The Training and Development Support Scheme is one of our tools to address and implement Arts Council Malta’s ongoing strategy, with a focus on nurturing creative potential and supporting its development into professional activity.

The Training and Development Support Scheme is divided in two strands.

• Strand 1 supports the continuous professional development of Maltese or Malta-based artists, cultural operators and students who are active in the cultural and creative sectors and who seek to engage in short term professional training to improve their skills and advance their specialization.

• Strand 2 supports the development and exposure of young Maltese or Malta-based artists who are active in the cultural and creative sectors.

The fund supports short term training opportunities which enhance, but do not substitute or subsidise, the students’ current formation programme. It also supports the participation of young creatives in international platforms; including but are not limited to festivals, competitions, exhibitions and/or performances.

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Groups, collectives and consortia; Voluntary organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. 


The deadline to apply is Monday 20th February 2023 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines and download application template for Strand 1 and Strand 2

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 20th February 2023

Ranking Order - Strand 1

Applicant: Gabriel Caruana Foundation

Reference number: TDS101-23-2232

Project Title: Ceramics Materials Workshop

Amount awarded: €2,000

Raffaella Zammit, on behalf of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, will participate in a 4-month online training course offered by the renowned Ceramic Materials Workshop based in the United States. She will follow the ‘Understanding Glazes’ full course enabling a deeper understanding of ceramic materials, the effects of heat and temperature on ceramic performance, the chemistry of glazes and means to analyse glazes to identify and correct formulas. She will also explore the function of ceramic oxides and pigment. The beneficiary will test and develop her own ceramic glazes as well as develop a deeper understanding of Gabriel Caruana’s ceramic techniques. Having had both informal and formal ceramic training, the course will further contribute towards Zammit’s knowledge about the ceramic process. The course will build upon international relations with up-and-coming ceramic artists and potters, enabling a space for exchange and furthering opportunities within the contemporary ceramics artistic sector. 

Applicant: Claire Tonna

Reference number: TDS126-23-2268

Project Title: Attending Berklee Summer Programme 2023

Amount awarded: €2,000

The beneficiary will be attending a 2-week workshop for songwriters providing mentoring, master classes and showcases of their work. The workshop will focus on professional technique for songwriters to improve their artistry, business tips and career in the industry. This Berklee Programme will be led by Bonnie Hayes and is specifically aimed at singers and songwriters.

Applicant: Carl Borg

Reference number: TDS144-23-2290

Project Title: Two Weeks of Music Composition Tuition at the Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music

Amount awarded: €2,000

The proposed platform is one of the foremost gatherings of composers, performers, and scholars from all over the world who are interested in contemporary music. In the context of this platform for innovation and experimentation in music, the beneficiary, a young classical composer currently reading for a master’s degree in composition at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, will be able to exchange ideas, workshop his pieces with professional performers and attend lectures and workshops by leading composers in the field, such as Rebecca Saunders and Brian Ferneyhough. This will enrich his network and establish crucial connections with established composers and proficient performers, with the aim of future collaborations on new projects.

Applicant: Marisha Bonnici

Reference number: TDS133-23-2277

Project Title: Training on Demand

Amount awarded: €569

The Royal Ballet Enlighten webinars give dance teachers invaluable insights, advice, inspiration and support, drawing on the School’s extensive knowledge and experience as a world leader in dance education. The webinars are perfect for developing a teacher’s CPD portfolio. The webinars and videos on demand cover a wide range of topics, from the technical and artistic aspects of dance training and good teaching practice to business modelling and management.

Applicant: Melanie Erixon

Reference number: TDS116-23-2254

Project Title: Art Business Essentials

Amount awarded: €1,824

This 8-week course expands upon Sotheby's 6-week Art Business Foundations course to define the different institutions in both the commercial and non-profit sectors of the global art infrastructure. The course offers a deeper understanding of the methods and motivations that drive the business and viewership of art. This comprehensive review puts course participants on the right track to operate with increased expertise within the art world. It is ideal for those looking to better understand the art market structure as well as those looking to make a career change by exploring the key roles and institutions that comprise the business of art. Towards the end of the course, a live online lecture session with the instructor will touch upon timely art business topics and provide another chance to pose any art world-related questions. 

Applicant: Francesca Bartolo

Reference number: TDS150-23-2300

Project Title: Manhattan Opera Studio (MOS) Summer Festival

Amount awarded: €2,000

The Manhattan Opera Studio Summer Festival is a program which focuses on the practice and exposure of young artists to active professionals. During the program, selected singers will be given the opportunity to perform in a fully staged opera, in concerts and masterclasses in prestigious venues in Manhattan including Carnegie Hall and The National Opera Centre.

Applicant: Kristina Borg

Reference number: TDS146-23-2292

Project Title: The Community Economies Institute Summer / Winter School and Practice Retreat

Amount awarded: €2,000

The Community Economies Institute offers professional training through two complementing components: (i) a Summer/Winter School entitled ‘Researching Postcapitalist Possibilities’, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, in Trondheim, and (ii) a Practice Retreat entitled ‘Community Economies in Action’, at the Vallagarina Valley, in Roverto, Italy. The School focuses on the economic connections between people and planet, particularly on both formal and informal actions that people across the globe are taking to build more ethical economies. Lead instructors include Professor Katherine Gibson (University of Western Sydney) and Associate Professor Elizabeth Barron (NTNU), who will help facilitate in-depth reading of core texts, short lectures by members of the Community Economies Institute, seminar discussions and workshops relating to the participants’ research. The Practice Retreat will attend to the day-to-day practice of ‘operationalising’ ideas from the School. It will be facilitated by researchers and practitioners Dr Bianca Elzenbaumer (IT), Dr Kate Rich (AUS/UK) and Flora Mammana (DE/IT), providing different forms of engagement: workshops, exploratory readings, individual tutorials and mentoring, presentations by and talks with artists, activists and researchers from the Community Economies Institute, and meetings with local actors/projects.

