The Arts Education Scheme is one of Arts Council’s Malta tools to sustain and support the recovery of the cultural and creative ecology, with a focus on arts education.

The Scheme forms part of the Council’s commitment to engage educators and creative practitioners in dialogue and collaboration, with the aim to encourage students and educators towards further engagement within the creative and cultural sectors.

The scheme is also in line with Arts Council Malta’s objective of advocating for a broader inclusion of creativity and the arts in education strengthening further 21st century education and skills.

The scheme encourages collaborations between an educational institution and a creative practitioner for each project. The objectives of the scheme are:

• To bring creative practitioners into schools and education institutions to work with educators and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way
• To support joint projects designed and implemented collaboratively and simultaneously between educational institutions and creative practitioners
• To support projects which complement the curriculum for early years up to secondary education and strive to add value to the learning experience and to the institutions’ environments
• To champion innovation and collaboration across fields and encourage students to push the boundaries of creative arts within post-secondary and tertiary institutions
• To encourage collaboration between educational institutions, the culture and creative industries, and other relevant sectors such as science and technology.

Who can apply?

The Grant is open to educational institutions or college offering formal education from Early Years Cycle to Tertiary Education. 


The deadline to apply is Friday 6 May 2022 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application deadline:
6th May 2022

St. Albert the Great

Reference number:

Project Title: Baqbaq u Xblaħħ

Amount awarded: €5,000

Working towards a final performance created by the students and the artist guiding them, the year 1 and year 2 classes will tackle topics of the Maltese language, like nouns, adjectives, and syllables through a fun story and cool scientific concepts. The students will not play a passive role as they will be helping to build the final performance, using what they've learnt. Out of this journey, an e-book will be created, containing the story, the characters, the experiments and the exercises done in the performances.


Applicant: St. Martin’s College Sixth Form

Reference number: AES13-22-1542

Project Title: INTERetching

Amount awarded: €4,477

St Martin’s College students will create and exhibit etchings inspired by artworks from the national collection at MUZA, Malta's National Community Art Museum. Students will visit MUZA to observe and create studies from artworks from different genres and periods that can include paintings, sculptures and even objets d’art. Meanwhile, workshops will be held by Mr Jesmond Vassallo, our creative practitioner, to discuss and explain the etching process through hands on experience. Students will work on their initial studies done at MUZA to create new designs and compositions to be interpreted by means of a print. Once the designs are finalised, students will begin the etching process eventually finalised with a series of prints while collaborating with Mr Vassallo, and all will be documented in a working journal. The students will choose a best selection of all their works to be exhibited at Studio 87 and viewed by the public. 


Applicant: Guardian Angel Resource Centre

Reference number: AES17-22-1549

Project Title: Creativity through clay

Amount awarded: €4,945

The project consists of a special educational clay art course for all the school students attending the Guardian Angel School. Children will be guided to communicate through feelings evoked by touching, pressing, stamping, marking and moulding clay. They will be guided to choose subjects, and model simple things such as animals and common items they easily recognise, choosing a different project for each session. The students will also make the first letters of the name of each item made, using coiling and slab building techniques. Later they will colour all their creations, glaze them by dipping and have them fired in a pottery kiln. At the end of the project, the school will select a large outdoor area and organize an installation where the children will place all their works and exhibit them on the relevant large cardboard letter they would have coloured. Families and guests will be invited, and the public may also enjoy the installations.


Applicant: St. Paul’s Missionary College

Reference number: AES14-22-1544

Project Title: The World: the SPMC Students’ Perspectives

Amount awarded: €4,266

This project will look at the world through the eyes of children. SPMC’s students will be collaborating with the artist Lon Kirkop in creating a big mural that will be prominently displayed permanently at the school, exploring the way children see the world around them. The main focus will be on the countries that the organization works in through missionary work, and it will explore the possibilities of how small efforts can lead to big changes that will make a better world. This project will expose the students to new artforms, artistic skills, and techniques while learning the importance of collaboration and teamwork.


Applicant: Alternative Learning Programme (ALP)

Reference number: AES10-22-1509

Project Title: Hands On!

Amount awarded: €5,000

The proposed project entails the students to participate in a collaborative creative experience with creative practitioners from Moveo Dance Company. The dance practitioners will lead a number of sessions which will be both educational and creative. These will focus on the theme of their Applied Career Exposure Experience (ACEE), a six-week period throughout which the students get the opportunity to attend a job placement where they apply the practical skills learnt at school in a job setting as part of their vocational coursework at the Alternative Learning Program (ALP). This creative process will lead to a final performance which the students themselves will perform. The main theme of the project is closely linked to the school’s mission statement as it aims at providing students with an alternative opportunity to mainstream education through the provision of vocational subjects, hence increasing the likelihood for them to lead successful lives.


Applicant: MRC Learning Support Centre - Naxxar

Reference number: AES09-22-1466

Project Title: Unmasking Emotions

Amount awarded: €3,619

This project will focus on using artistic theatrical makeup as a medium to highlight different emotional states. Considering how makeup has a strong tie to visual art, identity, and self-expression, this project aims to use the art of cosmetics through a mental health lens. Therefore, this project will give students the opportunity to feel inspired, empowered, and revitalized to creatively express their emotional states and transform them on their faces. To achieve this the students will be guided by a specialised makeup artist to help them reinvent themselves and perhaps get out of their comfort zones. Students will also be exposed to the artistic skills of photography. At the end of this project, these two creative components will work together as a team to feature face shots and publish posters, and to promote mental health whilst unmasking hidden emotions.


Applicant: De La Salle College

Reference number: AES18-22-1550

Project Title: Fusion

Amount awarded: €4,984

The project serves to bridge the gap between the artistic community and educational institutions in Malta, particularly that of De La Salle College Malta. The project is designed to address 21st century education and skills, such as collaborative problem solving, creating, hands-on-leaning, leadership, and critical thinking. Participating students will collaboratively produce a single artefact with the renowned artists Joseph Agius and Matthew Kassar. They will also be involved from the early stages of planning of workshops up until the dissemination of the project.