This call for projects under the Arts Support Scheme is aimed at supporting initiatives – by artists, cultural and creative practitioners and communities – whose objective is to promote and realise: Cultural Rights

That is to say, the rights of everyone to access, participate in and enjoy culture, cultural heritage and cultural expressions. 

To find out more about cultural rights and good practices, and access useful tips and tools, refer to the Dritt għall-Kultura | Right to Culture handbook, published by Arts Council Malta.

Right to Culture is also available in print and online free of charge, both in Maltese and English. Right to Culture is also available in audiobook format, in Maltese and English, here.

Project applications submitted under this call must primarily address specific community needs, such as cultural participation, solidarity, social justice, environmental responsibility, sustainability, community development, and increased holistic well-being.

The right to culture is a cornerstone of the Arts Council Malta Strategy 2025, captured in the mantra “Care. Create. Flourish.” Arts Council Malta’s Right to Culture sensitisation campaign is an initiative aimed at helping people:

  • Engage through culture and the arts
  • Explore diverse narratives
  • Unleash their creative expression 

The Arts Support Scheme forms part of Arts Council Malta’s support portfolio, that invests in the mainstreaming of everyone’s right to access, participate in and enjoy culture, cultural heritage and cultural expression, and in the development of Malta’s cultural and creative sectors.

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations, and organisations/associations); Groups, collectives and consortia; Registered cooperatives; Voluntary organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

Applicants are required to maintain their anonymity in the requested sections (Criteria 1 and 2). Failing to do so will make your application ineligible. 


The deadline to apply is Monday 16th October 2023 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


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Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 16th October 2023

Ranking Order

Applicant: André Agius

Reference number: ARTS21-23-3199

Project Title: Establishing a national play-reading service and a Theatre-Scripts Database & Archive

Amount awarded: €20,800

A national script reading service will provide an opportunity for anyone in Malta who is interested in writing for theatre to submit and receive valuable script feedback from theatre professionals. Plays will be submitted on an online platform, they will be read anonymously, and an extensive script report will be provided by experienced practitioners who have longstanding experience in reading and giving feedback on scripts. A Theatre Script Database will have two functions. It will allow those who submit to the national script reading service to have their play saved on a database, and it will also allow established playwrights to have their canon of published and unpublished work documented within the database. This will begin to create an archive of already written Maltese Theatre works. It will serve companies, individuals and organisations that might be looking at commissioning a playwright or staging their work, but will also serve in having Theatre Writing documented in a simple and effective manner.


Applicant: Azzjoni Kattolika Maltija (AKM)

Reference number: ARTS15-23-3057

Project Title: Mumenti

Amount awarded: €15,691

Talenti Mistura is a three-pronged project. On one hand, it organises a series of intergenerational creative arts workshops wherein older and younger members of society connect and communicate to explore 21st century themes, through engaging with various art forms. On the other hand, it organises guided visits to places of artistic importance. Lastly, it produces podcasts, and several short video clips emerging therefrom, on the history of the Azzjoni Kattolika Maltija, its role of developing individuals and social cohesion in various localities among Malta and Gozo, and its role in facilitating arts participation and promoting the arts among the proletariat, through its various theatres and cinemas around Malta.


Applicant: Edward Caruana Galizia

Reference number: ARTS27-23-3229

Project Title: Mothers and sons

Amount awarded: €21,476

Mothers and sons is a theatrical production that will bring to the Maltese stage Terrence McNally’s masterpiece. A mother pays a surprise visit to the apartment of her late son’s ex-partner now married to another man. The married couple have adopted a child. The late son was an AIDS victim. The mother has unfinished business that she needs to deal with and ghosts from the past that still need to be faced. The play focuses and explores LGBTIQ+ dynamics from an intergenerational perspective since each of the four characters represents a different generation. It also explores other pertinent issues to the gay community, such as the adoption of children by same-sex couples, surrogacy, gay marriage and AIDS.


Applicant: The Eden and Razzett Foundation - Inspire

Reference number: ARTS51-23-3371

Project Title: An Inclusive Multi-Sensory Virtual Reality Show for Students with Autism/Neurodivergent Spectrum

Amount awarded: €28,400

This innovative project is aimed at enhancing the experiences of students with autism/neurodivergent spectrum at Inspire Foundation through an inclusive multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) show. This transformative initiative, led by the highly skilled Brandon Terribile, a distinguished theatre practitioner, performing artist, drama teacher, and media producer, seeks to engage ten students in a 10-session creative and training program. The objective is to collaboratively create scenes that will be seamlessly woven into a full-length multi-sensory virtual reality show, enriching the experiences of all members of Inspire Foundation and exposing them to culture. The students will be guided through a journey of culture, creativity and skill development.


Applicant: Costantino Film Ltd.

