In this lab we will be discussing what are the threats one can meet over the internet and how we can manoeuvre safely by means of Cyber Security with Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence Team at Mita Mr Martin Camilleri.


Martin has started his career as a systems programmer programming low level interfacing software such as device drivers and embedded systems. During this time, he acquired knowledge of hardware and low-level systems programming and systems development. He also worked in network infrastructure design and implementation acquiring experience in Token Ring networks, Ethernet networks, fiber optic networks and network architecture design.

For the last 19 years Martin has been working in the area of cyber security. He was involved in various cyber security projects which include, IT systems risk assessments, cyber forensics, IT systems audits, Information security policy development, Information Assurance and consultancy on intelligence gathering. Martin was the first person to establish the first Government CSIRT named mtCERT in 2002. He was also involved in business continuity consultancy and computer security incident response team operation and represented Malta on the EU Council Security Committee.

Currently Martin is heading the Cyber Threat Intelligence Team within the MITA Information Security and Governance Department, responsible for the analysis of cyber threat information. Martin is a member of the Maltese National Cyber Security Strategy committee in the role of consulting the committee on Cyber security and cyber defence matters.

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