This call for projects under the Arts Support Scheme is aimed at supporting initiatives – by artists, cultural and creative practitioners, and communities – whose objective is to promote and realise: Cultural Rights

Cultural rights are the rights of everyone to access, participate in and enjoy culture, cultural heritage and cultural expressions. To find out more about cultural rights and good practices, and access useful tips and tools, refer to the Dritt għall-Kultura | Right to Culture handbook, published by Arts Council Malta.

Right to Culture is also available in print and online free of charge, both in Maltese and English, as well as in audiobook format, in Maltese and English, here.

Proposals submitted under this call are expected to primarily address specific community needs, such as cultural participation, solidarity, social justice, environmental responsibility, sustainability, community development, and increased holistic well-being.

The right to culture is a cornerstone of the Arts Council Malta Strategy 2025, captured in the mantra Care. Create. Flourish. Arts Council Malta’s Right to Culture sensitisation campaign is an initiative aimed at helping people:

• Engage through culture and the arts
• Explore diverse narratives
• Unleash their creative expression

The Arts Support Scheme forms part of Arts Council Malta’s support portfolio that invests in mainstreaming the right of every person to have access to, participate in, and enjoy, culture, cultural heritage and cultural expression, and in the development of Malta’s cultural and creative sectors.

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations, and organisations/associations); Groups, collectives and consortia; Registered cooperatives; Voluntary organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.


The deadline to apply is Tuesday 9th April 2024 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


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Results 2024

Application Deadline: 9th April 2024

Ranking Order 2024

Beneficiary: Angela Bettoni

Reference number: ARTS48-24-4118

Project Title: “Inner Demons” from Page to Stage

Amount awarded: €10,464

“Inner Demons” is an unpublished young adult novel where the protagonist has Down Syndrome, which includes themes such as relationships between people with and without disabilities, identity and self-worth. It was written by the applicant, a 22-year-old writer and performer with Down Syndrome. The current project covers the research and development process needed to adapt the manuscript into a theatre piece. R&D workshops will be used to explore the most appropriate inclusive theatre practices for “Inner Demons” to be performed by a mixed-ability cast to include the applicant and other performers with learning disabilities alongside non-disabled actors. The applicant will collaborate with Clare Azzopardi on the script and Toni Attard on the inclusive workshops, with Edinburgh-based inclusive writer-director Suzanne Lofthus acting as the advisor. While giving the applicant the opportunity to develop new skills, the project will promote the representation of those with learning disabilities in the performing arts in Malta. 


Beneficiary: Michelle Gruppetta

Reference number: ARTS50-24-4120

Project Title: Misophonia

Amount awarded: €28,545

This audiovisual project is inspired by an aural disorder. It intends to distress the audience with a soundscape composed of these common trigger noises and accompanying visuals through mixed-media animation. Misophonia is a neurobehavioral condition associated with an intolerance, hatred or even disgust of specific sounds. Noises such as other people chewing, breathing or sniffling (to name a few) induce discomfort and even rage in the person with the condition. People with misophonia are affected emotionally by the everyday sounds of other people, that most typically don’t notice. The aforementioned examples incite a fight-or-flight response that often results in anger or the need to escape. The “narrative” will be driven by the soundscape, and as such will not be a traditional narrative focused on 3-act storytelling with a beginning, middle and end. Rather, it focuses on the emotional, sensory journey of a person with misophonia. The beneficiary would like to invite the audience to experience the same feelings.


Beneficiary: Dance Beyond Borders

Reference number: ARTS34-24-4088

Project Title: Refugee Week Malta 2025: Empowering Voices

Amount awarded: €22,564

Refugee Week Malta 2025 (RWM25) is the local version of the world's largest arts and culture festival celebrating the creativity, contributions and resilience of people seeking sanctuary. The festival reclaims the term 'refugee', affirming everyone's right to safety and refuge, and their right to culture. Since 2022, RWM has evolved into a diverse festival developed in collaboration with artists, NGOs, and public entities. RWM highlights the refugees' and asylum-seekers' talents while fostering connections across communities based locally. The 2025 edition emphasizes inclusivity, with the establishment of an Advisory Group, comprising individuals with lived experiences of displacement and representatives from relevant organisations. This group guides every stage of the festival's development emphasising the "Right to Culture," ensuring meaningful inclusion for refugees and asylum seekers, recognizing their contributions despite not holding citizenship. Through these efforts, RWM25 champions inclusivity, empowerment, and dialogue, providing a platform for all individuals to participate fully in cultural life.



