic journey that integrates sculptures, paintings, film and sonic elements. This collaborative undertaking is the result of the creative partnership between John Paul Azzopardi and Adrian Camilleri. These two artists, who have dedicated themselves to the Maltese art scene for a considerable period, have now unified their artistic visions. In doing so, they endeavour not only to share their creative processes with an audience but also to cultivate a profound sense of community among those who engage with their work. The event is primed to unlock fresh avenues for future creative endeavours, paving the way for an ongoing journey of artistic exploration.

Applicant: Patrick Fenech – “CAGED SPACES – A photo documentary project”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Caged Spaces is a photography documentary in B & W produced in the 70s and 80s featuring Maltese and Gozitan lifestyles. An exhibition is planned at MUZA during June and July 2024. This will be accompanied by a publication/catalogue and talks about the importance of documentary photography.

Applicant: Michelle Gruppetta – “Mock-up Pitch Bible for Portfolio – ‘Father I am not your strongest soldier’”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

This project is intended to be a collaboration with Federico Pirovano, an Italian Art Director, as well as a portfolio piece to expand the beneficiary’s experience and career ambitions as an art director and writer. This project will take on the form of a mock-up pitch bible, which will be included in Michelle’s portfolio to further her career in the Story Development departments within the animation industry. This prototype pitch bible is intended to be the final product, and will be used to showcase the collaboration, skills and ability to conceptualize and art direct a project for potential future employers. 

Applicant: Alan Ferrante – “Learning the Art of Real Life Figures”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

This project aims at creating four new life-size and life-like figures made out of different traditional materials for a Good Friday exhibition. During this project, the organiser will work under the direction of Mr James Azzopardi where he will learn the art of making these figures, an art which is embedded in the heart of Maltese culture and thus, preserving it for future generations. These artistic works will then be exhibited together with others during the annual exhibition organised in Ħamrun during the Holy Week, where they will be enjoyed by the general public including children from local schools and tourist groups.

Applicant: Mireille Estelle-Camilleri – “Malta Ħanina”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Malta Ħanina is a docuseries about Malta's cultural diversity through the topics such as Drugs, Food, Nightlife, Economy, and Brain Drain, delving deep into our love-hate relationship with such areas.

Applicant: Samuel Ciantar – “ x 2.3”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of the co-creation of visual artworks derived from the manifesto for a visual arts exhibition presenting a collection of prints. The artworks which will primarily be developed by 2point3 studio, explore ethical values in design and architecture operating in the midst of a climate crisis, and are symbolic of the necessary pillars with which contemporary design practice should operate. The collection of prints will be exhibited as part of a broader event with the aim of kickstarting conversations about eco-social architecture.

Applicant: Zoe Camilleri – “Zowij.Makes”

Amount Awarded: Euro 1,117

Zowij.Makes emerged from the beneficiary’s personal desire for a slower paced life. Zowij, the founder of the start-up brand and lover of fashion and aesthetics, found it hard to connect to clothing locally that reflected her values, ethics and style. So as a response to the kamikaze consumer culture that values speed and quantity over quality, she taught herself to sew. Her self-made clothing attracted a great deal of interest and eventually led to Zowij.Makes, an ongoing project with sustainability at its core. Zowij takes pre-loved fabrics such as curtains and tablecloths, and transforms them into unique, guilt free and cool wearable garments. The project has attracted a community of like-minded individuals that believe that style and fashion should not come with a dirty trail. The aim for the next phase is to grow and share knowledge and ideas with the community.

Applicant: Damian Spiteri – “Music Video”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of a music video for the song Come Back to Me, which was recorded and produced in the USA by Studio Pros. Come Back to Me was composed by Damian Spiteri, a Maltese song writer whose songs were performed in Malta, Italy and the UK.

Applicant: Michael Farrugia – “Mouse Trap”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,940

The play Mouse Trap centres around the concluding stage of a survival competition, featuring two remaining participants. It unfolds within a simulated sequence of trials, where candidates undergo a series of both mental and physical tests, eliminating the less capable competitors as they progress. Competitors who fail the tests are deleted from the simulation, effectively erasing their presence from collective memory.

Applicant: Matteo Caruana Bond – “The Bride”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,975

The project consists of bringing to screen a readily developed script purposely created for local talent to explore creative avenues in the horror genre and expand their experience. The script deals with themes of love, loss, abandonment and abuse. A persecuted runaway bride mourns the loss of her love when everything changes, and life as she had planned is never going to be achievable. Such themes stretch actors involved from the more commonly tackled themes and creates challenges for working in demanding locations.


Applicant: Thomas James Dempsey – “Who We Used To Be“

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,667

Who We Used To Be is a 9-track album by Malta-based music producer Hairmilked, blending genres of Nu Disco and Soul House to simulate the journey of emotion through a full summer’s day. Creating an audio-visual experience through a live performance, listeners will be led through a warm and embracing soundscape of custom-naturalistic instruments accompanied by a visual narrative of projection and set and costume design, to bring a panoptic view of dance music throughout the 70s and 90s.


Applicant: Glen Montanaro – “Exploring and reinvigorating Maltese music through a collaborative lens”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project involves creating, performing, and recording new compositions based on Maltese music. It includes two key musicians from Denmark and a Maltese counterpart. Songs that are staples of Malta’s heritage get to be reimagined and brought to the forefront of modern improvisation and avant-garde music. In collaboration with pioneers of the cutting edge of modern improvised music, the beneficiary intends to represent Maltese culture on the local and international stage. The main objectives are to: reinvigorate Maltese iconic music and bring it into the 21st century; create a collaborating network between Malta and Denmark; create a dialogue and collaboration between the older and younger generations of Maltese musicians; remind the audience of Malta’s uniquely fragile heritage; add a monumental work to the beneficiary’s career whilst enabling future collaborations.