Reference number: ARTS31-23-3282

Project Title: “Novecento – la leggenda del pianista sull’oceano” by Alessandro Baricco

Amount awarded: €30,000

"Novecento - The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean" by Alessandro Baricco is directed by Daniela Ardini in collaboration with Giovanni Costantino and Alessia Bonnici. It is an extraordinary tale, already a great cinematographic transposition by G. Tornatore, a show whose mission is to overcome the barriers of accessibility to the stage and the audience, creating a "high" and "other" artistic moment that gives "voice" and "listening" to those who express themselves through unconventional languages. The project demonstrates how much enrichment collaboration between different cultural communities such as the Maltese and Italian ones can bring.


Applicant: Gillian Zammit

Reference number: ARTS42-23-3358

Project Title: Young Artists Vocal Programme

Amount awarded: €30,000

Malta and Gozo are home to some exceptionally talented young singers. These classical singers often encounter a lack of support, training and performance opportunities at home. Many choose to pursue training at conservatoire level abroad, and although they may be of a commensurate standard vocally, they find themselves at a disadvantage in terms of musical education and experience. Singers who wish to remain in Malta and pursue a professional career struggle to find performing experience or an advanced, holistic tuition that allows them to attain the level required by local cultural entities. Experienced performers and educators, Gillian Zammit and Denise Mulholland, seek to address those needs by offering a training programme that will provide young artists with a pre-conservatoire level of tuition. The Young Artists Vocal Programme will expose emerging artists to noted international tutors, collaborations with established international cultural entities and performance opportunities so essential to their development.


Applicant: Roderick Camilleri

Reference number: ARTS49-23-3368

Project Title: Midwal – Community Archive

Amount awarded: €11,677

The Midwal Project is a community project which aims to empower local citizens of Santa Luċija (Malta) to construct a creative archive revolving around the cultural and historical legacy of this small locality. The project is designed to give the locals the opportunity to delve deeper into their social, cultural, and historical background of Santa Luċija, to inspire and generate the artistic and cultural identity of the community and to stimulate different audiences to participate in a creative dialogue. The project takes the form of a collective joint venture between five partners, namely Santa Luċija Local Council, Active Aging, Right to Smile, and the college of ST Thomas More Secondary School situated in the same village. The project will give an opportunity to different audiences to construct a collective creative archive by documenting sources and memoirs, and engaging in an artistic dialogue and process through workshops and activities.


Applicant: Adrian Buckle

Reference number: ARTS01-23-2947

Project Title: Peer Gynt

Amount awarded: €30,000

The project consists of the staging of a new theatre script written by Brad Birch, based on the classic play Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen. The adapted narrative follows the character Peer, as he dreams and travels around the world, only to become the centre of a human trafficking story at the core of the Mediterranean Sea. The adaptation process of this script involved a number of conversations with African migrants based in Malta who shared their experiences with the writer to create a more authentic and realistic version of the narrative describing this issue as it happens in today’s world. The primary aim of this project is to create a space for open discussions and expression in relation to the theme of migration and intercultural dialogue. The production will also feature African migrant artists as part of the cast and crew, who will be working alongside established collaborators.  


Applicant: Żugraga Dance Organisation

Reference number: ARTS29-23-3252

Project Title: Sustainability in action: From ideas to impact

Amount awarded: €5,659

Żugraga Dance would like to host workshops with teens and/or young adults to promote sustainability for the next two summers.  The Creatives intend to work with the participants from Generation (Change?) to create a production on the very relevant theme of sustainability with a focus on sustainable art. They will delve into environmental consciousness, ethics, and sustainable practices, including reduction, reuse, recycling, and green initiatives. The discussions will shape the comprehensive plan and mood board, laying the groundwork for the creative process — music composition, scriptwriting, choreography, and set design. Throughout the creative sessions, the organisation will prioritize reuse, recycling, and reduction, evident in its recyclable set materials and music composed using body or prop percussion. These concepts will be woven into a final performance at the Valletta Design Cluster.


Applicant: Arthaus

Reference Number: ARTS16-23-3078

Project Title: Stepping Forward

Amount Awarded: €5,182

The project seeks to unlock the potential of theatre as a means to address the often-overlooked subject of ageing and nurture connections across generations. Through the use of research and interviews with elderly residents, caregivers, and specialists, the voluntary organisation aims to gain insights into the needs and desires of the elderly residents, in order to craft a unique script which ensures the active involvement of the elderly residents. The heart of the project lies in creating a one-of-a-kind performance that incorporates the voices and experiences of the elderly, showcasing their challenges, regrets, reconciliations, stories, and aspirations. The performance will provide entertainment in elderly care homes, promoting active participation from the elderly. 


Applicant: Busli Collective

Reference Number: ARTS43-23-3361

Project Title: Safer Grounds

Amount Awarded: €26,115

Devised by the individuals from the community for the community, and in collaboration with educational experts and local NGOs, this project seeks to raise awareness about gender identity and sexual education. It employs verbatim theatre techniques to authentically portray the experiences of a diverse community. Following a research phase, workshops will take place to shape the performance's key interpretations. This initial script will be revised and updated continuously during rehearsals until the execution of the theatrical performance.