Beneficiary: Luke Saydon

Reference number: ARTS42-24-4107

Project Title: Il-Każin tal-Imqarbin

Amount awarded: €30,000

Malta currently holds the record for the highest rate of HIV transmissions in Europe per capita. This new Maltese musical will be the first national memorial to authentically document, honour and act upon the lost lives of closeted gay men in 1980s Malta amidst the outbreak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Malta will join the global community in embracing AIDS awareness and actively use art as an activist. This musical sheds light on marginalised Maltese history, engaging communities for enduring impact. By bringing to light the narratives of queer performers and the impact of AIDS in the 1980s, "Il-Każin tal-Imqarbin" strives to pioneer inclusive practices within Malta's cultural landscape. The project will curate a community theatre project, a TIE project, and a new theatre accessibility framework. "Il-Każin tal-Imqarbin" will amplify the voices of the community it represents - standing as a testament to Malta's commitment to cultural diversity, equality, and social progress.


Beneficiary: Għaqda Mużikali Viżitazzjoni, Għarb

Reference number: ARTS57-24-4130

Project Title: Gozo Puppet Festival 2024

Amount awarded: €28,954

The Gozo Puppet Festival presents an avant-garde artistic endeavour that breathes new life into the

traditional craft of puppetry. Through a creative amalgamation of spectacle and narrative, the festival’s main attractions — the giant puppet parades — narrate stories that resonate with themes of freedom, exploration, and the universal quest for knowledge. These narratives are manifested through the grandeur of “Oisôh,” the elegance of “Chamôh,” and the sacredness of “Vâches Sacrées,” each a feat of artistic engineering and a testament to the power of visual storytelling. The festival introduces a novel approach to puppetry by incorporating larger-than-life movable art pieces that interact with their environment, forging an immersive experience. This innovation is not merely in scale but in the methodology of audience interaction, given that they are transforming passive viewership into an active, participatory event. The roaming puppet parades are designed to navigate the streets of Għarb, thus turning the entire locality into a stage and its inhabitants and visitors into a part of the living canvas.


Beneficiary: Nikolai Azzopardi

Reference number: ARTS40-24-4102

Project Title: Irrid Ngħix

Amount awarded: €30,000

“Irrid Ngħix” is a poignant theatre production that delves into the life of Annabelle Vassallo, whose battle with cancer inspired a nation. This will explore the juxtaposition of Annabelle's struggles and the profound moments of beauty she experienced by sharing her story publicly. This project will celebrate Annabelle's resilience, courage, and determination to make a positive difference in the world. Produced by Nikolai Azzopardi Productions, directed by Chiara Hyzler, and written by Andre Mangion, this will be crafted to honour Annabelle's legacy and provide audiences with an authentic and moving experience. They will conduct research, interviewing her friends, family and medical professionals to gain insights into her character, struggles, and triumphs. A portion of the ticket sales from “Irrid Ngħix” will be donated to Puttinu Cares. By doing so, the beneficiary will honour Annabelle's legacy and strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this devastating disease.


Beneficiary: Mirjana Batinić

Reference number: ARTS60-24-4133

Project Title: working title ‘Ħela’

Amount awarded: €30,000

'Ħela' is a multidisciplinary project which contains extensive research based on interviews, workshops, artwork and an exhibition. 'Ħela' embodies the concept of wastefulness within both cultural and ecological contexts. One of the aims is to involve a diverse range of collaborators, spanning from various professionals, primary aged children, and particularly seniors, who are often overlooked. The artwork converges research outputs with digitalised archival photography using augmented reality (AR). This process encompasses photographs from Malta's past, present, and imagined future. This fusion will result in an interactive representation of the tangible world, achieved through the integration of digital visual elements and printed photography enhanced by AR technology.


Beneficiary: Tyrone Grima

Reference number: ARTS20-24-3951

Project Title: Id-Dnub tal-Magħżulin

Amount awarded: €30,000

The project involves staging an original script in Maltese, inspired by the relationship between David and Jonathan from Biblical narratives. The production aims to explore themes of queer love and sexual identity within the context of Roman Catholicism in Malta. By challenging traditional interpretations and fostering dialogue, it seeks to promote inclusiveness and social change. The process, spanning several months, includes the translation and adaptation of an original text, alongside workshops and rehearsals. Performances are scheduled for February 2025 at Valletta Campus Theatre.


Beneficiary: Epiclectic Ltd.

Reference number: ARTS44-24-4110

Project Title: World Fusion Festival

Amount awarded: €14,473

The World Fusion Festival is a multicultural event featuring live performances, cultural exhibits, food stalls, a variety of age-appropriate workshops, all aimed at a multi-ethnic community. It aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities can come together to celebrate their shared humanity.