Arts Council Malta will be presenting the first ‘State of the Arts – Malta National Symposium’ between and 26 and 27 October 2022.

This will consist of a platform for discussion and debate on the trends, challenges and opportunities of the artistic sectors in Malta and the international contexts that shape their dynamics. The overarching themes that will be at the core of these exchanges will revolve around the pertinent topics of cultural rights, the place of the arts within sustainable development and the Status of the Artist.

These will be explored through a number of keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities with the engagement of international and locally-based speakers and practitioners with experience and expertise in the topics discussed. The Symposium will be an opportunity for those attending to exchange knowledge on the ever-changing characteristics that make up the artistic sectors. The aim is to collectively explore future directions for the sectors, in the face of global challenges while considering the connections between art and social wellbeing.

Registrations for the symposium are open and interested attendees may register at