The Professional Development Grant supports the continuous professional development of artists, cultural operators and students who are active in the cultural and creative sectors and who seek to engage in short term professional training to improve their skills and advance their specialization.

The programme reflects the drive towards further professionalisation of the cultural and creative sector and the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture among creative professionals. It provides opportunities to strengthen the knowledge base and strategies of cultural and creative enterprises. By investing in processes designed to improve the quality that is needed to generate artistic work of excellence, our goal is to support the development of a sustainable creative ecology, providing value added and job opportunities in the sector.

Who can apply?

The grant is open to individual artists; Groups, Collectives and Consortia; Voluntary Organisations; Registered Cooperatives; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations).


The deadline to apply is  Tuesday 20th July 2021 at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.


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Application Deadline: 20th July 2021

Ranking Order

Reference Number: PDG15-21-607

Applicant: Erica Muscat

Project Title: 3-week, 'How-to-Teach' Intensive at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre in Orkney, UK. January 2022

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,000

Erica will attend a 3-week Teacher Training Intensive at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre in Orkney, Scotland (KLVC). SENIOR DLTs (Designated Linklater Teachers) will mentor, critique and revise the work of Trainee Teachers in the Linklater Method. The three weeks will consist of both group and individual coaching on “how to teach”; running 6 days-a-week. This will not only cover the progression of the Linklater Voice Exercises but the senior faculty will also impart a holistic approach to Voice training for the ever-changing climate that is Actors’ Training and the role that the Methods behind Freeing the Natural Voice could play across all traditional disciplines. Acceptance into the Linklater Designation Workshop is dependent on the successful completing of the pre-requisites for all teacher training candidates as well as an audition.


Reference Number: PDG11-21-603

Applicant: Matthew Abela

Project Title: Short film script consultation

Allocated funds (EUR): €382

As any sensible aspiring and professional writer who finishes a draft of a script, a script consultation is the natural next step. A one-on-one script consultation with international renowned script consultant Jill Chamberlain will do just that. Jill is an international script consultant and author one of the highest rated screenwriting books on Amazon. She works with writers of all levels including Academy award winning writers. Through an hour and a half online (due to Covid-19 pandemic) one-on-one script consultation, the consultant would thoroughly dissect Matthew’s script, and provide with feedback.


Reference Number: PDG21-21-613

Applicant: Alberto Favaro

Project Title: Printing technique training

Allocated funds (EUR): €765

Through this project, Alberto will attend a short 3 day course of professional silkscreen printing. This course explores the different techniques for developing silk screen print, from using stencils to drawing, and followed by photographic images/ digital imaging techniques. The technique taught is by using the stencil method and hand drawn images to create prints with professional tutors through both theoretical and practical activities. The intention is to develop a media of reproduction to be used in the creation of artistic illustrations and photographs.


Reference Number: PDG13-21-605

Applicant: Amy Vella

Project Title: Mindful Music Making

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,360

Amy will attend a  5-day music retreat taking place in a beautiful natural space in Germany whereby different musicians connect with each other in order to play music mindfully. An expert leads this course and chooses a specific subject to focus on.


Reference Number: PDG18-21-610

Applicant: Paolo Micallef

Project Title: A Week in the Life

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,000

A Week in the Life - Broadway is a fantastic opportunity for Musical Theatre Students to experience professionals from a completely different country, expanding their toolbelt of knowledge in the arts and to anticipate any Musical Theatre trends that might be coming over to Europe from Broadway.


Reference Number: PDG17-21-609

Applicant: Marie Claire Galea

Project Title: Music Production

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,495

Music production course consisting of how to create a music track from start to finish, including composition, software analysis, Cubase, mixing, mastering. The project will help define a concrete vision, teach the right techniques, strive to create original work and develop a more professional sound. It will cover the various stages of Music Production: • Songwriting • Composing • Colouring with various instruments and effects • Arranging • Editing • Mixing • Mastering The skills developed during this program include the arrangement of compositions, running of recording sessions and suggestion of changes to instrumentation, effects and lyrics. A clear vision of mixing and mastering in recording of songs is delivered through the sessions. The course also aims to give the student the right tools to edit music clips of integrated content, paying attention to detail in style and instrumentation.


