This scheme will help support and maintain Malta’s creative and cultural ecology by enabling artists and cultural operators (whether they are organisations, collectives or freelance collaborations) to:

1. Restart their programming and production activity however possible 2. Operate in a sustainable manner even if circumstances require postponing the reopening of certain activities to the public.

Applicants will need to provide a proposed programme of activities that may include events, productions, performances, exhibitions, festivals, training and development initiatives in order to make the case for their costs. The scheme will allow for more financial and strategic flexibility, security, collaborations, innovative audience engagement, skills development and logistical service acquisition while minimizing risk of unexpected losses that occur due to unexpected restrictions related to public health or related matters. Cultural operators- whether they operate on a small, medium or large scale, - would be able to plan ahead in their programming while adapting to the new realities and taking into account the uncertainties in a strategic and financially feasible manner. Health and safety measures are to be given utmost importance, keeping in mind that these are contingent upon the situation in the respective periods. 

This scheme will also enable compensation for any ticketed events forming part of the proposed programme which would have to operate below full seating capacity due to public health restrictions. The compensation will be equal to the difference between the projected ticket sales in circumstances without public health restrictions and the projected ticket sales with the current public health restrictions (which may vary over time). This will be calculated with a capping of €15 per ticket for each ticketed event.

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations); Groups, Collectives and Consortia; Registered Cooperatives and Voluntary Organisations.


The deadline to apply is Friday 1st October 2021 at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

Apply here

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Application Deadline: 1st October 2021

Ranking Order

Applicant: Moveo Dance Foundation

Reference number: PSS22-21-870

Project Title: Moveo Re-launch Programme

Amount awarded: €26,000

This new season programme will help Moveo Dance Foundation find its footing and hopefully bring it back on the performance platform. The main aim is for the foundation to consolidate its position both with outreach and education, as well as theatre performances. Part of the programme will include an investment in its company teachers, by sending them to specific teaching training programmes that will enable them to develop their teaching skills. These programmes include the Progressive Ballet and Contemporary Technique (PBT and PCT) teacher training course and the Dance Teacher Training Course by The Royal Ballet School. The foundation has devised a season which will help it restart its theatrical season. The opera ‘Carmen’ will be restaged as one of its most successful performances. The foundation will be collaborating with 2 international choreographers - Otis Carr (UK) and Klevis Emanzaj (Italy).

Charlie Cauchi

Reference number: PSS29-21-881

Project Title: Untitled Malta Moving Image Project

Amount awarded: €46,000

This programme of installations, interventions and workshops is based around the celebration of Malta as a filming and cinema-going location in general. The objectives of this project are framed by an overarching intention to engage with the Maltese landscape, history, culture and notions of Maltese identity in a playful and innovative way, through the creation of several art works, interventions, and workshops. This multidisciplinary project has 4 main aims: to discern the island’s uncanny ability to replicate other lands, be them real or imagined through a guided, public audio installation and a physical exhibition; to fabricate an alternative cinema history for the island through a collaborative installation and live performance; to hold a workshop(s) to gather the oral history of people; to host a workshop for younger audiences on the connection between landscape, sets and cinematic space.


Applicant: Adrian Buckle

Reference number: PSS01-21-707

Project Title: Adrian Buckle International Season

Amount awarded: €51,000

Adrian Buckle will be joining actress Ann-Marie Buckle in this joint venture. Ann-Marie Buckle is an autistic actress and a Trinity Guildhall graduate working hard to break into the theatre mainstream in spite of her condition. She already has some performances under her belt but would like to prove that certified autistic actors can make it too. The main aim is to put up a number of events to reconnect the Maltese Theatre scene with the International scene and to explore Identity as a Theme. The programme of activities includes:  Performances of Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind and adapted by Brad Birch, to be directed by former Paines Plough Artistic Director James Grieve MBE; Workshops with Brad Birch (script writing) and James Grieve (Directing); Workshops in schools, especially for disadvantaged teenagers in the Marsa area, by top British Educator Chris Cooper, and workshops on Monodramas for adults on Identity, based on the play CHAIR by Edward Bond; Performances of CHAIR by Edward Bond, directed by British Director Clive Judd; Workshops with Clive Judd in Directing.


