Malta’s National Cultural Policy 2021 (NCP 2021) sets an ambitious vision to embrace culture for the wellbeing of all. Inspired by cultural rights, the mission of cultural policy, the second official national cultural policy for Malta, is to integrate culture in national development with a global outlook that contributes to sustainable development. The policy asserts the principle that culture is dynamic and ever changing, and creative practitioners through culture and the arts are the meaning makers that question and push the boundaries of society.

A stronger cultural sector led by artists, cultural practitioners, civil society and communities, is fundamental to freedom of expression and to tolerance, and thus to democracy. Indeed, this policy takes a proactive approach to identify and remove barriers to ensure full and equal participation in cultural life.

NCP 2021 reflects on the global and local impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cultural and creative sectors and society at large. It provides a policy response to address the challenges faced by the sectors, the need to intensify support for the sectors and the opportunities that emerge from the aspirations of the community. The eight overarching priorities of this policy are as follows:

  • Strengthening Cultural Governance
  • Increasing cultural access and widening participation
  • Elevating the status of the artist and professionals in the cultural, heritage and creative sectors
  • Improving artistic and cultural education
  • Developing cultural infrastructure
  • Protecting and safeguarding Cultural Heritage
  • Promoting a culturally distinctive Gozo
  • Advancing international cultural relations

This policy is an opportunity to re-examine the fundamental role of culture in public policy and renew the political commitment that champions the transversality of culture in Malta’s creative, social and economic development.

Download the full document in English here.