The Training and Development Support Scheme is one of our tools to address and implement Arts Council Malta’s Education and Development strategic area, with a focus on nurturing creative potential and supporting continuous professional development.

The Training and Development Support Scheme is divided in two strands according to the age of the applicant.

• Strand 1 is applicable to those who are 18 years and over and supports the continuous professional development of Maltese or Malta-based artists, cultural operators and students who are active in the cultural and creative sectors and who seek to engage in short term professional training to improve their skills and advance their specialization.

• Strand 2 is applicable to those who are between 8 and 17 years old and supports the development and exposure of young Maltese or Malta-based artists who are active in the cultural and creative sectors. The fund supports short term training opportunities which enhance, but do not substitute or subsidise, the students’ current formation programme. It also supports the participation of young creatives in international platforms; including, but not limited, to festivals, competitions, exhibitions and/or performances.

The programme reflects the drive towards the further professionalisation of the cultural and creative sector and the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture among creative professionals. It provides opportunities to strengthen the knowledge base and strategies of cultural and creative enterprises. By investing in processes designed to improve the quality that is needed to generate artistic work of excellence, our goal is to support the development of a sustainable creative ecology and to foster further job opportunities in the sector.

The Scheme will support the following activities:

• Training courses
• Short courses
• Workshops
• Masterclasses
• Internships
• Apprenticeships
• Residencies
• Job Shadowing
• Auditions for educational institutions
• Auditions for artistic or cultural projects
• Networking


Who can apply?

Strand 1 is open to creative professionals, voluntary organisations, groups or cooperatives active in the arts or students already undergoing formation in a creative or artistic field. In the case of students, the programme proposed must be in line with their studies, however, it must not substitute or form part of their formal or informal formation programme. The beneficiary of the grant must be 18 years and over.

Strand 2 is open to outstanding young artists who; by the date of the result notification are between 8 and 17 years of age; are already undergoing formation within an artistic or creative field. The programme they are applying for must be in line with and complement such formation programme. Young creatives under the age of 18 will require a consent form signed by their legal representative clearly indicating the name and ID number of at least one parent or legal guardian.


The deadline to apply is Tuesday 09th July 2024 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines and download application template for Strand 1 and Strand 2

Click here to download Access Support guidelines. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 5th March 2024

Ranking Order - Strand 1

Beneficiary: Francesca Bartolo

Reference number: TDS144-24-3830

Project Title: Berlin Opera Academy

Amount awarded: €2,000

The Berlin Opera Academy offers a comprehensive summer opera program for emerging artists, focusing on technique, artistry, and stage presence. Led by BOA Faculty, the program aims to nurture each singer's growth as an artist and musician. Participants engage in fully staged operas, acting workshops, and Masterclasses to develop their repertoire and dramatic skills. With the goal of launching careers in Germany, the program includes audition preparation, role study, agent auditions, and self-promotion workshops. Singers also benefit from German language classes, movement workshops, production rehearsals, individual coaching, and performances. By the end of the program, participants gain a German resume, recordings of their works, improved language skills, artistic development, agent connections, and auditioning proficiency in Germany.


Beneficiary: Carla Mifsud

Reference number: TDS116-24-3696

Project Title: Northern Ballet Summer Intensive

Amount awarded: €1,596

Northern Ballet’s renowned International Summer Intensive 2024 offers aspiring vocational level dancers the opportunity to gain further strength and knowledge with daily technique and enhancement classes. These classes are led by our world-class teaching faculty, many of whom are former professional dancers themselves and internationally recognised for their work.


Beneficiary: Christine Vella

Reference number: TDS108-24-3663

Project Title: The Learning Conductor – a short course led by Peter Stark

Amount awarded: €2,000

Peter Stark, an international conductor, holds short conducting courses that concentrate on observation, technique, and communication skills required for conducting. This project will provide the opportunity to experience this unique training methodology for a more holistic approach to conducting.