Applicant: Joseph Zammit

Reference number: PSS37-21-889

Project Title: WhatsTheirNames Season 2022

Amount awarded: €51,000

A programme of three theatrical productions will be produced by WhatsTheirNames Theatre in the first six months of year 2022. The three productions will include a contemporary comedy (Art by Yasmina Reza), a new Maltese translation of a contemporary drama (Knives in Hens by David Harrower) which will mark the group’s first Maltese-language production, and a continuation of the group’s highly popular Shakespeare productions with an outdoor summer production of Romeo and Juliet. The programme will feature collaborations with a wide range of actors and creatives, and will be supported by a series of free workshops as well as a trainee assistant director programme.


Applicant: Roxanne Gatt

Reference number: PSS32-21-886


Amount awarded: €31,000

This project is set to be Malta’s first dedicated LGBTQI+ multidisciplinary arts centre. The beneficiary has secured a space in the heart of Balzan, where it is intended to host a multidisciplinary programme focused on celebrating the LGBTQI+ community at home and internationally. ROSA KWIR PRESENTS consists of a programme of artist residencies, exhibitions, talks and workshops. It also intends to house its own archive and library.


Applicant: The Insynk Collective

Reference number: PSS14-21-854

Project Title: The Artist Empowerment Project

Amount awarded: €25,000

Through this project, the music/visual production studio will support four artists across different genres to produce and promote contemporary music as a collective artistic experience. The programme will aim to deliver and distribute a total of twenty new original songs between four different artists. The project collaborators include Maria Galea, 24 (Photographer); Neo Borg Bonaci, 21 (Videographer); Jacob Saliba, 23 (Graphic Designer, Painter, Colourist & Stage Designer) and Emma Tranter, 25 (Marketing & PR Specialist, Tour Manager). It will consist of song writing sessions, recording & production sessions, mixing/balancing of the recordings and mastering.  The musical productions will then be packaged with artworks & visualisers. The artists and their musical creations will finally go through a rigorous Promotion & PR campaign led by Emma Tranter to help them achieve the maximum possible reach.


Applicant: Aidan Somers

Reference number: PSS26-21-876

Project Title: Artistic Expression using Universal Concepts & Collaboration

Amount awarded: €25,000

The project consists of a series of five collaborative productions between several artists across a variety of genres, creating a fusion of styles and nurturing experimentation between artists of various cultural sectors. It intends to engage new audiences with an innovative concept that bridges barriers between artists through universal concepts. The project will enable several artists to collaborate and experiment, thus promoting a sense of community and diversity within the platform. A combination of reggae and afrobeat artists such as 'Forty Two Ways' and 'Godloves' from South Sudan and Cameroon in Africa will be paired with local hip hop artists 'Kodin Hill' and local singer 'Ivie Skies' to create a fusion production of Reggae, R n B and Rap which focuses on creating positive energy and leaving an impact in the world.


Applicant: District Entertainment

Reference number: PSS16-21-859

Project Title: District Records

Amount awarded: €31,000

The beneficiaries intend to create a platform for a pool of talented Maltese electronic music producers to distribute unique music productions both locally and internationally. The programme will consist of a series of activities in which different local artists will have the opportunity to release music productions which will in turn be remixed by international artists. This project will also include a series of label events with local producers whose track is being released.


Applicant: William Smith

Reference number: PSS06-21-803

Project Title: NOMAD

Amount awarded: €6,000

William Smith’s debut album comprises of six original compositions which he wrote over a period of four years during his stay in the Netherlands. The music serves as an auditive journal, drawing inspiration from the journey of a young man leaving his home on a Mediterranean island to pursue his dreams and hone his musical skills overseas. The beneficiary feels that now is the right time to record and release his debut album. The final product will be used as promotional material aimed at festivals/other music venues for William and his quartet, both in Malta and overseas. Accompanying William on this musical journey will be three other musicians and great friends whom he met during his stay in the Netherlands: Prashant Samlal on electric guitar, Jonathan Ho Chin Kiat on double bass and Murat Ali Cengiz on piano. The band (less Mr Cengiz) also performed on the main stage of the Malta Jazz Festival in 2019.


