A new fund will focus on improving safety in fireworks factories as well as contributing to the betterment of the final product, especially due to the prominent role this industry plays in Maltese culture and celebrations

This is helping to strengthen this sector as well as make it more popular, both with locals and tourists alike.

The fund, which offers financial support to Maltese fireworks factories working on a voluntary basis, will allocate grants to fireworks factories in Malta to improve their infrastructure so that the volunteers can work in a safer environment. The aim is to improve safety both during the manufacturing process as well as during the letting off of the fireworks. The grant is also intended for volunteers to invest in resources to improve the safety of the Maltese pyrotechnic product.

Managed by Arts Council Malta within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, a total of EUR 170,000 was allocated for this fund for 2018. 

In order to qualify for this fund, the fireworks factories are required to come up with ideas and proposals on how they can achieve the upgrade of the factories themselves; on how they can invest in the infrastructure of the fireworks factories; in machinery and tools which facilitate the manufacture of fireworks and make the process safer; in equipment which improves safety during the letting off of fireworks; in training resources related to the safety of fireworks as well as on fostering better collaboration between Maltese fireworks factories.

The fund is open to licensed fireworks factories registered as voluntary organisations. In the case of fireworks factories forming part of band clubs, the band club needs to be registered as a voluntary organisation.


More information will be provided for the next call during the coming months.