KulturaTV aims to support the development of cultural and creative content on private broadcasting stations in order to enhance the quality of television programming in Malta

The scheme targets eligible productions on private television stations that require investment to develop works that often lack access to private funding. The scheme targets difficult audiovisual works and also provides an additional incentive to independent audiovisual companies to produce quality-driven television programmes through international co-productions with a potential for international distribution. The KulturaTV fund may cover the following:

- innovative cultural programmes presenting specific or various aspects of the cultural and artistic world.


- documentaries about culture in Malta (for example focusing on Public Cultural Organisations, lives of artists, cultural activities, artistic projects, behind the scenes etc)


- original, fictional audiovisual works that can be a one-off, two-part, three-part drama or a series intended primarily for the purposes of television and also digital platform exploitation.

The scheme will support the production of TV programmes produced or commissioned by private broadcasting stations licensed to operate in Malta or produced by independent audiovisual production companies and aired on private broadcasting stations licensed to operate in Malta. Eligible works can be ‘one-off’ or serialised and may include:

  1. Creative TV documentaries
  2. Culture programmes
  3. Drama

For projects to be eligible, a private television broadcaster must be attached to the project, and the proposed content must be made available to Maltese audiences. To be considered eligible, projects must have a commitment from a private broadcaster in place and a copy of the relevant agreement, contracts and/or deal-memos must be included in the application. Apart from TV broadcast, innovative audience reach strategies through related content and platforms are encouraged.

Proposed works must qualify as difficult audiovisual works and applications will only be submitted for evaluation if they achieve 80% or more in the test that determines whether the proposed work can be defined as a difficult audiovisual work according to set criteria.

Who can apply?
This funding is aimed at private stations licensed by the Malta Broadcasting Authority and audiovisual companies that are registered in Malta under the Malta Financial Services Authority Act, Chapter 330 of the Laws of Malta and/or as a Partnership and/or Cooperative. Applicants must be registered as an audiovisual/media/TV company at the time of submission of their applications. VAT registration is obligatory for all applicants. The applicant company and/or director/s of the applicant company must provide proof of having produced or co-produced audiovisual works that were distributed in the last five years.

The applicant company must be the originator of the script or treatment or have majority rights relating to the project for which support is being requested.

Award Criteria

  • Portfolio
  • Concept
  • Development
  • Production
  • Budget
  • Production and Distribution.

After you apply

This fund is competitive and will be evaluated according to established criteria.

Proposals will first be screened in terms of eligibility. Proposals which are not eligible in terms of the procedure stipulated by these guidelines will not be processed further and will not undergo evaluation.

After you submit your application form at Arts Council Malta, an independent evaluation board will evaluate your project. On the day indicated, you will receive your result notification from Arts Council Malta.

Grants will be allocated as follows:

  1. Creative TV documentaries not exceeding EUR 40,000 or 60% of eligible costs whichever is the lower.
  2. Culture programmes not exceeding EUR 25,000 or 60% of eligible costs whichever is the lower.


Arts Council Malta reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.