Applicant: Gozo Youth Wind Orchestra Foundation

Reference number: PSS34-21-886

Project Title: Spreading Our Wings – Celebrating 20 years of innovative music concerts by Gozitan youth musicians

Amount awarded: €21,000

The Gozo Youth Wind Band & Orchestra will organise a number of activities leading to a number of music concerts/productions, namely: Don Bosco Grand Concert in January 2022 at the Oratory Don Bosco, Victoria; Opera vs Pop Under the Stars – 14th Edition in August 2022 at the Gozo Ministry’s Courtyard; Soundtrack Spectacular in September 2022 at the Cittadella, and a Gala concert titled ‘A Night with Andrew Lloyd Webber’ at Aurora Theatre in October 2022, in collaboration with the Helping Hands Group. The performances will cover a wide array of music genres including classical, operatic, soundtracks, pop, musical theatre and rock music.


Applicant: Balzunetta Productions

Reference number: PSS41-21-893

Project Title: Rerun and Restart / Maltese Musical Theatre

Amount awarded: €31,000

The project aims to re-run the musical ‘Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej’ in year 2022. Meanwhile, Balzunetta Productions is preparing tourable versions of its musicals, as well as the next set of three original musicals planned to be held in years 2023, 2024, and 2025. The Re-run would therefore re-start the company's programme. ‘Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej’ was a very successful original musical in the Maltese language which brought together several artists hailing from different art forms.


Applicant: Soċjetà Filarmonika L-Unjoni

Reference number: PSS08-21-843

Project Title: Restart

Amount awarded: €20,000

In 2019 and 2021 respectively, the Society was meant to hold two concerts based on another two previous concerts held by the Society, namely ‘Tristis Est Anima Mea’ (2017) at the Luqa Parish Church and ‘Movies in Concert’ (2019) at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. Through this project, the Society will be organising these two overdue performances which were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Applicant: Allura

Reference number: PSS23-21-872

Project Title: Open Art Studios

Amount awarded: €26,000

The project consists of a series of twelve ‘edu-tainment’ video experiences filmed for an online audience, each separately featuring a selection of Allura’s own leading artists as well as a student artist involved with the Sovereign Art Foundation.  A collective exhibition will close off the series. Each of the artists will share their creative process through entertaining and educational video content which will be facilitated, hosted and delivered by Allura. The content will be designed to impart artistic knowledge and skills to other artists, aspiring artists and art students. The informal, friendly tone will make the content highly accessible and will contribute to further popularising the visual arts in Malta. The programme will also provide stimulating viewing and creative inspiration to the general public. Through the programme, Allura endeavours to create meaningful and engaging connections by inviting audiences to virtually meet artists and welcome them into their studios to see them work.


Applicant: Big Friends Guggen Musik Malta A.D. 2008

Reference number: PSS13-21-851

Project Title: Inqajmu mill-ġdid il-ħajja soċjokulturali

Amount awarded: €20,333

The project consists of a number of events spread over a year. It will also feature a musical ensemble aimed at freelance musicians. The project will include a number of masterclasses, 2 concerts centred around the themes of summer and the Christmas period, an exhibition and a CD.


Applicant: Boing Ltd.

Reference number: PSS39-21-891

Project Title: Glitch Festival – A Creative Visual and Audio experience

Amount awarded: €23,000

‘Glitch’ is a household name in the electronic music industry, both locally and overseas. Its main event is the Glitch Festival, held annually between the 13-16th of August. The event has been postponed for two years in a row due to Covid-19. The aim of this programme is to enable the events to restart and still achieve the improved levels of professionalism and onsite production. The programme will give the project the necessary impetus to collaborate with several local artists to produce the desired results. It will bring together various artists and creative professionals for a unique collaborative opportunity. The talent required for these projects will include light & installation designers, architects for structures & design, metal workers, carpenters for joinery work and many more, all locally produced. The improved experience on its stages will enhance the local musicians’ performances. The plan is to add a day, taking the festival to a total of 4 days.