Reference Number: PDG06-21-596

Applicant: Wioletta Kulewska

Project Title: Turps Correspondence Course 2021-2022

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,870

Turps Correspondence Course is a one to one online mentoring progeamme. The correspondence course is an innovative project giving painters a critical perspective and challenging insight into their practice, wherever they are, in the form of quarterly appraisals. During the year participants will engage in a timetabled two-way process during which time they will present images of works, and in turn receive feedback from a dedicated mentor and the wider tutorial team at Turps Art School.


Reference Number: PDG12-21-604

Applicant: Marie-Madeleine Opouma Poupa

Project Title: Grand Audition 2022

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,000

The project consists of having professional intensive training to participate in an audition gathering the artistic directors of the most important ballet companies named Grand Audition. The purpose of the Grand Audition is to provide the opportunity to the aspiring professional dancers to audition in front of ballet company Artistic Directors or their official Representatives in view of getting a position within these companies.


Reference Number: PDG03-21-532

Applicant: Lucienne Camilleri

Project Title: Screen-writing - think film and write it!

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,920

The art of screen writing will offer a new opportunity to Lucienne which is extremely timely as the country is taking filmmaking to a new level. The learning platform will provide the necessary tools to convert a story into an adaptable medium for the screen. As writers we tell a story and leave the imagery to our readers but as screen writers we must excel in the visionary. We need to hear a director say: I can see it, once he/she reads the script. We will understand the importance of including the most important elements in our story and logline.


Reference Number: PDG10-21-600

Applicant: Jade Zammit

Project Title: Residency Program in Barcelona

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,000

Jade will attend a residency  programme based on the concept: It’s seven in the morning. Barely even light. Monday. Wednesday. Friday. A chill in the air. Clothes come off to the sound of a growing excitement along the deck. There is motion already. Everywhere. All around. As I step closer to the edge, there’s a slight feeling of dread; for a few seconds before I hit the water and as my body slowly starts to take in its cold. But just a few minutes in and this floating feeling captivates. Gliding through, hands breaking the surface in a steady rhythm, pushing forward. Past the pain and the aching want to quit. All the while, the little demons in my head are left trailing behind me in the water. And as the sun slowly moves, upwards and upwards still, the muted blue shifts to a crystal shimmer, reflections on the little, white wall squares play in colourful loops, and the bubbles under the water pop to a deafening silence. I feel alive.

Whilst the project proposal leaves much undefined to allow for a fluid and open ended exploration, Jade can further specify her interest which revolves around the studies of distortion, the play of light beneath the water’s surface as it hits the tiled walls and my friends lined up along the pool’s edge, or floating nearby.


Reference Number: PDG19-21-611

Applicant: Andrea Stegani

Project Title: Energy Flows in Singing

Allocated funds (EUR): €735

The Project aims at exploring new and innovative connections between the craft of singing and body energy through the use of energy stimulators and physical movement sequences that will enhance the singing ability of the applicant.


Reference Number: PDG16-21-608

Applicant: Marcio Ghigo

Project Title: Intensive Classical Realism Course

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,870

This course will help Marcio broaden his understanding with regards to current modern techniques in contemporary art through classical realism involving figure drawing and painting. The person who will be delivering this course has taken into account the applicant’s established skill level and has considered what is most useful for him.

Application Deadline: 2nd April 2021

Ranking Order

Reference Number: PDG36-21-099

Applicant: Rachel Gauci

Project Title: International Piano Course in France - 'Music at Château d’Aix’

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,589

The International Piano Summer Course is an annual course held by internationally renowned pedagogue, pianist, and author Professor Paul Roberts, in France. The intensive advanced class course conducted by Paul Roberts, James Kreiling and Janneke Brits includes intensive daily public masterclasses and individual tuition, followed by evening concerts. Furthermore, the course includes workshops and classes about about the psychology of performance. Throughout this course, the tutors will be focusing on major works composed by Liszt and Scriabin, as well as other core repertoire for piano.


Reference Number: PDG02-21-010

Applicant: Kristian Spiteri

Project Title: Orchestration

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,000

The course at Berklee College of Music will expose to traditional orchestration techniques as well as emerging issues specific to today's technology. The course begins with Orchestration 1 covering the technological considerations required to create modern day orchestral sounds: sample libraries, sequencing techniques, and different types of hardware set ups. From there, students will learn the characteristics and idiomatic writing techniques for each orchestral instrument family: strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion, as well as approaches for writing for full orchestra. By the end of the course, students will have the knowledge to orchestrate music and apply this knowledge to both digital and live orchestral performances. Following Orchestration 1, the class shifts to Orchestration 2. Building on the techniques presented in Orchestration 1, Orchestration 2 equips students with advanced strategies and approaches to writing for full orchestra.


