The Radio New Talent is an initiative born out of a collaboration between Arts Council Malta (ACM) and the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS). This initiative is in line with ACM and PBS strategic framework and focuses on investing in new talent, contributing to further professionalization of the creative and cultural sector as well as broadcasting media.

The initiative forms part of a portfolio of initiatives to maximise the potential of Malta’s creative growth by investing in excellence in Malta’s cultural and creative sectors, encouraging further career opportunities in the sectors, facilitating cultural exchange, as well as promoting inclusivity and active cultural participation.

The programme has been developed to encourage youths interested in radio production and broadcasting. The design of the programme ensures beneficiaries are provided with the necessary incentive and support to participate actively in radio, media and creative endeavours and opportunities.

The objectives of the initiative are:

● Identifying and giving recognition to talented youths

● Encouraging youths to contribute to radio programming

● Provide youths with skills necessary to succeed in the sector

● Enabling access to radio and broadcasting

● Serve as a platform for critical thinking, innovation and practice-based research

● Invest in youths to flourish through knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and creative exchange

● Invest in transmedia and digital skills

● Encourage projects focusing on a wide range of community groups, audiences and themes such as gender identity, migration and climate change.

Who can apply?

The initiative is intended for youths whose age in the year 2021 will be between 18 and 30 years who are interested in radio broadcast and programming. The programme will expose young creatives to skills necessary to create and produce a radio production and provide a platform for exposure. Applications for this initiative are open exclusively to individual creatives.


The deadline to apply is Thursday 16th September 2021 at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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