Application Deadline: 3rd June 2021

Ranking Order

Reference Number: PSS28-21-379

Applicant: Masquerade Malta

Project Title: Out of the Blue 

Allocated funds (EUR): €47,500

The aim of the programme is to rekindle an appreciation and passion in live theatre. Masquerade Malta is looking to re-engage the seasoned theatre goer and secure new audiences for the theatre space, Blue Box. The intention is to produce six plays, with each play performed by actors of different ages and experience. In addition to engaging audiences, this will allow the young actors to grow and develop within the theatre atmosphere. This mix of experience will be beneficial in kick starting theatre in a post pandemic resurgence.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Malta Chamber of Scientists

Project Title: Sowing Seeds

Allocated funds (EUR): €42,000

Science in the City (SitC) is looking at innovative ways of reaching its audience, while continuing to build bridges between science, research, the arts and the community through a programme which spans a period of 18 months. This time includes the whole process, that is development of the art pieces, marketing, opening them up to the publics, gathering the data online about the audience experience and evaluation. The focus will be on Malta’s heritage both the natural and the cultural. By doing so it is hoped that a sense of pride is instilled and a desire to actively pursue the preservation of both. COVID-19 has shown just how important it is to have a society that can take informed decisions. This transcends the pandemic as the planet continues to face the dire consequences of our action. The art pieces in this programme all encourage active participation and the involvement of the audience, to nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills for this reason.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: EPICLECTIC ltd

Project Title: Bla Kondixin - The return

Allocated funds (EUR): € 40,000

Bla Kondixin is a fun live event featuring some of the foremost comedic elements of Maltese language comedy and satire. Held annually since 2001, the event has now reached its 20th edition. Over these twenty years, Bla Kondixin has built for itself a reputation for delivering biting socio-political satire, targeting every main political and socially popular figures. This year’s edition aims to be presented as a series of creative challenges, which will motivate the restarting of the event, strengthen the brand in the face of the various losses incurred through the enforced absence while continuing to re-invent the product. Flexibility and adaptability are seen as new and ever-changing circumstances as the underlying strategy to help the survival and overcome the difficulties faced over the past eighteen months. The normal run of six performances with 2200+ patrons over three weekends will be replaced with a run of ten performances with a maximum of 1000 patrons over two weekends. The creative team will be re-invigorated through scouting and professionally-led workshops.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Gozo Youth Wind Orchestra Foundation

Project Title: BACK to BASICS - looking to a brighter FUTURE..

Allocated funds (EUR): €35,000

The Gozo Youth Wind Band & Orchestra is proposing to organize of a number of activities leading to a number of music concerts/productions highly associated with the period prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, namely: Stage and Proms on the Sea by the Gozo Youth Orchestra at the Mgarr Marina, Soundtrack Spectacular at the Cittadella, the rock orchestral concert at Aurora and Christmas Rocks the Astra at Astra Theatre.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Culture Venture

Project Title: Malta Spectacular: the Grand return

Allocated funds (EUR): €35,000

To mark the full reopening of the arts and establish a yearly celebration of Malta’s diverse performing arts scene, Culture Venture , Jagged House promotions and other collaborators have joined forces to produce a Malta Spectacular - a live variety show of music, comedy, musical theatre, circus arts and dance by some of Malta’s most outstanding artists, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The project is inspired by the yearly traditional Christmas variety shows, with the intention of encompassing a variety of artists, genres as well as different sectors coming together as one high standard production. With a contingency of an online variety show , should the situation of the pandemic remain as it is and the targeted live performance date December 2021, the objective is to present a live production that marks the return of a significantly increased capacity of theatres in Malta. The inaugural edition will prioritise professional artists whose income was severely impacted during the pandemic, whilst paying tribute to those who lost their lives to COVID and the health professionals who safeguarded the nation.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: YMCA Malta

