The aim of the KulturaTV Fund is to incentivise the development of cultural and creative content on private broadcasting stations in order to enhance the quality of television programming in Malta on arts and culture.

Through this funding scheme, Arts Council Malta aims to support the creation of innovative and culturally significant storytelling relevant to contemporary media audiences with a specific focus on the creative sector in the Maltese islands.

The scheme targets eligible productions on private television stations that require investment to develop works that often lack access to private funding. The scheme provides an incentive to independent audio-visual companies to produce quality-driven television programmes through international co-productions with a potential for international distribution.

The scheme aims to support ambitious audio-visual creations and to encourage the production of original drama, innovative creative documentaries and culture programmes that include coverage of live music and theatre performances, in-depth coverage of the culture and arts scene and behind-the-scenes interviews. Due consideration will be given to proposals focusing on relevant developments in the national cultural landscape, such as the Public Cultural Organisations, national festivals and Arts Council Malta partners.

The scheme also aims to support the translation of original Maltese literature and scripts to any other language, including subtitling/surtitling, transcription and captioning – for film, creative documentaries, plays, TV drama, animation, performance scripts, librettos and video art or to be presented at a festival, by Maltese/Malta-based creatives and operators in the field, as applicable.

Who can apply?

Private stations licensed by the Malta Broadcasting Authorit; Audio-visual companies that are registered in Malta under the Malta Financial Services Authority Act, Chapter 330 of the Laws of Malta and/or as a Partnership and/or Cooperative.


The deadline to apply is Wednesday 30 June 2021 at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.

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Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 30th June 2021

Ranking Order

Reference NumberKTV13-21-551

ApplicantTuri Ltd.

Project TitleId-Denfil

Allocated funds (EUR)24,202

The project consists of a Maltese 15-part 2D animation series, with each part being around two to five minutes long. Each episode will be an excerpt from the Maltese literature book series ‘Id-Denfil’ and will be fully animated, including voice over and animated subtitles. Through this project, Turi Ltd. aims to bridge cultural nostalgia for the older generation as well as increase educational, animated content for young ages, both in Malta as well as overseas.


Reference NumberKTV11-21-544

ApplicantMad About Video Ltd.

Project Title: The Local Traveller

Allocated funds (EUR)40,000

This is a series of 30min TV Programmes documenting the travels around the Maltese Islands of one of Malta's most beloved TV presenters, Clare Agius. The project aims to discover every gem of our islands and give it life by involving the local people who bring an authentic feeling to the programme. Clare finds uniqueness in every locality, beauty in every tradition, curiosity in architectural features and natural heritage, amusement in historical facts. The Local Traveller is a documentary that promotes local cultural tourism. All episodes are uploaded on 'The Local Traveller' You Tube Channel with English Subtitles, thus creating a timeless library of Malta, its culture and its people.


Reference NumberKTV10-21-526

Applicant: Take 2

Project Title: Da Vinci’s Dilemma

Allocated funds (EUR)30,000

Da Vinci's Dilemma features the man himself, Leonardo Da Vinci, who presents Malta’s history from his artistic, technical, yet fun and humorous manner! This project aims to educate children and adults to learn more about Malta’s history. Da Vinci will explore Malta’s oldest remains and breaks down our history in his art studio. The project will delve into Malta's pre-history, from early pre-history and the Neolithic period to the Phoenician era and introducing the Roman period.


Reference NumberKTV12-21-547

Applicant: Sharp Shoot Media Ltd.

Project Title: Stromata

Allocated funds (EUR): 30,000 

The first twenty-four registered manuscripts at the National Library in Valletta are entitled ‘Stromata’ and are a collection of memories and events recorded by Don Ignazio Saverio Mifsud. The project ‘Stromata’ is in collaboration with Maritime Museum curator Liam Gauci who studied these manuscripts. In 1746, Mifsud travelled to Rome where he intended to be ordained to priesthood. Through Mifsud’s 18-day journey, the project aims to catch a glimpse of what it meant to travel such a great distance on an open boat not larger than 16 metres.  The documentary will re-create the journey nowadays. Gauci will be narrating the historical side, whilst a chef will explore the culinary aspect and recreate 18th century recipes at every stop of the journey.


Reference NumberKTV16-21-559

Applicant: Ltd.

Project Title: Fid-Dell tal-Forka

Allocated funds (EUR)50,000

The main objective of this docu-drama is to explore the darker side of Maltese cultural heritage, focusing on the history of crime and punishment but also the socio-political background on the islands during the time of the Order of St. John. The book upon which the series is based, 'Kissing the Gallows' by Dr William Zammit, describes some 500 cases of crime taking place in the Maltese islands between 1600 and 1798. By means of re-enacted episodes, narration and the resident expert Dr. William Zammit, together with interviews with other experts on the subject, the series aims at giving a holistic approach to the theme.


Reference NumberKTV15-21-558

Applicant: Reel8 Productions Ltd.

Project Title: Ħajjitna Makkjetta

Allocated funds (EUR)30,000

The project consists of reproducing, showcasing, and broadcasting the original and unpublished works of the late Mr Charles Clews. Mr Charles Clews’ artistic legacy has already been written in history and some of his works are known by the general public. However, tens of other original written pieces are still diarised and archived by his family members. Ħajjitna Makkjetta shall thus give life to these handwritten pieces, full of description, full of life and character, and shall be reproduced musically by Mr Daniel Cauchi and interpreted by Mr Ray Calleja. The ‘Makkjetti’ shall be filmed at different locations around Malta and Gozo in order to be authentic in the best possible way.


Reference NumberKTV07-21-458

Applicant: NRGY Concepts Ltd.

Project Title: Il-Familja Katastrofija

Allocated funds (EUR): 35,798

Il-Familja Katastrofija centres around a Maltese family who tries to survive a tragic catastrophe that presents itself in a specific period in local history. An inspiration from real-life events and the fictional (or the foreseeable) future. Resetting the narrative in each episode, the audience will follow the same five family members, existing in different chronicles of different eras. Ranging from the Great Siege in 1565, to WWII in 1940, to a technology-gone-wrong-scenario in 2050. Over the course of the episodes, the Familja Katastrofija will withstand exclusive setups. The programme will present the public with a unique style of presentation where theatre meets film.