This scheme will help support and maintain Malta’s creative and cultural ecology by enabling artists and cultural operators (whether they are organisations, collectives or freelance collaborations) to:

1. Restart their programming and production activity however possible.

2. Operate in a sustainable manner even if circumstances require postponing the reopening of certain activities to the public.

Applicants will need to provide a proposed programme of related activities with a common objective, which may include events, productions, performances, exhibitions, festivals, community cultural initiatives, training and development initiatives in order to make the case for their costs. The scheme aims to facilitate more financial and strategic flexibility, security, collaborations, innovative audience engagement, skills development and logistical service acquisition while minimizing risk of unexpected losses that occur due to unexpected restrictions related to public health or related matters. Cultural operators – whether they operate on a small, medium or large scale – would be able to plan ahead in their programming while adapting to the new realities and taking into account the uncertainties in a strategic and financially feasible manner. Health and safety measures are to be given utmost importance, keeping in mind that these are contingent upon the situation in the respective periods. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to submit their proposed programme of activities whilst keeping in mind the current scenarios.

This scheme will also enable compensation for seated ticketed events which would have to operate below full seating capacity due to public health restrictions. The compensation will be equal to the difference between the projected ticket sales in circumstances without public health restrictions and the projected ticket sales with the current public health restrictions (which may vary over time). This will be calculated with a capping of fifteen euro (€15) per ticket for each seated ticketed event up to a maximum of 350 seats and three events (€15 x 350 seats x 3 events = €15,750).

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations);  Groups, collectives and consortia; Registered cooperatives; Voluntary organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.


The deadline to apply is Thursday 13th October 2022 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines for Calls 2 and 3 and click here to download application form template. 

Click here to download guidelines for Call 1. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

Apply here


Application Deadline: 13th October 2022

Ranking Order

Applicant: Lucia Hunt

Reference number: PSS36-22-2180

Project Title: Decadence, Now

Amount awarded: €55,000

CITY OF ART is a platform bringing together a collective of visual and performance artists, curators and researchers with the intention to create together and challenge barriers and boundaries. The multimediatic ensemble have assembled with the purpose of creating programmes that are research-based, curatorial and collaborative. Their intention is to invite contemporary artists to engage with art historical references, concepts and individuals, to revisit the past through contemporary gestures. “Decadence, Now” is the first in a series of programmes proposed by this platform. The dynamic transition between Romanticism and Modernism, and the decadent tendency to dehumanise and distort in the name of pleasure and fantasy is what fuels “Decadence, Now.”  The aim is to explore decadence as a movement influencing the zeitgeist at the end of the last century. But mostly to attempt to understand how it can be carried on in contemporary thought, shaping the course of future expression.


Applicant: The Shrinking Violets

Reference number: PSS50-22-2197

Project Title: Connections

Amount awarded: €45,183

The Shrinking Violets presents ‘Connections’, a varied Season Programme that actively engages all ages of the local community through a theatrical and/or musical Performance and its relevant linking Project. ‘In Other Words’a play by Matthew Seager explores the deep impact of music on ageing and Alzheimer’s Disease, told through the love story of Jane and Arthur’s relationship. Conversations on the topic will be discussed and presented via a podcast. ‘Miscast’ is a cabaret performance that embraces Identity and challenges prejudices, performed by all five Shrinking Violets and guests. A complementary Young Artist Mentorship Programme will invite young artists to shadow the Miscast team, whilst working to produce their own ‘Open-Mic’ performance. ‘Il-fatat Kaħlani’ is a new stage adaptation of the Maltese children’s book by Clare Azzopardi and Leanne Ellul that will be transformed into a site-specific piece aimed at school children aged 6-9 and families.