Beneficiary: Rachelle Deguara

Reference number: TDS145-24-3831

Project Title: Internship Program at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Amount awarded: €2,000

The beneficiary will participate in the International Internship Program at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, immersing herself in museum operations and modern art. Over two months, she will engage in visitor services, educational activities, event support, and small projects while attending seminars and outings. Coinciding with the Venice Biennale, she plans to connect with the Maltese Pavilion team, gaining insights into curation and national representation. This experience promises exposure to diverse artworks and artists, inspiring her practice and influencing her artistic direction.


Beneficiary: Cledia Micallef

Reference number: TDS134-24-3792

Project Title: International Summer Course 2024

Amount awarded: €1,770

Oxenfoord offers various courses for singers and accompanists, providing advanced tuition and support in an enjoyable learning atmosphere to enhance and share their abilities. It consists of many prominent tutors, coaches, conductors, and staff accompanists for various classes and opportunities. Such classes and opportunities include masterclasses, performances, concerts, workshops, tutoring in Opera scenes, Art Song classes, performance practice classes, and more. The beneficiary will be spending a week at Loretto School in Musselburgh, located east of Scotland's historic capital, Edinburgh. The daily schedule consists of group warm-ups, the Masterclass Lunchtime Series, drop-in sessions, choir rehearsals for the Chapel Concert on the final night, and a daily 30-minute individual lesson with specialised tutors covering technique, performance practice, repertoire, style, language, and acting. The course is available for individuals at all experience levels, from beginners to advanced. Students can benefit from peer learning and receive guidance from excellent teachers and coaches.


Beneficiary: Raisa Marie Micallef

Reference number: TDS149-24-3835

Project Title: Oxenfoord International Summer School

Amount awarded: €2,000

Oxenfoord International is a week-long summer course aimed for both experienced and inexperienced singers and accompanists. This course offers many masterclasses, coaching, workshops and concerts. Students have daily 30-minute classes delivered by tutors specialised in technique, performance practice, repertoire, style, language and acting. Each day there are group warm-ups, the ‘Masterclass Lunchtime series’, drop-in sessions, Opera scene rehearsals and choir rehearsals in preparation for the Chapel Concert which takes place on the last evening of the course. Furthermore, students are allowed to observe other classes and to perform during at least one of the evening concerts.


Beneficiary: Stephen Micallef

Reference number: TDS136-24-3817

Project Title: Sustainable, Healthy Cities: Building for the Future

Amount awarded: €2,000

"Sustainable Healthy Cities: Building for the Future" is a 10-day immersive course being offered in collaboration with the European Cultural Academy, the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation (GCHU) at the University of Oxford, and the King's Foundation. It is happening in Venice in June 2024, alongside the Venice Biennale, bringing together up to 25 participants including students and professionals from a range of disciplines, to be led by international experts from reputable institutions. The studio examines the relationship between health and sustainability in Venice, with the development of a creative project proposal to be developed from scratch. The studio explores how urban populations (residents, policymakers and practitioners) engage with the built environment. The aim is to explore how people can collaborate to build more sustainable, healthy places to live in the future, cross-cutting environmental, economic, and social aspects.


Beneficiary: Franciska Stefania Kovessi

Reference number: TDS131-24-3785

Project Title: Wayne McGregor Creative Lab

Amount awarded: €570

The choreographic lab offers a unique opportunity to dive into the revolutionary AISOMA technology, developed in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture Lab. Led by choreographer Wayne McGregor, participants will explore the creative potential of AISOMA through immersive activities focusing on McGregor's work, "Living Archive." The workshop compasses lectures and practical exercises using the AI tool, whilst providing participants with a complex understanding of AISOMA's capabilities and its implications for choreographic practice. Moreover, participants will engage in networking opportunities to foster connections and collaboration within the dance and AI communities. In summary, the project aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills using AI technology in choreography.


Beneficiary: Ryan Falzon

Reference number: TDS118-24-3711

Project Title: Professional Development – Marketing and Branding

Amount awarded: €492

Visual artist Ryan Falzon will be attending an online course offered by the University of the Arts London, focusing on promoting and funding artwork. The beneficiary aims to gain insights into international art markets, enhance his online presence, and expand his networking opportunities. This course is seen as a means to bridge the limitations of the local art scene and to develop skills in management and marketing. The beneficiary hopes to apply these newfound skills to advance his career as an artist and educator, ultimately increasing his chances of success in the art world.


