The Public Spaces Art Fund aims at promoting artistic excellence and public engagement. It supports the incorporation of public art into public development which will create a unique sense of community as well as public identity and enhance the visual and aesthetic quality of such locations.

The Public Spaces Art Fund aims to provide tools to increase the awareness of public art and promote opportunities to further advance public art, with a particular focus on:

• Encouraging the involvement of artists in the design and development of public spaces by facilitating collaboration between artists, planners, architects, landscape architects, and urban designers whenever possible in the total design process.

• Developing a legacy of public art that integrates art into Malta’s fabric of urban design in order to create high quality public spaces through the integration of art, urban design and architecture.

• Encouraging artworks which are accessible to the public either visually or physically.

Who can apply? 

The Fund is open to undertakings (for which assistance will be granted in line with the de minimis Regulation), as well as those applicants that do not carry out an economic activity within the meaning of Article 107 TFEU (kindly refer to Section 9 of these guidelines for additional information). Furthermore, applicants must qualify as one of the following and must have approval from the respective local council to embellish a pre-set site artistically:

• Creative professionals/individual artists/architects

• Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations)

• Groups, Collectives and Consortia

• Registered Cooperatives.


For more information you may access the guidelines and regulations by clicking here. Click here to download application form template.

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

All applications are being received only online until  31 August 2021 at noon. 

Apply here.

For support and assistance contact Arts Council Malta on 23347230 or by email on