The Arts in Schools Scheme is one of Arts Council’s Malta tools to sustain and support the cultural and creative ecology, with a focus on arts education

The Scheme forms part of the Council’s commitment to engage educators and creative practitioners in dialogue and collaboration. The aim is to encourage students and educators to engage with the creative and cultural sectors and to explore innovative pedagogical approaches for the application of the arts in schools. The scheme is also in line with Arts Council Malta’s objective of advocating for a broader inclusion of creativity and the arts in education strengthening further 21st century education and skills.

The scheme encourages collaborations between an educational institution and a creative practitioner for each project.

The objectives of the scheme are:

• To bring creative practitioners into schools and education institutions to work with educators and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way

• To support projects that engage with the schools’ local community and the Maltese artistic scene

• To support projects which complement the curriculum for early years up to secondary education and strive to add value to the learning experience and to the institutions’ environments

• To champion innovation and collaboration across fields and encourage students to push the boundaries of creative arts within post-secondary and tertiary institutions

• To encourage collaboration between educational institutions, the culture and creative industries, and other relevant sectors such as science and technology.

Who can apply?

The Grant is open to educational institutions or college offering formal education from Early Years Cycle to Tertiary Education.

Arts Council Malta will hold match making sessions at Esplora in Kalkara on the 09th March 2023 between 09:00 and 13:30 and on the 10th March 2023 between 16:00 and 20:30. Registration for educational institutions is required via

Registration for creatives is required via


The deadline to apply is Wednesday 12 April 2023 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines and download application template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 12th April 2023

Ranking Order

Applicant: Il-Perla Kindergarten

Reference number: SCH13-23-2391

Project Title: Il-Ktieb tal-Istaġuni

Amount awarded: €5,000

Il-Perla Kinder School is collaborating with Raffaella Zammit and Martina Camilleri from the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Glen Calleja from Kotba Calleja/Studio Solipsis, Antoinette Borg and Esther Cuschieri Huy. The children will embark on a creative journey in four chapters. Taking the book as a metaphor, creative tool, and curious object the children will discover the seasons that make up the year. They will also visit rural areas in Malta to learn about how the seasons are the manifestation of natural cycles. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the children will discover Autumn, Winter and Spring together with the creative team and their educators. Their artistic interpretation of the seasons will form their little books and a big book of seasons. The last pages of the books will be left blank for the children to fill in during summer 2024, an activity they can do with their parents/guardians.

Applicant: St. Albert the Great

Reference number: SCH24-23-2418

Project Title: Parlata mal-Belt

Amount awarded: €4,884

In preparation for the school’s artistic music video, the Year 8 students and artists guiding them will explore the different cultures that were instrumental in the video’s creation. Valletta will be the main research point. Students will be guided through the science of frequency and sound design, while searching the story of every sound captured, sounds that are played not by musical instruments but by Valletta itself. Movement, dance, and photography will enrich the school’s artistic video helping its students appreciate the arts more, whilst igniting their interest in the different professions that the arts can lead to. 

Applicant: De La Salle College

Reference number: SCH09-23-2380

Project Title: From Script to Screen: A Journey Through Film Production

Amount awarded: €5,000

This collaborative filmmaking project is designed to provide students with a hands-on experience in creating a short film. Students will be divided into three teams, one responsible for acting, another for backstage, and another for filming and editing. They will work together to develop a script based on a predetermined genre or topic, create the set, props, costumes, rehearse scenes, film, and edit the final result. The completed film will be screened in front of the class, followed by a Q&A session with the production team. This project teaches collaboration, creativity, technical execution, and production management. It is an opportunity for students to learn the art and business of filmmaking while having fun and exploring their creativity. The project will be judged based on story, production value, technological execution, and collaboration. Overall, this project will be a unique and exciting learning experience for students interested in the film industry.

Applicant: Gżira Learning Support Centre

Reference number: SCH05-23-2359

Project Title: Painting our Identity

Amount awarded: €4,666

The project will involve youngsters/learners with severe social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD), aged between 12-15 years and attending San Ġorġ Preca College Learning Support Centre (Gżira) and St. Thomas More College Learning Support Centre (Ħamrun). The students will be working with teachers and creative partners in the development of a mural within their respective centres. Supported by their educators and a well-known creative partner, they are going to design and produce a mural of about 24 square meters in each centre, with the purpose of giving the students not only the creative/artistic process and ownership of the spaces they work in, but also providing them with engaging and inspirational environments in which to carry out their daily tasks. Due to their social and economic background, this initiative will be the first artistic experience for most of the students.

Applicant: St. Theresa College Middle School

Reference number: SCH17-23-2403

Project Title: United in Clay

Amount awarded: €4,953

A wall in Ġnien Dinja Aħjar – a green space at the school - will be split in 17 different parts and students from each class will use clay to portray the idea behind each one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The different individual representations will then be displayed in a way that at first glance, the SDG being referred to will be identified. The students will all have the possibility to work on individual clay tiles and see the work that is required so that clay is prepared, weatherproofed and put up on the wall. A leaflet will then be created with a backdrop of the wall, and with the 17 SDGs. This will be distributed to all the Parents/Guardians of the students. Eko-Skola members will distribute this leaflet to households in the school’s vicinity and will hand it to people walking into Valletta.

Applicant: Chiswick House School

Reference number: SCH14-23-2392

Project Title: Nature Matters

Amount awarded: €5,000

This is a project that aims to teach basic dance movements and to experiment with how students can interpret narratives through movement. Students will be encouraged to learn and experiment with body percussion as well as create stories through tasks and games. Through devising tasks, the stories will then be translated through movement and body percussion, and culminate in a performance.

Applicant: San Anton School

Reference number: SCH04-23-2356

Project Title: Imsielet fl-Imselliet

Amount awarded: €5,000

This project intends to encourage students to explore the relationship between nature and art by designing two sculptures inspired by the surrounding areas, specifically l-Imselliet Valley in Mġarr. The project will be led by a team of art teachers and a professional sculptor who will help students in realizing their vision, promoting a hands-on learning experience that will showcase their creativity. It will involve students from primary and secondary levels who will work as a team in designing nature-inspired sculptures to be displayed in a designated outdoor space on school grounds or in a nearby area. Before the project, students will take a nature walk and attend a workshop led by art teachers, where they will learn the basics of designing sculptures. They will also receive guidance on developing their creative ideas with the aim to come up with two large scale sculptures for current and future generations to enjoy.

Applicant: St. Edward’s College

Reference number: SCH22-23-2411

Project Title: Syntheisize

Amount awarded: €5,000

Synthesize is a programme which Electronic Music Malta has worked on in collaboration with schools and youth agencies back in 2017. The main objective behind this project is to educate younger generations on all the artistic and creative disciplines that revolve around the electronic music scene. During this programme, the beneficiairies will strive to inspire younger audiences to cultivate interest in this artform or even pursue a career in this vast and diverse field, by exposing them to projects that have electronic music at their core and guiding them on the more technical side of these skills to start creating themselves. The project is a partnership between Electronic Music Malta and St. Edward's College Middle School, targeting students between the ages of 11-13.