Beneficiary: Kyle Xuereb Cunningham

Reference number: TDS141-24-3824

Project Title: The Rock Retreat Gibraltar Residency

Amount awarded: €2,000

The Rock Retreat in Gibraltar is a non-profit residency for writers and illustrators specializing in children's and young adult literature. Lasting five days, attendees immerse themselves in creative exploration and networking with industry professionals. The primary aim is to help participants secure representation by agents and achieve publication for their work.

Beneficiary: Chris Dingli

Reference number: TDS126-24-3748

Project Title: Screen and Stage Combat Training

Amount awarded: €572

Professional actor Chris Dingli seeks support for a professional development initiative encompassing six specialised courses in stage and screen combat. A further course and supplemental in-depth training are being funded privately. Chris has witnessed an upswing in auditions for roles requiring dramatic combat and firearms certification, prompting a strategic decision to enhance his skills, guided by the advice of his agent. These accredited courses are internationally recognised and respected. Completion of this training will not only elevate his proficiency but also result in official certifications, amplifying marketability and expanding potential roles. This strategic investment is designed to increase his capabilities, and to provide him with a competitive advantage to support his professional growth as his acting career evolves, develops and matures.

Ranking Order - Strand 2

Beneficiary: Gabrijel Cordina

Reference number: TDS229-24-3842

Project Title: American Protégé International Concerto Competition 2024

Amount awarded: €1,948

The project comprises the participation in the International Concerto Competition American Protégé in NYC. The participant is required to send an un-edited video recording of a concerto and a solo piece from standard repertoire. Price winners are then invited to perform at one of the world’s most prestigious venue Carnegie Hall in New York, USA. Participation in this artistic project leaves a memorable experience to both young musicians and professionals, helping to build their confidence, strengthen their performance skills and widen their networks.


Beneficiary: Kristina Mifsud

Reference number: TDS225-24-3811

Project Title: Chetham’s International Piano Summer School 2024

Amount awarded: €2,000

The beneficiary will attend the Chetham’s Piano Summer School between the 13th – 18th August 2024. The Junior Piano Advanced Course will be targeting young students in grade 6 – 8. The participating students will attend daily tuition sessions, workshops, performance classes, recitals and final performances. Internationally renowned Paul Harris will be leading a sight-reading course. The project will also feature a Taubman Approach course which aids in body posture and prevention of injuries, as well as a DVD 30-minute recording session in Stoller Hall. The project will end with a final performance whereby the students will be given a certificate of attendance.


Beneficiary: Noa Ng

Reference number: TDS212-24-3747

Project Title: Overseas Ballet Summer intensives 2024

Amount awarded: €2,000

The beneficiary will have the opportunity to attend three separate ballet dance summer training intensives which are each one week long in duration, two will be held in the UK (London and Birmingham) and one in Italy (Forli). All three programmes are audition chosen and classically focused for pre-professional dancers. The intensives offer the opportunity to dancers to work on ballet technique and repertoire within a state-of-the-art setting. Other focuses include pas de deux, pointe work, contemporary, jazz and strength and conditioning. Students from around the world will have the opportunity to come together and receive hands-on guidance from the school's artistic team as well as world famous guest teachers. Students will also get to experience learning from company members of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. This initiative offers dancers the opportunity to grow further artistically and creatively while continuously perfecting their technique in a professional environment.


Beneficiary: Kellyann Spiteri

Reference number: TDS216-24-3768

Project Title: Participation in the Vienna International Arts Festival (Masterclasses and Competition)

Amount awarded: €2,000

The Vienna International Arts Festival will take place between the 5th and 10th August 2024. As part of this event there will be a series of masterclasses, followed by the final round of the Vienna International Music Competition. The masterclasses will help participants to improve repertoire, as well as discuss stage presence, posture, expression and interpretation, among other areas. These masterclasses will then be followed by the final round of the competition, to which the beneficiary was invited earlier on this year, along with a concert and award ceremony.