In the third webinar in this series of four global exchanges hosted by Arts Council Malta, identity politics takes centre stage with conversations edging in from the margins. Cultural expression in as much diversity as possible will permeate reflections on gender, community-driven projects, youth participation and international networking, particularly in relation to Mexico and Central and South America, thanks to Luanda Smith; academic research and discussion, activism, new social and economic relations emerging in the cultural sector due to the fight against racism, Black Lives Matter and other aspects of social justice in the US thanks to Antonio Cuyler; and female representation, civic participation and rights rooted in contemporary migrant communities in Malta thanks to Regine Psaila.

Join us on Thursday 16 September at 18:00 CET on Zoom. The general audience will be able to contribute to this 60-minute webinar session by joining through this link and send comments and questions during the live chat section.


Luanda Smith

Luanda Smith holds a bachelor’s in arts. She also has International cultural relations, and cultural management studies. Luanda has worked in public institutions in the Gulf of Mexico such as Veracruz State Culture Institute and Veracruzana University as cultural diversity advisor, and in gender equality projects for International Federation of Muaythai Associations in partnership with UNWomen Asia-Pacific. Alumni of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme of European Union's Cultural Relations Platform, she is a photographer, cultural manager, cultural activist, and an independent art broker. 

She is founder and CEO of Mexican NGO Creatividad y Cultura Glocal A.C. member of International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD). Her organisation specialises in the design and operation of projects with a regional approach focused on the promotion of the principles and good practices of UNESCO’s 2005 Convention to strengthen cultural governance processes, international cultural cooperation,  civil society engagement, reinforce creative and cultural industries at a local level and culture and development projects (C + D). Her NGO leads the project U40 network Cultural Diversity 2030 in Mexico, initiative of the German Commission for UNESCO and IFCCD. Luanda also works with UNESCO Mexico as an individual consultant.


Dr. Antonio C. Cuyler

Dr. Antonio C. Cuyler is the author of Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Cultural Organizations: Insights from the Careers of Executive Opera Managers of Color in the U. S. and editor of a forthcoming volume, Arts Management, Cultural Policy, & the African Diaspora. He serves as the Director of the MA Program & Associate Professor of Arts Administration in the Department of Art Education at Florida State University (FSU), and Visiting Associate Professor of Theatre & Drama in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance at the University of Michigan. He is also the Founder of Cuyler Consulting, LLC, a Black-owned arts consultancy that helps cultural organizations maximize their performance and community relevance through access, diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADEI).


Regine Psaila

Regine Psaila is a journalist and editor of the online news magazine African Media Malta, a production by the NGO of the eponymous name to which she is the managing director. She also hosts various programs on the NGO's community  web radio and podcast. For the past five years, she has been working on international projects related to the integration of African immigrants into the Maltese society. Her other aspects of interest are African development  and North-South  relationships.

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