Project Title: D-inVISIBLE

Allocated funds (EUR): € 33,000 

'D-inVISIBLE' is a series of three concerts raising awareness of the hidden homelessness situation in Malta via a digital Opera House Experience. YMCA Malta would like to go beyond the definition of cultural heritage as movable and immovable objects of artistic, architectural, and historical concepts, which include information and/or data relative to the cultural heritage of Malta. This will be carried out via actualizing three performances in a heritage site that is invisible and no longer existing of such Maltese cultural importance by a click of a finger in the local and foreign market.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: FM Theatre Productions

Project Title: Young Audience Program

Allocated funds (EUR): €30,000 

This program will be part of the first season at The Theatre Next Door. This theatre is currently under construction and set to open its doors by the end of 2021 in Maghtab limits of Naxxar. The Theatre has a capacity of 150 seats as well as 3 large fully equipped rehearsal studios that could also be used as a performance space. This program includes 5 different projects targeted at different ages from babies all the way up to teenagers. Its aim is to offer young audiences a multi disciplinary theatre experience within this new theatre space in the heart of a village north of the island.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Nicola Said

Project Title: Malta Opera

Allocated funds (EUR): €30,000 

This proposal will support the first programme of the newly established Malta Opera, a company of professional Maltese opera singers, and Malta-based professional direction and production. Malta Opera fills a void in the cultural market for international class Maltese performance, collaborating across the sector through multidisciplinary projects. This project will lead to Malta Opera addressing three main Projects in its first two years: Bel Canto Staged Opera Scenes, a Masterclass Series, and a Devised Operetta. It delivers in Performance, Education and Community and adds to the touristic mix attracting visitors who already know Malta through her opera stars.


Reference Number: PSS17-21-319

Applicant: TEN08

Project Title: Rock The Fort

Allocated funds (EUR): €27,500

TEN08, together with the collaboration of Fondazzjoni Kottonera, shall be embarking on the third edition of the unique concert ROCK THE FORT, held at the Grand Harbour Marina Vittoriosa. After hosting Marc Martel in the last edition in 2019, it is planned that there will be two shows instead of one. On the first day of the festival Mitchell Brunings will be hosted, a The Voice of Holland Season 4 contestant famously known for his voice resemblance to legendary reggae star Bob Marley. As a supporting act for Mitchell Brunings, there will be the Maltese reggae and ska band Manatapu. The day after there will be one of UK’s most talented groups, The Classic Rock Show described as ‘the ultimate live jukebox’, bringing original rock classics back to life on stage, with a huge sound and light show. This is also a very challenging project for our volunteers. It will test their abilities on the production aspect of this festival.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: G7 Events

Project Title: The Magical Illuminated Trail

Allocated funds (EUR): €27,000 

During the evenings of December and early January the event will transform the Verdala Palace Garden into The Magical Illuminated Trail: Walk Thru Edition. An afterhours journey through the otherwise dark walkways of Verdala Palace Garden. It will include a an immersive, artistic and musically driven audio visual experience featuring a music composition symphony from The Palace String Orchestra merged with synthesized electronic instruments tying it all together with a stunning interactive 3D projection Mapping show projected on the President’s Palace, created by local 3D and Graphic artists


Reference Number: PSS11-21-305

Applicant: Zararti Malta Cultural Association

Project Title: Drama for the Third Age and Special Communities

Allocated funds (EUR): €12,285

Senior Citizens staying at various care homes look forward to being entertained and for a few hours smile and bring back memories from their past . ZARARTI has a long experience with performing plays at St Vincent de Paule Home for the elderly. Starting in 2014 it has performed on 7 occasions over 5 years. In this project it is being proposed to stage 4 plays to be performed over a period of a year at old people's homes both public and private. The same play will be staged once a month for three months in a different old people's home. The second play will be staged for the following three months and so on. The selection of plays is being finalised and will includes plays by well known Maltese writers - Lino Grech, Gorg Peresso, Guze Aquilina and Narcy Calamatta.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Ignite

Project Title: Ignite 2021/22

Allocated funds (EUR): €18,000 

From late September Ignite will run weekly youth theatre workshops in a Valletta venue. The acting ensemble will comprise twenty young people aged 16 to 25 years old, and places in the ensemble will be awarded through an audition process. The workshop content will be a combination of skills learning in a non-formal learning environment, and devising of a new piece of theatre. In the week following Easter 2022 the ensemble will engage in a full-time production week, working in the manner of a professional theatre company.


