Arts Council Malta is launching a new online conversation, A Global Exchange for Local Action, bringing together local practices with global perspectives. The challenges to creatives and practitioners of the cultural sector over the past year have been accompanied by various opportunities for contact and collaboration unforeseen, or left dormant, before now.

During 2021 Arts Council Malta will be hosting four sessions (February, May, September, November) that will encourage artists, researchers, students of the creative sector and cultural operators to interact with a number of international speakers who will share their views on local realities and global contexts that coalesce while differing, bringing experience and vision to bear on future scenarios.

ACM Webinar Sessions 2024:

The Malta Pavilion at the 60th Venice Art Biennale - Wednesday 29 May 2024

ACM Webinar Sessions 2023:

Meet IETM: the international network for contemporary performing arts - Tuesday 5 December 2023

Right to culture. what stops you? - Thursday 20 April 2023

ACM Webinar Sessions 2022: 

Building bridges through International Cultural Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities - Thursday 15th December 2022

Reimagining Critical Spaces for Arts Education - Thursday 7 July 2022

The Artist in 2022: Rights and Freedoms - Thursday 12 May 2022

ACM Webinar Sessions 2021:

Joint Up Thinking: Collective Learning through the Arts - Tuesday 16 February 2021

Squaring the Circle: Social Solidarity and the Circular Economy - Thursday 27 May 2021

Last orders, lost orders? Engaging with identity politics and cultural policy - Thursday 16 September 2021

Building bridges towards creative care and wellbeing - Thursday 18 November 2021