The aim of the Newspapers Support Scheme is to support the quality assurance of content related to arts, culture, and heritage in print newspapers.

Fully cognisant of the sector’s current situation with limited financial and human resources, the scheme seeks to support and facilitate ways and means how to address the present challenges.

The proposed scheme is divided in two strands:

Strand 1 aims at supporting linguistic services for print newspapers in the Maltese language. Newspapers published in Maltese will benefit from financial support towards linguistic development including orthography and improvement of journalistic expression in terms of style, clarity, syntax, and semantics.

Elements like conciseness, political correctness, clear articulation, and analytical thinking may be addressed professionally and in line with international standards.

Strand 2 aims at supporting expenditure for the creation of regular arts, culture, and heritage content designed to disseminate knowledge to readers about cultural aspects via features, articles and pictorial material in view of promoting events and projects to attract new audiences.

Print-based media in Malta is encouraged to feature recognition towards the importance of arts, culture, and heritage as seminal contributors to citizens’ wellbeing in contemporary society.

The scheme supports the below activities:

Strand 1:

- Attendance to proofreading courses in the Maltese language;
- Attendance to refreshers instruction courses in the use of the Maltese language and its constant evolvement;
- Instruction in idiom and stylistic qualities for journalistic writing in the Maltese language for print media;
- Outsourcing of linguistic services such as subber and proofreading services.

Strand 2:

- Attendance to short courses in Maltese and/or English language studies, journalism, and creative writing for the print media;
- Publication of advertorial material promoting arts, culture, and heritage;
- Remuneration for editors and/or contributors of pages and supplements dedicated to arts, culture, and heritage content that feature on a regular basis;
- Writing of reviews and critiques of activities related to arts, culture, and heritage such as exhibitions, performances, tours, and television productions.

All beneficiaries of Strand 2 must include a minimum of 25 double-page spreads in each print newspaper, annually, costing €250 covering arts, culture, and heritage content.

Who can apply?

The grant is open to undertakings and voluntary organisations that carry out an economic activity within the meaning of Article 107 TFEU, as well as those applicants that do not carry out an economic activity within the meaning of Article 107 TFEU.

Applicants must qualify as one of the following:
• Company registered with the Malta Business Registry;
• Voluntary organisation enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. 

Applicant must be the legal representative of a printed newspaper media company or similar organization producing printed newspapers provided that they have an editor registered with the DOI here


The deadline to apply is Tuesday 23rd May 2023 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

Apply here.  


Application Deadline: 23 May 2023

Ranking order

Applicant: Media.Link Communications

Reference number: NSS07-23-2600 (Strand 1)

Project Title: Lejn it-tisħiħ tal-użu tal-Malti

Amount awarded: €30,000

The financial support offered by Arts Council Malta will ensure better use of the Maltese language in terms of quality. The beneficiary intends to invest in expert lecturing staff and proofreaders who will go through the newspapers’ content before publishing. Through this project, the beneficiary feels that its newspapers will once again enjoy good use of the Maltese language.


Applicant: Mediatoday Co Ltd

Reference number: NSS14-23-2618 (Strand 1)

Project Title: Training young journalists in investigative reporting and news reportage in a Maltese Digital and Print news platform

Amount awarded: €15,000

A project to train and prepare young journalists in investigative reporting and news reportage in a Maltese Digital and Print news platform.


Applicant: Standard Publications Ltd

Reference number: NSS02-23-2434 (Strand 2)

Project Title: Promoting Arts, Culture & Heritage on the Malta Independent Newspapers

Amount awarded: €30,000

The Malta Independent has always been a strong supporter of the arts and culture scene in Malta. Whereas its readers look out for the intuitive and colourful promotion of upcoming events, they are also eager to follow the post-event reviews and critiques written by experienced culture analysts. This year's project will offer its readers a richer overview of the numerous arts productions, exhibitions and events happening. It plans to delve deep behind the production, to engage with the artists, producers, directors and support people who create the event. It will be following closely the audience's reaction to the production, thus allowing a mature discussion to help widen the artistic knowledge of its audiences. Besides its print publications, TMI will also be carrying interviews and sharing experiences of the protagonists on its online portal, providing a one-on-one opportunity to listen to the story from the protagonists.


Applicant: Allied Newspapers Ltd.

Reference number: NSS12-23-2607 (Strand 2)

Project Title: Arts and Entertainment, The Sunday Times of Malta

Amount awarded: €29,122

This project consists of a weekly Arts and Culture section in The Sunday Times of Malta, with the main goal of celebrating and elevating Malta’s arts and culture scene, while reflecting the diversity, range and capability of the islands’ creative community. Typical coverage will showcase events happening across the islands, such as theatre productions, art exhibitions, book or album launches and public lectures. The aim is to not simply let events drive each week’s section coverage – rather, people and organisations who make Malta’s cultural world vibrant will be invited to showcase their works and ideas.


Applicant: Azzjoni Kattolika Maltija (AKM)

Reference number: NSS04-23-2509 (Strand 2)

Project Title: Highlighting and appreciating the beauty around us through art

Amount awarded: €14,435

The newspaper Il-Leħen is a 24-Page newspaper published on a weekly basis. Through this project the newspaper will be increased to 28 pages approximately every 2 weeks, in which 2 pages will be dedicated specifically to arts and culture. The newspaper currently depends on what information is sent to the Editor by its contributors, members of the public or other organisations for publishing. This project will help the newspaper to engage specific contributors and experts in their fields in order to feature cultural and artistic content on a more regular basis. These contributions may also include the writing of reviews and critiques of activities related to arts and culture. This will not only increase how often such content is published but also the quality of the content itself.


Applicant: Union Print Co. Ltd.

Reference number: NSS05-23-2569 (Strand 2)

Project Title: MADWARNA

Amount awarded: €15,663

It is the beneficiary’s opinion that Maltese culture does not enjoy the sufficient emphasis that it so merits. The plan is that over a period of one year, the beneficiary starts allocating 2 pages to the newspaper L-Orizzont and another 2 pages to the newspaper It-Torċa. These pages will provide space for local artists and others involved in the cultural sector. The themes tackled may include Maltese għana, artists, Maltese skills, the Maltese language, the Maltese festas, band clubs and Maltese music. It is felt that the material provided should not be limited to research articles and newspaper interviews, but rather, that it should be published on online platforms. This will enable the promotion of Maltese culture to reach out to more people, in particular the younger generation.


Applicant: Mediatoday Co. Ltd.

Reference number: NSS13-23-2617 (Strand 2)

Project Title: Illum & MaltaToday Culture Pages

Amount awarded: €18,163

Two Sunday newspapers, namely MaltaToday and Illum, will provide a weekly double-page spread each on particular culture events happening on the Maltese Islands. These will also be replicated on the digital platforms and



Mediatoday Co Ltd

Standard Publications Ltd

Azzjoni Kattolika Maltija (AKM)

Union Print Co. Ltd.

Allied Newspapers Ltd.