Reference Number: PSS35-21-390

Applicant: Peter Borg

Project Title: Masterclass Malta 

Allocated funds (EUR): €18,000

Masterclass Malta is a docu-series programme, that will cover a variety of topics and careers in the creative industry, inspiring and educating tomorrow’s creative workforce. Through this entertaining format, up and coming artists of all industries can not only be inspired, but actually learn from the industry professionals, how to sustainably work in the creative industry. 

Reference Number: 


Project Title: MedFilm Festival in Malta/We love the sea

Allocated funds (EUR): €15,000

The first edition of the MedFilm Festival in Malta - We love the sea, organised by Costantino Films Ltd in collaboration with the MedFilm Festival of Rome, is part of the international partnership with the Film Festivals of Formentera, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, Malta, Ortigia, Alghero and Montenegro. The MedFilm Festival intends to combine the love for cinema with that of the environment and, in particular, the protection of the sea. In addition to this, it intends to showcase and bring closer together the multiple cultures that surround the Mediterranean Sea.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Adrian J. Mizzi

Project Title: Fashion ♥️ Art

Allocated funds (EUR): €13,000


Reference Number: 

Applicant: Kixott Coop Ltd

Project Title: He(a)rding CATS

Allocated funds (EUR): €10,048

He(a)rding CATS intends to kick-start meaningful and productive conversations between practitioners from varied fields, in an effort to boost the viability of creative and cultural projects on the island. A structured exploration will be explored of how different people tackle challenges of a creative idea from concept to realisation. We want to ignite the conversation and move on to discover potential solutions both in thinking and practice. This will include live discussion sessions between practitioners filmed at Kixott, presentations and workshops.

Application Deadline: 22nd March 2021

Ranking Order

Reference Number: PSS14-21-134

Applicant: Teatru Salesjan

Project Title: Recovery and Resurgence from Covid 19 at Teatru Salesjan

Allocated funds (EUR): €48,000.00

The programme proposed is for Teatru Salesjan's upcoming Season 2021/2022. This builds upon the theatre's past season’s programme which currently envisions four scenarios: - Nurture Culture Programmes; the theatre’s own Education and Community Programmes, whereby the theatre invests in tutors and practitioners to bring the Arts to communities that most need it, ranging from the youngest with TS' Sally Sounds Ensemble to our Golden Years Programme and other work with marginalised communities. The inhouse productions; the theatre’s own homegrown theatre productions, whereby it builds capital to invest in artistic programming as well as cover running costs for each show, through box office revenue. The theatre's collaborations; productions with facilitated access to the theatre through heavily reduced rates such as NGOs, Foundations and Artist Collectives, whereby a portion of the box office income covers production costs and third party productions.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Reuben Spiteri

Project Title: Earth Graden Seaside Sessions 2021 

Allocated funds (EUR): €42,000.00

This project focuses on a series of six alternative music events that will cater for 150 people per event. In all 45 artists will participate in these events. Part of these events will be live streamed, and the recorded stream uploaded on the Earth Garden online video portal, Video-Garden. The six events will be hosted by the most sought after alternative music promoters that usually form part of Earth Garden Festival. In all, the programme will involve nine promoters/collaborators.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Kinemastik

Project Title: Little Rock People Children's Film Festival

Allocated funds (EUR): €17,000.00

The Little Rock People Children's Film Festival is conceptualised as a five day programme of open air screenings of short films in various venues around Malta and Gozo. The programme is set to take place in August 2021. This is conceptualied as a children’s festival that will be fun and safe to attend. In order to achieve this the festival was rethought  as a travelling, outdoor cinema experience. In order to achieve this, the intention is tto set up a portable, outdoor cinema system and seating, bringing the LRP short film programme into the village cores or open air historical or natural sites. By decentralising the LRP the aim is to engage a more diverse audience, encourage inclusivity and celebrate the power of film as both heritage and art-form.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Ghaqda tal-Muzkali San Gejtanu - Hamrun

Project Title: Re-awakening our Cultural and Social mission 

Allocated funds (EUR): €28,000.00

Għaqda tal-Mużika San Gejtanu is submitting a programme of activities that will include a film production , musical performances , the recording of a new set of band marches as well as a training and personal/organisation development event. The anticipated and desired outcomes of the proposal is to bring people together once again and promote a sense of community after the COVID-19 pandemic and thus re-awakening social and cultural life. This is relevant and challenging to the organisation's artistic development as it gives an opportunity to the music students a chance to work within a group of more experienced musicians. More over this project will help to consolidate teamwork within the Band Club committee and therefore strengthen our institutional capacity. 