Applicant: Prickly Pear Productions

Reference number: PSS51-22-2198

Project Title: Walking Home – Programme of Events

Amount awarded: €55,000

‘Walking Home’ is a devised performance exploring the politics and tensions within the issue of sexual offences and assaults against women.  It is built upon real experiences from women around the world. This project comes as a reaction to the tragedies that are Sarah Everard’s journey home, Sabina Nessa’s murder in London and Paulina Dembska’s murder in Malta, amongst many others.  It is also a reaction to the outpouring of shared grief, anger and experiences from women all over the world. The ‘Walking Home’ programme will provide opportunity and work for several Maltese artists, for the nurturing of new, relevant political work, the exploration of new art forms and interdisciplinary storytelling as well as fostering an environment for discussion, questioning, learning and connection. The programme will see this home-grown project taken to Gozo, Malta and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it will have the chance to connect with international artists and audiences.

Applicant: Moveo Dance Foundation

Reference number: PSS40-22-2186

Project Title: Moveo Artistic Season

Amount awarded: €30,153

This is a programme aimed not only at supporting Moveo, but also at creating various collaborations with other local artists to support the whole artistic infrastructure in Malta with the aim of consolidating Moveo’s position both with outreach and education, as well as theatre performances. The programme pays tribute to our national heritage, engages and supports various local artists and allows Moveo to continue creating and presenting work which is accessible, with the specific aim of encouraging audiences to return to our theatres. The programme includes a blend of new creations, re-staging of past work and collaborations with local and international artists. Also included is Moveo’s annual experimental contemporary performance, where each dancer gets the opportunity to choreograph on the other dancers.

Applicant: Zararti Malta Cultural Association

Reference number: PSS20-22-2124

Project Title: Reaching out to the elderly through drama

Amount awarded: €15,444

Zararti is reaching out to elderly citizens who are constrained to remain within elderly homes. By going to perform in these homes the elderly residents are exposed to theatrical performances. Some might have never gone to the theatre in their life. This project will entail the performance of four different Maltese comedies of not more than forty minutes each and at different elderly homes. Each play will be performed three times.

Applicant: YMCA Malta

Reference number: PSS48-22-2196

Project Title: Art Explore – Empowering the Peace Doves

Amount Awarded: €26,790

The aim of the project is to provide opportunities for young, disadvantaged people to explore the performing arts. Throughout the project, young people will participate in performing arts workshops facilitated by professionals in the field. The workshops will be tackling forms of artistic expression such as music, dancing, acting, and singing. Moreover, the participants will have the possibility to discuss the performing arts with performing artists such as music bands, singers, actors, poets, drama companies, and dancers. They will also have the opportunity to meet Ten Sing from across Europe to share their experience.  The skills learned through the project will be exhibited through performances for the general communities in collaboration with the different stakeholders. The participants will be encouraged to continue meeting and performing together after the project's termination.

Applicant: FM Theatre Productions

Reference number: PSS07-22-1998

Project Title: Theatre Next Door Season

Amount Awarded: €54,915

The project consists of a four production Programme that encourages a more mature audience to Theatre Next Door. The Programme includes ‘On The Other Hand, We’re Happy’ by Daf James which will be directed by Chiara Hyzler. This performance will take place in April 2023. The second production will be The Father’ by Florian Zeller.  This production will be directed by Chris Gatt starring Edward Mercieca. This performance will take place in November 2023. The third production will be ‘Lovesong’ by Abi Morgan with a translation to Maltese by Simone Spiteri. This performance will take place in February 2024. Simone Spiteri will also be directing the piece. The final production will be a comedy by Jim Cartwright, directed by Chris Gatt. The performance will be held in April 2024. 

Applicant: Francesca Scerri

Reference number: PSS37-22-2184

Project Title: Sempreviva The Musical

Amount Awarded: €50,848

This project will feature five performers that will devise and perform an original Musical through multiple workshops led by accomplished practitioners. The script for this musical will be based on Trevor Zahra's ‘Sempreviva’, from which the performers will pick a handful of stories to create an original musical. ‘Sempreviva’ is a book in which a collection of novels can be found, all based on or inspired by flowers and the flora in the Maltese ecosystem. Over the 17-month long process they will be having workshops on Conceptualisation, Script Writing, Character Development, Song Writing, and Music Production. These will lead to a 3-performance run where the audience can enjoy the new original musical. Through this programme the beneficiary aims to increase the number of practitioners with the skills required for producing original musicals, as well as increase awareness and audience size for Musical Theatre in Malta.

