Fundraising can be a strenuous task. Particularly during a crisis. In this session, we will share different fundraising models with a specific focus on models and practices used by arts' organisations as well as crowdfunding as a tool to engage audiences and sustain your work.

The guest speakers for the session will be Sophie Detremmerie - COO at the World Choir Games Flanders 2020 and Nathan Farrugia. 

The session will be moderated by Elaine Falzon on behalf of ACM. 

Join us on Wednesday 15 July 2020 at 6.30 p.m.

The session will be live-streamed on #ArtsCouncilMalta Facebook page.

Guest Speakers: 

Sophie Detremmerie 
Sophie has spent her entire career on the cutting edge of business and culture. Flanders Festival is the biggest classical music festival in Belgium, where she worked her way up from intern via production, ticketing and sponsorship manager to managing director over the years. Professionalizing the culture sector has been her motivation from the start and then it was just a small step towards partnerships and sponsorship. 100,000s of euros from big corporate companies such as banks, car brands, telecom have flown to the festival, always with a view to a long-term and recurring partnership. Friendships arose from this. After almost 18 years Detremmerie made the switch to the World Choir Games 2021 Flanders as COO, say the Olympic Games for amateur choirs. The Flemish government finances an important part to boost tourism, but cultural entrepreneurship is also an issue.

Next to that she is member of the board of the European Festivals Association and The Festival Academy. 


Nathan Farrugia
Nathan has led non-profit and for-profit organisations for over 20 years, across healthcare, education, technology and hospitality. He has a first degree in health sciences and a masters in business. He has raised millions of euros for great causes through a wide range of channels, from grants to crowdfunding, social enterprises and philanthropy.

Guest Participants: 


Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (FPEI)
FPEI aims to promote and support entrepreneurship. It encourages all forms of entrepreneurship, from high tech, high growth ventures to creative, cultural and social enterprises.  It also aims to collaborate with other local and international partners to establish new initiatives and provide tools that will help promote entrepreneurship in Malta. FPEI believes that entrepreneurial skills are essential for the economy’s ability to grow and generate employment. It believes that access to finance is the key barrier to all types of entrepreneurial initiatives, especially by self-employed and micro organisations. For these reasons, its main focus is to provide support to entrepreneurs to start-up and scale-up. These include creatives, cultural and social enterprises.


Għaqda Mużikali Santa Marija
The founding ethos of the Society is the organisation of the village’s annual patronal feast on August 15th, whilst preserving intact the cult associated with the Assumption. It aims to financially sustain its operations whilst presenting relevant cultural, artistic and viable events accessible to the general public. The Society aims to target the community at large.


The Society’s principal aim is to teach music and be a source of genuine entertainment for its members and the general public. The vision of the Beland Music Festival is to be a platform for the development and promotion of local artists in the musical sector. The Festival strives to provide an opportunity to showcase local talent to a wide audience while performing on stage with other local and established artists. 

Watch the session below