The first ACMlab for 2023 will focus on audience development in the cultural and creative sector.

Join us on the 22nd of February at 18:30 at Blue Box at M Space , 127, Triq Oscar Zammit, Msida to find out more on audience development and sustaining audience engagement, a crucial challenge that needs to be addressed.


Andrew Vella

Andrew Vella is a musician, songwriter and educator born in Gozo in 1991. From an early age showed interest in music and learned to play several instruments. During his teenage years Andrew started to play the guitar, playing with bands, and writing his first compositions. Eventually he met a group of friends which together founded what would be come to be known as The Travellers, of which he became the lead songwriter of the band. As the band started to progress in their career, Andrew wrote hit singles like “Xemx u Xita”, “Hafi Paci Kuluri”, “Ersaq fil-Qrib” and “Hdejja” amongst many other top 1 hits The Travellers had during their career.

Christopher Gatt

Born in 1988, and hail from the island of Gozo. He works at an agency of managing EU funding, however music was always one of his main passions and from a tiny age, he started attending the Gozo School of Music in Sannat Gozo, taking lessons on music theory & Piano forte. In his teenage years till the mid 20's, he played the clarinet and was involved for about 10 years in performing with local band clubs around Malta and Gozo and even abroad. 

Chris expanded the music horisons being a self thought drummer, who stated experimenting in performing in with friends in different bands. An instrumental band was formed with Chris on the drums and one time, a guest singer had some singing issues so Chris decided to sing along. 

For about two years, Chris was performing the drums and singing. In 2013, a new band was formed which asked Chris to be the lead singer and front man. With no experience in being a front man whatsoever, and some peer pressure, Chris was up for the challange and took some vocal lessons which opened an new path. 

To date, Chris is one of the founding members, the front man and lead singer of the local band 'The Tarvellers'. The Tarvellers was formed in 2013, with their main aim to experiment and write contemporary songs with Maltese lyrics. They started their journey by recording a 5 track EP with the name Xemx u Xita. Releasing their first single in Jan 2016 'Semplicita' which went viral.

Later on that year, The Travellers release 'Dak li Int' and 'Xemx u Xita' which gave them the necessary kick to reach the traget audience and popularity. For 10 week straight, 'Xemx u Xita' reached the number one spot, topping the local radio charts in 2016. At that point Chris and The Travellers had no way back but to continue experimenting and creating new music using the Maltese language. 

The Travellers were pioneers in reviving the music sung in Maltese in the contemprary and pop scene. The Tavellers release 2 other albums to date, Iljuni fis-Silg in 2018 and Inzul u Tlajja in 2021. Countless number single releases, all topping the local charts, The Travellers are now a houshold name in the Maltese music industry. 

They performed almost in all major events organised in the country while also in Isle of MTV in 2017 and Radio Italia Concert in 2019. They have a strong and loyal fanbase and their music now travel around the globe. The Travellers also performed in Tunesia and Germany exporting their music aboard and holding the Maltese flag up high. 

Ingrid Zerafa

Ingrid Zerafa is a former The Times journalist & lifestyle supplements editor. After years at the newspaper and magazine editorship, Ingrid moved on first into government communications for agriculture and the environment and then corporate public relations. Today she runs an organic food & drink business, with a focus on sustainable wellbeing and economic growth. 

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