Published on Wednesday 10 July 2024

Arts Council Malta, in collaboration with Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, proudly announces the start of the fifth edition of the Artivisti Mentorship Programme through an inaugural meeting.

This special event marks the beginning of an eighteen-month journey for a new cohort of young artists committed to making a significant impact on society through their creative endeavours.

Artivisti is designed to empower young talents aged 18-25, encouraging them to use their artistic skills to bring about social change and foster a sense of social responsibility. The programme focuses on identifying and recognising outstanding young talent, instilling social responsibility through arts and creativity, serving as a platform for critical thinking, innovation, and practice-based research and investing in transformation through knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and creative exchange.

The inaugural meeting between representatives from Arts Council Malta, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, and the Artivisti themselves marks the commencement of the artist’s journey of artistic and social transformation.

The 18-month mentoring programme provides young artivists with the necessary guidance, support, and opportunities to design and implement creative projects and grow as artists.

This edition's five Artivisti includes: Matias Cassar, Jake Gialanze, Diellza Igner, Andre Mifsud, and Klara Vassallo. Read more here