Application Deadline:
31st May 2022

Ranking Order

Applicant: Culture Venture

Reference number: PSS36-22-1647

Project Title: Udjenza Production Season 2022/2023

Amount awarded: €49,500

Udjenza will produce three new original interdisciplinary theatre productions for season 2022/2023. The first production will be the staging of a new play in Maltese by André Mangion entitled Ta’ fuqha senduqha uncovering poverty and homelessness in Malta. The play to be staged in October 2022 will be a co-production with Spazju Kreattiv under the direction of Toni Attard. The second production will be the staging of a Maltese music production for children, Paramm Paramm - Teatru għall-bravi u l-imqarrbin, based on poems by Immanuel Mifsud, directed by Marta Vella and with original compositions by Kris Spiteri. The third production will be an innovative international circus arts project led by circus artist Matthias Camilleri and clowning artist Jacob Piccinino in collaboration with Albert Garcia as composer of the work. Il-bejt is inspired by Malta’s rooftop culture, its changing landscape and its implications on our future spaces.

Karl Fiorini

Reference number: PSS17-22-1582

Project Title: Malta Society of Arts | 100 years at Palazzo De La Salle

Amount awarded: €35,000

A monthly concert series by Malta’s foremost Classical/Contemporary and Jazz Musicians. Each performance will comprise a commissioned work commemorating the Malta Society of Arts’ 100 years at Palazzo De La Salle, and rediscovered Music from the Malta Society of Arts’ Archive. Jazz musicians will include works by Maltese Jazz Pioneers. Each performer will give a free masterclass, the next day of her / his concert. After the masterclass, the participating students will perform to the public. The project will thus include: A performance by established Maltese musicians; Masterclasses by the established Maltese musicians to music students and listeners; Commissioning Maltese composers to composer new works’ Researching the music manuscripts in the Malta Society of Arts’ Archive and bringing them back to life; Documenting the rediscovered handwritten manuscripts through the use of music notation software.


Applicant: Malta Chamber of Scientists

Reference number: PSS20-22-1592

Project Title: Horrid History at Halloween

Amount awarded: €48,000

One aspect that can lift a festival's reputation head and shoulders above the rest, is the history of the city, its former glories. Absorbing the heritage of such historic whereabouts is prestigious. So when modern performances fuse with centuries-old landmarks, a generation-spanning and unparalleled experience is often the outcome. The project is a mélange of fun, exploration, learning and a bunch of horrid facts from days gone by. The history of this victorious city, from the dangerous, abandoned fortified coastal location, up until its heyday. Dance, theatre, workshops, storytelling, puppets and tours will work to bring this quaint city’s glorious (and inglorious) story back to life. The audience will be guided through the city on this programme of activities by a number of highly acclaimed, both in Malta and internationally, performers, in an innovative and interactive experience. And just in time for Halloween!


Applicant: Charles Paul Azzopardi

Reference number: PSS41-22-1656

Project Title: Experiencing Vanished Malta

Amount awarded: €26,000

A visual walkthrough through Malta as realistically documented 150 years ago, using material from the Richard Ellis Archive, which has been discovered and is being exhibited for the first time in the history of the Ellis archives, for the period covering 1861 to 1915. This was planned around trans-sectoral collaboration between the Richard Ellis Archive, the National Archives of Malta, Centre de Recerca I Difusio de la Imatge (Girona) and Dr Charles Paul Azzopardi. The extent, charm and context of the content of the Richard Ellis material make it a very prominent and priceless archive in the global spectrum of photographic heritage, and its dissemination will benefit the Maltese population, but also international entities and researchers.


Applicant: Malta Producers Association

Reference number: PSS40-22-1654

Project Title: Future Visions

Amount awarded: €43,100

Over many years, there has been much effort to attract foreign investment to our island by selling Malta to international producers as a location for screen production. The Malta Producers Association is working to help develop the local audio-visual industry through a variety of initiatives. This year-long programme is the first step in creating a long-term strategy to develop and sustain an audio-visual industry. It has a three-pronged approach to develop Malta’s audio-visual sector even further by focusing on the local screen industry and bolstering Malta’s own workforce for the benefit of both local and international productions. The programme also looks ahead to future generations by implementing a youth-oriented campaign, and is divided as follows: Internationalization and Networking; Below-the-line Skills Development and Youth Engagement.