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Etnika

Project Title: Days of Entropy

Allocated funds (EUR): €30,000.00

Days of Entropy is a week-long interactive and immersive concept festival with a programme of events including residencies, workshops, and three days of multimedia live performances. Music, dance, immersive installations and projections, collaboration with local and international artists, creatives and entities. The central concept of the programme will be entropy. Entropy as a measure of unpredictability, a tendency towards flux and rearrangement, a transfer of energy, dissipation of structures and inevitability of exchange of elements in a system. The inspiration to do an artistic investigation of the concept of entropy comes from its relevance in connection to Malta, the Etnika project, and the current global situation we find ourselves in.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: The Travellers

Project Title: Raising Awareness on Pscho-Social Issues through Music 

Allocated funds (EUR): €30,000.00

The aim is to connect local talent with the target audience creating awareness through music on various phyco-social issues faced by Maltese young generation. Indeed by applying a multidisciplinary and professional approach while collaborating with other entities working directly on psycho-social issues, the band seeks to create more awareness on such matters. The main targets here is to focus on mental health and anxiety, drinking and driving, as well as cyber bullying. The programme in its roots is designed to target the young generation, with the aim of raising awareness while immersing in taking our musical journey to a new level, creating a new music experience inspired from psycho-social aspects and that values the Maltese language.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: The New Victorians

Project Title: Experiencing Live Music TNV 2021-22 Programme

Allocated funds (EUR): €30,000.00

The programme is a series of unique, multi-disciplinary musical experiences, performed in a range of contrasting venues, in collaboration with a diverse group of artists. From a Female Songwriting Camp, to an Immersive Audiovisual Exhibition celebrating modern technology; this will be a programme of events that reimagines what music experiences could look like on our island in the years to come. A diverse, bilingual programme aimed at engaging the whole community by blending technology, innovation and creativity, with reimagined national heritage and local landscapes.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: MACM

Project Title: Modern Music Days

Allocated funds (EUR): €42,000.00

The Modern Music Days (MMD) programme presents a series of concerts and events to promote the performance and understanding of contemporary classical music as well as to promote the work of Maltese composers locally and internationally. The MMD programme includes the following strands: Accessibility & Audience Development Taking contemporary music to places where it is not being heard, international collaborations with three professional and highly respected institutions, professional development and capacity building. . A series of workshops by leading professionals will be organised for local musicians to develop performance techniques to tackle new repertoire. There will be documentation and dissemination besides the standard website and social medial platforms as the MMD programme will include the professional recording of music by Maltese composers. These recordings will be available on all major music streaming services. Furthermore, all concerts will be filmed and edited professionally. The videos will be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo to help to further promote music by Maltese composers.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Alexandra Pace

Project Title: Blitz Valletta 2021-22 Programme

Allocated funds (EUR): €30,250.00

The proposed 2021/22 programme for Blitz Valletta is a response to the new scenario in which the institution has been operating since March 2020. Our aim is to expand the engagement in contemporary art, both locally and internationally, by means of cross-fertilization between artists and professionals from various disciplines and creative sectors. With specific interest in art circulation beyond physical spaces, this programme will explore and support emerging artists based in Malta turning Blitz Valletta into a “post studies training ground”, offer an excellent collaboration in the field of social practice, examine family ties and feelings between galleries and public space, explore the Mediterranean art scene, circumstances that lead to diaspora and postcolonial issues.