Applicant: Erica Muscat

Reference number: TDS118-23-2256

Project Title: Linklater Teacher Designation August 2023

Amount awarded: €2,000

Linklater Voice Technique is an Actor’s Voice Technique comprising a carefully crafted progression of exercises, developed by Kristin Linklater in the 60s, the practice of which continues to grow amongst the hundreds of Designated Linklater tutors around the world through Continued Professional Development Masterclasses and Conferences. The beneficiary will attend a two-week Residential in Tuscania with a faculty of Master Voice Teachers from across Europe who will observe what has been learnt and impart the final part of the training. Upon Successful completion of this Residential, Erica will receive her Designation to become Malta’s first Designated Linklater Voice Teacher.

Applicant: Malcolm Caruana-Dingli

Reference number: TDS122-23-2262

Project Title: Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics 2023

Amount awarded: €1,826

Drummer, Malcolm Caruana-Dingli will attend Berklee College of Music’s ‘Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics’ which is part of the College’s 36th annual collaboration with the Umbria Jazz Festival. This will take place in Perugia, Italy, between the 4th July and 16th July 2023. Berklee College of Music is one of the world’s most prestigious colleges of contemporary music. Its 12-day Programme in Perugia is a comprehensive one where musicians can improve their performance and musical skills with members of the Berklee faculty as well as network in a multicultural environment. Students participate in theory and improvisation classes, and instrumental technique masterclasses which focus on jazz and contemporary music. All students participate in daily ensemble lessons and participate in evening concerts and jam sessions. Participation is a wide-ranging, inspiring and immersive learning experience which encourages musical growth and development.  

Applicant: Rebecca Anastasi

Reference number: TDS145-23-2291

Project Title: Less is More | Development Angels Programme

Amount Awarded: €781

The aim of the programme for ‘Development Angels’ is to strengthen the ability of film professionals (creative producers, story-editors, development executives, and commissioning editors) to follow and guide the “writing process” of feature film projects. The programme consists of two workshops: the first, held online, presents the tools and methodology required in approaching film development work, focusing particularly on teaching participants productive approaches towards mentoring film writer/directors in honing their scripts. The second workshop will take place on-site, in October, in Brittany, France. Here, participants will work on specific projects in the development phase and will evaluate the evolution of their feedback craft through video sessions. 

Application Deadline: 20th February 2023

Ranking Order - Strand 2

Applicant: Kellyann Spiteri

Reference number: TDS208-23-2251

Project Title: Summer Music Course at Chetham’s School of Music

Amount awarded: €1,751

The summer music course at Chetham's School of Music in Manchester is planned to offer a great opportunity to participants to engage in music workshops, ensemble playing opportunities as well as personalised guidance during one-to-one lessons. World class facilities, professional music tutors and the opportunity to perform in a concert at the Stoller Hall make this summer school a perfect educational experience for any musician.

Applicant: Julia Gauci

Reference number: TDS216-23-2284

Project Title: NSCD – Verve workshop April 2023

Amount awarded: €1,504

VERVE is the resident postgraduate company of Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Each year it commissions choreographers from around the world to create a bold and inventive new programme of dance works, touring nationally. The proposed workshop consists of a four-day Easter intensive and an inspiring, creative and challenging experience for young dancers aged 15-18. Students will be given the opportunity to work on dance technique with daily classes, learn VERVE repertoire created by world-renowned choreographers and expand their creativity.

Applicant: Amber Pace

Reference number: TDS223-23-2306

Project Title: European School of Ballet Summer Intensive, July 2023

Amount awarded: €2,000

The project consists of a two-week ballet summer intensive course at the European School of Ballet, with direct acceptance for participation achieved thanks to a scholarship from international competition YAGP. This year the course is being held in Rome and is offering the opportunity to dance students worldwide to come together to experience elite dance training and coaching in ballet technique and repertoire. The course also includes participation in workshops with renowned international artists. It is an opportunity to grow in all dance aspects, artistically and creatively. It is a chance to experience being in a professional and stimulating environment whilst interacting with and drawing on the various dance styles, spanning from classical to character and contemporary dance.

Applicant: Lea Ellul Sullivan

Reference number: TDS220-23-2296

Project Title: YGP Nervi International Dance Festival

Amount awarded: €2,000

YGP is partnering with the 2023 Nervi Festival to present its signature “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow” Gala in Genova, Italy this July 2023. The Nervi Festival, one of the most prestigious and significant events of the Italian dance scene, has welcomed some of the most celebrated artists of all time throughout its history, including Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev and Carla Fracci. The beneficiary is looking forward to being part of this nurturing experience.

Applicant: Chloe Holland Attard

Reference number: TDS213-23-2271

Project Title: Spring & Summer Ballet Intensives & GDO Competition

Amount awarded: €745

The beneficiary has been accepted to participate in 2 dance courses at Central London, namely the Spring Course and the Summer International Course. The project also consists in the participation at the Global Dance Open preliminary qualifiers held in Malta. The qualifiers are held in various locations.