Applicant: Banda San Ġiljan

Reference number: PSS19-22-1591

Project Title: Investing in tomorrow’s Musicians

Amount Awarded: €12,381

The project consists of a series of clarinet masterclasses in Malta with the opportunity of furthering studies in the United Kingdom with world renowned clarinetist Emma Johnson. A set of three masterclasses (quarterly) will be held in Malta by local tutors originating from different sources, mainly bands, the Malta School of Music and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Participants will be exposed to a variety of repertoires and techniques. A panel of three adjudicators will follow the three masterclasses and select 10 participants to follow a masterclass in the UK with Emma Johnson. The masterclasses will close off with a concert featuring all the participants.


Applicant: Aidan Somers

Reference number: PSS34-22-1637

Project Title: Integrated

Amount Awarded: €36,086

Through this project, the participating artists will become more self-sufficient in terms of their industry knowledge and networks. They will enhance their skills that will enable further integration into the professional music industry. The program is targeted towards enabling informal education and mentoring within the musical community, promoting further integration into the local scene and developing the artists and their productions to be showcased abroad. The project will give rise to collaborations between various artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, along with integration with local artists through AISO Records.

Applicant: Gabriel Caruana Foundation

Reference number: PSS35-22-1644

Project Title: SPRING Artistic Programme for Emerging Artists 2022-2024

Amount Awarded: €35,000

SPRING: to leap, to emerge, to grow, to flow, to appear, an act of renewal, a means to find new pathways powerfully, naturally. The SPRING Artistic Programme for Emerging Artists 2022-2024 provides a platform where artists are encouraged to flourish, to collaborate, to create new ecosystems. SPRING is a space to reflect, to position oneself between the medium, the space, the collective, and resonate. SPRING is an ongoing process of experimentation, critical reflection, and renewal. The project will see twelve Maltese emerging artists reflect, develop, discuss new artistic work and be presented in four exhibitions, one Solo Exhibition and three Collective shows at The Mill - Art, Culture and Crafts Centre, four talks, eight artistic workshops acting as an interface with the public. The Foundation will support the creative process through its Creative Directors, Curator, Programme Manager, Community Engagement Officer and experienced professionals.

Applicant: Alfred Buttigieg

Reference number: PSS18-22-1586

Project Title: L-Arrest ta’ Danny Weed

Amount Awarded: €13,266

L-Arrest ta’ Danny Weed is the latest creation of author Alfred Buttigieg (Ir-Rewwixta Tal-Qassisin). It is a play based around a well-known incident of the arrest of Daniel Holmes. It is also the first time that Buttigieg has written a farce in Maltese. Danny Weed’s pleasant life in Malta is turned upside down one fine morning when the drug squad burst into his home, catch him quietly smoking a joint, and accuse him of drug trafficking. Convinced they have made a coup, the four police officers comb through his flat in search of evidence. To enhance the experience and to explore the themes raised by the play and its subject, a number of discussions and a half-day long conference are also being proposed. The programme is also being supported by the Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) under the direction of Mariella Dimech. 


Applicant: Għaqda Nazzjonali Każini tal-Banda

Reference number: PSS21-22-1597

Project Title: Bringing wind musicians from around the island together

Amount Awarded: €35,000

The project consists of the creation of a working platform for our local wind band directors and musicians that will allow them to invest in their talents, skills and strengthen their communication channels with themselves and our local wind band societies in a professional manner. It will consist of team building activities, masterclasses, chamber music and musical productions. The beneficiary shall be collaborating with Profs Giampaolo Lazzeri, the musical director of the Filarmonica di Firenze "Gioacchino Rossini", the oldest wind band society in Italy. Profs Lazzeri will be heading all the musical components of the project. During the implementation of this project, the participants will also take part in the musical activities organized by their local wind band society.