Reference Number: PDG03-21-012

Applicant: Gabriel Luis Gordo Gaviria

Project Title: Advanced Steadicam Course

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,000

The “Gold” Workshop for Steadicam operators is a six-day training program for skilled camera operators held once a year in Tenerife. The workshop is held by high-level qualified award-winning Operators / Instructors with extensive international experience. Through this professional training experience, students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to develop a specialized qualification that is currently in great demand in the sector. Participants will obtain an official certificate recognized by Tiffen, the world’s first Steadicam brand, together with Cartoni and Steadicam Action.


Reference Number: PDG35-21-098

Applicant: Yorika Attard

Project Title: Tileyard’s International Songwriting Camp in Marrakesh

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,947

This project will see Yorika Attard, an artist and songwriter, enhancing her songwriting skills and collaborating with other songwriters/artists/producers at an international 5-day residency. The Tileyard Education International Songwriting Camp in Marrakesh is a practical songwriting retreat for aspiring and established songwriters, artists, and producers. This camp requires all guests to participate in live commercial songwriting briefs, creating and producing songs which will then be submitted and pitched to music libraries and publishing companies. Joining the camp will be the acclaimed professionals Jon Kelly (Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury, Kate Bush), Andrew Kingslow (Lily Allen, John Newman, Beverley Knight), Tom Fuller (David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland, Take That) who will advise and collaborate with the participants. Each day participants will be placed in different groups, ensuring at least four new professionally mastered and mixed co-writes. This camp ultimately offers a unique and interactive experience for songwriters, and an opportunity to collaborate and write songs.


Reference Number: PDG20-21-055

Applicant: Marisha Bonnici

Project Title: American Ballet Theatre Summer Teacher Intensive

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,278

To facilitate the best teacher education nationally and internationally, ABT (American Ballet Theatre) created the Teacher Training Intensives aimed at specific levels and age ranges. In the Teacher Training Sessions, ballet teachers receive a holistic education in ABT’s National Training Curriculum. Providing teachers with the information needed to fully understand the best practices in pedagogy, child development, dance psychology, and anatomy. That is why ABT created the Teacher Training Intensives, in which ballet teachers receive a holistic education on the National Training Curriculum and the best practices in how to teach ballet.


Reference Number: PDG04-21-013

Applicant: Matthew Maggi

Project Title: Stella Adler Summer Conservatory

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,000

The course offers the opportunity for performers growth both as artists and as human beings. The program consists of a 10-week, 22 hour/week intensive curriculum where students take on classes in acting technique, scene study, voice & speech, Shakespeare, movement, improvisation and acting on camera. Stella Adler is one of the leading institutions in the field of acting around in the US and around the world. Past alumni include names such as Robert De Niro, Benicio Del Toro, Mark Ruffalo, Marlon Brando and Harvey Keitel.


Reference Number: PDG10-21-031

Applicant: Karl Camilleri

Project Title: Porto Academy Summer School

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,605

The Porto Academy Summer School is a yearly event at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP). The academy consists of a week-long series of lectures and workshops in which students have the chance to work closely with some of the most exciting architects from all over the world. Participants also attend masterclasses and keynote presentations by other special guest architects.


Reference Number: PDG33-21-095

Applicant: Ylenia Camilleri-Brennan

Project Title: Cinematography Certificate

Allocated funds (EUR): €1,040

The Cinematography Certificate is the ideal course for filmmakers who are keen to build their knowledge and experience of working in the camera department. By developing an understanding of all the key roles on set, students will complete the course with an enhanced perspective of the filmmaking process. Accordingly, this course would also benefit aspiring directors and filmmakers who have not yet worked in the camera department. Guided by experienced camera and lighting professionals, this practical and in-depth course provides training in various aspects of cinematography including lighting, camera operation, focus, field of depth, lens manipulation, DIT, colour correction and grading. All students will have the opportunity to practise the roles of the camera department on a short film in a studio environment using a high-end HD camera. Participants will also be introduced to grading and colour correction.