Applicant: Sheldon Saliba – “Age of Human”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of an artistic practice focusing on the investigation of several aspects of the Anthropocene, primarily exploring the relationship between human-made materials and natural processes. This is made possible by seeing technofossils/artefacts as a testament of our times and contrasting these with archaeological remnants giving insight into the past material culture. The research-based process is a steppingstone towards the development of a site-specific pop-up exhibition which will take place in the whereabouts of Misraħ Għar il-Kbir at the end of September 2024. Elyse Tonna will be engaged as a mentor and researcher for this 9-month project and will engage in onsite and offsite research, artistic mentoring and overall co-direction of the project. Tonna’s guide, coupled with her architectural background and extensive research on Contemporary Art on Heritage Sites, will ensure the facilitation of non-linear narratives of historically charged sites. The pop-up exhibition will communicate the findings of the research process.


Applicant: Jameson Cucciardi – “The Writers’ Playroom”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,780

The Writers’ Playroom will set up a writers’ room whereby a select group of creatives come together on a bi-weekly basis to brainstorm ideas in order to create five short stories with the intention of each one of these being further developed into scripts for short films. The stories are intended to facilitate creative written experimentation with different genres, styles and techniques in writing and storytelling.


Applicant: Victor Agius – “INEARTH, UNEARTH: Archives of Matter and Ritual”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

Inearth, Unearth is an exploration and investigation of the associations and multifold meanings associated with various natural and manmade materials which are core to Victor Agius’ practice. This is a research-based project leading up to an interdisciplinary solo exhibition of works at Spazju Kreattiv in April 2024, whereby the four primary materials will unfold into chapters and subchapters, each embodying narratives which are inherently central to the Anthropocene when looked at through a local lens. Marking 7 years from his last solo exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv, the project is a collaboration between Gozitan artist, Victor Agius, and curator Elyse Tonna who will be co-directing the vision of the overall project, including the research and creative aspects. Tonna will be collaborating with Agius on several outcomes of the projects including the work, the exhibition and the publication.

Applicant: Antoinette Cefai – “Għidli – Music Video”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of the making of a music video for the song Għidli which had been recorded for the first time in 1984, composed by Sammy Galea and lyrics penned down by his wife, Doreen. The song had been sung at Warda Kanta. It was the first song that Mike Spiteri performed on stage after leaving the musical group ‘Mirage’. Lito’s Place is currently on a mission to record the songs of his late father, Sammy Galea, who would have turned 90 in 2024. These songs had been recorded decades ago, using very old technology which therefore hinders the current generation from enjoying such music. These songs are usually remembered in national events but are not accessible through any other digital means. Hence the aim of this music video is to give the song a presence within the audio-visual world and social media. 

Applicant: Rowena Zammit – “Giulietta – Research & Development”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,985

This research project aims to reveal the concealed voice of Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, emphasizing genuine feminism without creating gender conflicts. It utilizes verbatim and documentary theatre techniques, drawing from academic references, interviews, and the play itself to explore feminist themes. The performance is framed as an auction of Giulietta's cherished items, enabling the audience to experience her life's pivotal moments and challenging preconceived notions about feminism. The project seeks to transcend stereotypes by highlighting the continued need for feminism due to ongoing gender inequality and the objectification of women in society.


Applicant: Sephora Schembri – “The art of weaving and printmaking”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project includes the acquisition of a weaving loom and a small printing press machine. These tools will enable the creation of captivating and diverse artworks that blend weaving and printing techniques. The project's aim is to produce a series of innovative, mixed-media artworks that explore the dynamic interplay between texture, colour, and form. The resulting artworks will be showcased in two separate exhibitions. A weave will be showcased at the exhibition DREAM (OF) LAND, a collective exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv curated by Elyse Tonna and Sarah Chircop in early 2024, where visitors can immerse themselves in the fusion of traditional crafts and contemporary artistic methods. Additionally, both weavings and prints will be showcased in another exhibition later on in the year.

Applicant: Gianni Selvaggi – “CultureCast”

Amount Awarded: Euro 2,820

CultureCast is a new arts and culture Podcast platform that celebrates the essence of human creativity within our local Performing arts and Visual arts sectors. The show's goal is to bring together artists, dancers, musicians, actors, film makers and creators alike by fostering cross-disciplinary conversations that inspire and educate the local community. In the hope of sharing creative practices and aiding in the development of our sector, through insightful discussions, captivating stories and moments of raw inspiration, CultureCast aspires to give a voice to both established creatives and institutions, as well as those in training. Additionally, CultureCast will strive to promote upcoming shows, recitals, exhibitions, live acoustic performances as well as reintroducing forgotten long-form Maltese text through monthly readings. To conclude, this grant will also allow the necessary equipment to be purchased for CultureCast to be transportable, more accessible to various locations and eventually hold live-streaming opportunities.x

Applicant: Natalia Rakhmatulina – “Going Solo”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project consists of two solo piano concerts with different repertoires - one classical with compositions ranging from Bach to Debussy, and the other with lighter music, mostly a popular vocal repertoire arranged for the piano to reach a different audience. The concerts will be held at the Sagristia Vault, Valletta Waterfront in April and May 2024.


Applicant: Liam Mizzi Peplow – “Recording of SOUL Album”

Amount Awarded: Euro 3,000

The project will grant the beneficiary the opportunity to record his first album as a lead singer with a local newly formed rock/grunge band. It will serve as a platform of distributing music on a locally, with the hope of getting more exposure.