Published on Thursday 27 June 2024

Arts Council Malta puts the spotlight on equitable and high-standard arts education, alongside lifelong participation

Arts Council Malta (ACM) is launching ArtWorks, a new campaign that puts the spotlight right on the arts within Malta’s educational system. Created with the goal of raising awareness about the arts and creative sectors, the campaign addresses the existing educational and infrastructural gaps in the arts sector and advocates for the development of supportive policies and infrastructure.

Kicking off in June, ArtWorks is part of a number of initiatives by ACM to implement Strategy 2025. The long-term vision is intended to help bridge the gap between existing educational and professional opportunities and the public’s access to this information by sharing knowledge and helping artists and creative practitioners access all the options available.

ArtWorks - Granting Accessibility to the Public

The campaign will reach people through various media, including a series of videos and photos. Information will also be disseminated via the personal experiences of various professionals within the sector, in order to highlight and celebrate real life professional journeys within the creative and artistic sectors.

Using a mix of digital and traditional marketing strategies, along with events and educational outreach, ArtWorks strives to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the arts while creating an ecosystem that supports a vibrant and inclusive arts community in Malta.

With Strategy 2025 placing huge priority on creating sustainable cultural and creative industries that are economically viable, this initiative lays the foundation blocks for the implementation of this principle, helping unlock the full potential of arts when creatively combined with entrepreneurship and innovation.

Implementing Malta’s Cultural Strategy

ArtWorks campaign is expected to have a spillover into other sectors, bringing together  education and development, public investment, as well as diversity and communities under the umbrella of arts and culture.

The campaign is built on the premise of championing and advancing the role of the arts in our educational system, doing this by ensuring equal access to opportunities for all artists and practitioners while bringing about a paradigm shift in educational practices.

As a consequence, the campaign seeks to encourage individuals to explore and pursue careers in the arts, with Arts Council Malta acting as solution provider and facilitator while boosting the learning and teaching experience of all ages.

Working Towards A Bright Future for The Arts Sector

The ArtWorks campaign represents a significant step forward in Arts Council Malta's mission to enhance the role of arts in education and society and the campaign will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping an inclusive and sustainable arts sector. We encourage all those who’d like to learn more about Arts Council Malta’s efforts to inspire and empower a new generation of artists and creative professionals to get in touch.