Application Deadline: 23rd February 2022

Ranking Order

Applicant: Luke Saydon

Reference number: PSS28-22-1132

Project Title: Il-Programm tal-Miskin

Amount awarded: €53,000

“Dak gay... miskin”. An often-used Maltese phrase that sums up the naivety, lack of questioning, and the sense of (at times unintentional) intolerance projected on the LGBTQI+ community. This is the starting point. Il-Programm tal-Miskin will deliver a programme of events across Malta and Gozo which will act as a catalyst for the shifting landscape of LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance in our country. A tour of a new musical, new writing, networking and outreach workshops will celebrate the Maltese queer story. The programme activities will come to compliment, support and expand the imprint of a new original Maltese musical under the title of “It-Teatru tal-Miskin”.  The beneficiary intends to enrich the artistic excellence of all creatives involved, while expanding on the social relevance that the project can leave upon the communities that will get to experience the work.


Applicant: YMCA

Reference number: PSS33-22-1141

Project Title: Ego Sum

Amount awarded: €28,000

From its experience of over 25 years, YMCA knows that homelessness is a devastating experience, leaving people without a direction.  The beneficiary used to state that this is the end result of a compilation of social issues but nowadays, it learned that homelessness can happen to anyone - from families that had to move out due to dilapidated construction to others that did not afford the rise in rent - and this meant living in substandard-conditions. This experience rips away the confidence and motivation of the individuals.  The project infiltrates this experience by reminding the people experiencing homelessness of their collective selves, in some cases bringing to their awareness that they could stop identifying with the homeless identity. The homeless are and have more than that; some are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, lovers, students, employed, professionals. All are around us and what defines them is how they define themselves.


Applicant: MADC

Reference number: PSS11-22-1097

Project Title: MADC Support 2022

Amount awarded: €43,000

This is a programme of quality, engaging and diverse productions and projects produced by MADC throughout the second half of the year 2022. The programme constitutes the beneficiary’s full comeback to the theatre scene, following two years of restrictions and scaled down plans. The main aim is to resume its programming and to sustain MADC’s impressive theatrical tradition which has withstood the test of time, and which has continued to be a stable reference point for both local theatre makers and audiences, empowering young generations whilst offering continuity, persistence and stability. The 2022 programme includes three different productions: the Shakespeare production “The Merry Wives of Windsor” in July 2022, the MADC One Act Play Festival in September 2022, and this year’s Christmas production “A Kick in the Baubles”. The programme will also feature a number of creatives and theatre practitioners whilst targeting and engaging a variety of audiences.


Applicant: Teatru Salesjan

Reference number: PSS32-22-1140

Project Title: SIX

Amount awarded: €20,000

“Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks” by Richard Alfieri is a tragicomedy about an elderly lady who hires a young dance teacher to take classes in ballroom dance. They come from completely different social backgrounds - the lady is conservative and wealthy, and the young man is from an underprivileged Italian immigrant family. This story is a journey through overcoming prejudice and supporting each other. The play tackles subjects such as ageing, loneliness, homosexuality, serious illness, and elitism. It will be directed by German director Irene Christ. Teatru Salesjan will organize enriching offshoot events aimed at different segments of society, namely 6 dance workshops targeting the elderly community and 6 debates in collaboration with the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, opening the floor for the themes tackled, encouraging discourse among young adults, to increase self-reflection and sensitivity towards those that may struggle due to social norms and self-restricting paradigms.  


Applicant: Centrestage Malta

Reference number: PSS47-22-1171

Project Title: Romanus Miles 2022

Amount awarded: €40,000

This project is inspired by ancient history, taking us back to the Roman period. Featuring costumes and instruments, the parade will take place around the streets of Valletta with re-enactments happening in Pjazza San Ġorġ and Pjazza Tritoni. Tiered seating will be installed in Pjazza Tritoni and various actors playing Gladiators, Julius Caesar, roman women and children will perform an act and entertain the audience. An arch will be visible to all audiences, both seated and in the whereabouts.


Applicant: Epiclectic Ltd.

Reference number: PSS35-22-1142

Project Title: UBU Mania

Amount Awarded: €30,000

The project consists of a joyful return to communal theatre with a twist. Alfred Jarry's 1896 classic succès de scandale will be the point of departure of a devised theatrical performance in which audience involvement is an essential element. The project will feature the acquisition of new skills by all participants, as well as the creation of a long-term artistic product with the potential for international export.