Reference Number: 

Applicant: Matthew Catania

Project Title: Revive: A Programme of Serendipitous Encounters

Allocated funds (EUR): €44,708.00

As a reactive intervention towards this local cultural decay, a strategic vision is being outlined as a method to recover and reinvent our local craft. At a national scale, the holistic drive of the proposed vision consists of a transition from an existing centralised system towards a decentralized framework. At a macro scale, the vision seeks to present a phased programme whereby each locality becomes a self-sustaining node of its indigenous craft. Within each town, the proposed vision seeks to establish a platform to encourage a collaboration between the local stakeholders and the locality’s native craft. At a micro scale, the proposal envisages the launch of a new platform which will take on the form of an open digital laboratory to cater for a wide range audience within the village of Hal Balzan. The lab will offer a space where craftsmen, local artisans and scientists come together in an act of collaboration between the old and new trades.

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Applicant: Thomas Scerri 

Project Title: Rooftops

Allocated funds (EUR): €4,737.00

This project explores the modality of contemporary sculpture and painting, probing into the formal and aesthetic content of the local built environment. This research project aims to instil reflection and awareness of the current situation of the contemporary context of Malta. It aims to problematize the aggressive progressive overdevelopment in the Maltese islands, whilst exploring the existential reality of isolation and confinement, caused by the current phenomenon of the COVID pandemic. It also aims to extend and develop the cultural and artistic landscape of local visual arts and practice by showcasing contemporary minimal and abstract art practice to both the general audience, as well as inner audiences. The major part of this project involves a visual arts exhibition. However, it also extends to a number of workshops addressed to students, a public talk for the general public, and a catalogue launch.

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Applicant: Culture Venture

Project Title: Culture Venture Production House Theatre Programme

Allocated funds (EUR): €25,000.00

Culture Venture will be setting up a stand alone production house for artistic projects starting with a slate of four theatre productions in Maltese by three Maltese playwrights, 1 composer and 1 dramaturg. The productions are in various stages of development with distinctive creative processes and partners. The aim of the production house reflects the objectives of the new cultural policy and ACM’s create 2020 strategy to ensure that the necessary professional structures are provided to improve the professional status of artists, especially the right for fair remuneration. It will also increase the capacity of the team to support more artists, specifically independent artists to develop their own projects which are often hindered by lack of resources and production expertise to implement, thus ensuring that levels of excellence are not only attained in artistic content but also in the overall production. 

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Applicant: Allura

Project Title: Open art studios

Allocated funds (EUR): €15,000.00

The ‘Open art studios’ programme is a series of ‘edu-tainment’ video experiences filmed for an online audience, each separately featuring local artists. The videos will feature Allura’s own leading artists and for the twelfth, we will select from the former winning school students of the Sovereign Student Art Prize for Malta and Gozo. Each of the artists will share their creative process through entertaining and educational video content, facilitated, hosted and delivered by Allura. The content will be designed to impart artistic knowledge and skills to other artists, aspiring artists and art students.

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Allocated funds (EUR): €21,000.00

Staġun Teatru Malti commissions Maltese authors to write scripts intended for production in Malta. Each script goes through a development process of not less than one year during which the author is supported through four drafts by professionals and operatives in the field. The proposed programme is for upcoming productions from STM's season. 

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Applicant: 5D Limited 


Allocated funds (EUR): €15,000.00

An audiovisual production that will concentrate on various arts, crafts and culture surrounding the Maltese Islands whilst focusing on the diverse performing arts and their respective work involved in their skills and trades. This is achieved by creating a collaborative synergy between these two and the immersive audiovisual production being proposed, ultimately resulting in a coherent narrative that appeals to the exhibit's visitors. 

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Applicant: Socjeta' Filarmonika Santa Marija

Project Title: MUSIC in sequence

Allocated funds (EUR): €10,638.00

The Saint Mary Philharmonic Society is proposing the organisation of a sequence of music activities that should lead to the organisation of two productions, an outdoor music concert as a TV production, and a sacred music concert. These productions will be covering a variety of music genres, including popular traditional and folkloristic Maltese songs and Sacred Music classics. Our main aim is the cultivation and promotion of local culture through the artistic development of our organisation and our local musicians and ensures that the public is given a sequence of experiences where tradition and culture are fostered.