Applicant: Charles Paul Azzopardi

Reference number: PSS41-22-1148

Project Title: MIPP Outreach Programme

Amount Awarded: €35,000

The core concept idea is to hold several outreach events, including planned workshops throughout 2022 to access and permeate important demographic sectors and diverse communities, namely all those below the age of 35, in collaboration with cultural and creative practitioners, public cultural organizations (PCOs), academic and public entities with an interest in culture (e.g., UOM, MCAST, PBS, Local Government Division, Local Councils, Scouts, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, Esplora). The outreach project will end with a milestone plenary convention in November, together with a major curated exhibit at the Malta Parliament open to a general public submission, a curated book publication open to a general public submission, and major international speakers giving lectures and hands-on workshops in Malta throughout 2022.


Applicant: Żugraga Dance Organisation

Reference number: PSS16-22-1110

Project Title: A year with Żugraga

Amount Awarded: €30,000

This programme will help the beneficiary develop as an organisation, strengthen its name in the field of dance and hopefully attract more audiences to future works. The project aims to serve as a steppingstone for the organisation to enrich its artistic contacts through collaboration, to improve and maintain a high quality and enhance its artistic profile which would help it deliver and promote longevity. Żugraga Dance Organisation plans to host 2 projects throughout the year. The theme of both works revolve around Malta. The first deals with situations that affected the people and the country during WW2. The presentation will convey a professional level performance of an artistic interpretation of Malta during WW2 accompanied by authentic live music. The second deals with construction and its effects on Malta and its residents. The project will also present a collaboration of different artistic languages for a multimedia performance.


Applicant: Glen Calleja

Reference number: PSS26-22-1130

Project Title: Studio Solipsis Programme 2022/2023: We make. We belong. We are.

Amount Awarded: €35,000

Making is the vital spirit that flows through the arteries of the Studio Solipsis Programme 2022/23. It gives life to the curatorial vision from which this series of workshops, interactive performances and research projects takes shape. The programme prioritises hands-on formation and immersive experiences across the board. The events and performances proposed are mostly geared towards direct collaboration with audience members, while some of the workshops address immersion and interactivity as key tools of researching and building narratives. Through this programme, Studio Solipsis seeks to cater for niche artistic research practices for diverse audiences and to provide a framework for sharing and capacity building opportunities. The events feature some notable and influential local and international artists, researchers and specialists who will share tools, techniques and their work with their audiences.


Applicant: Għaqda Mużikali Immakulata Kunċizzjoni

Reference number: PSS20-22-1119

Project Title: Integration through Music – Open Air Concert

Amount Awarded: €4,000

The project will attract new young foreigners to the Society to learn music for free. On the other hand, young musicians who already have some knowledge of music will be presented with the opportunity to participate in the Festa 2022 by performing at the Festa concert. The beneficiary believes that through the necessary instruments, it can facilitate the integration of foreign young people into its Society. Integration comes through many aspects, including music. The Concert will enable the Maltese to recognize ethnic music while young foreigners will have a platform to promote their skills and talents. As a result, this project, which is already attracting the interest of many groups of young people, will continue to encourage new musicians to join the Society.


Applicant: Għaqda Nazzjonali Każini tal-Banda

Reference number: PSS21-22-1120

Project Title: Reaching Out Campaign

Amount Awarded: €15,333

This project consists of a national media information campaign that will be held around Gozo and Malta. It is aimed at ensuring that local wind band societies remain relevant in today’s society, and therefore at promoting the importance that these societies have in our local communities. Together with its collaborators, the beneficiary will be showcasing the value added that these societies give to a person and to attract new people (including foreigners living in our local communities) to join these societies. The beneficiary will also work with every local wind band society and collaborator to build a tailor-made campaign for every locality together with special targeted events. It will organise various road shows in localities around Gozo and Malta, to better promote the importance of its voluntary work in the sector of culture and arts. These road shows have been designed as part of the specific marketing campaign for each locality, thus making sure that varied amounts of strata groups are reached.